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News Categories

Posts on this website are divided into subjects or categories. To browse all posts pertaining to a category, click on the appropriate "Label" on the left-hand side of the website, or type in the category name into the search box on the top left corner.

To-date, the categories are as follows:

(1) "ALERTS", organizing all Coming Crisis alerts in one location.

(2) "ANIMAL ATTACKS", tracking instances of animal attacks on humans, other animals, or animal invasions into areas which they aren't normally found.

(3) "ANIMAL DEATHS", which explores the growing spate of mass animal deaths and genocides occurring around the world, as well as incidents of animal cruelty.

(4) "COSMIC EVENTS", pertaining to events in space or Earth's orbit, either of natural origin, such as meteors, solar activity, or sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), or any objects of suspected extra terrestrial origin.

(5) "DOCUMENTARIES", organizing all the non-news documentary films for your viewing pleasure on a variety of subjects.

(6) "FACT OR FICTION?", which challenges the storm of conspiracy theories currently floating about, and presents the information objectively so readers can weigh in, and authors and field experts have the opportunity to present evidence.

(7) "FINANCIAL EVENTS", pertaining to the continued economic chaos throughout the world, including banking activities, those of Wall Street and world stock exchanges and international economies, as well as the growing impact of the "second great depression."

(8) "GERMS AND PLAGUES", pertaining to the growing virulence and breakout frequency of bacteria, viruses, and epidemics around the world, as well as the dangers, corruption and abuse surrounding the business of medicine and medical science.

(9) "HAPPY TIMEOUT", which collects all the interesting news that doesn't necessarily pertain to a crisis of any sort, but which warrants further thought and discussion, and gives us a break to reflect upon what is good and worth saving about our world.

(10) "HEROES", which calls out those people who triumph in crises and disasters and remind us what it means to be human beings.

(11) "HOAXES", collecting all hoaxed stories or memes floating around the media and online.

(12) "MAN-MADE DISASTERS", pertaining to man-made disasters that affect the environment, such as industrial, biological or chemical disasters.

(13) "MISSING PEOPLE", cataloging the various missing people and cases we come across.

(14) "NATURAL DISASTERS", which explores outrageous weather, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on, as well as the growing effects of global climate change.

(15) "NUCLEAR DISASTERS", pertaining to nuclear accidents, acts of nuclear terrorism, incidents where radiation is involved, and the after effects of nuclear weapons usage.

(16) "PETITIONS/PROTESTS", dealing with non-uprising petitions and protests currently underway (if you have a petition you're trying to circulate, or a protest or movement you're involved with, and would like to let people know about it on our website, send us the link to the petition file or protest webpage along with any information you'd like to include -- no files for us to host, please!).

(17) "PHOTO GALLERIES", which contains assorted photo galleries of major world events or situations in broad assortment of disaster categories.

(18) "POLICE STATE", dealing with gross abuse by police forces and public/private surveillance efforts, as well as restrictions of rights and freedoms on the part of governments and the draconian laws they're associated with.

(19) "QUAKES/VOLCANOES", which examines 4+ magnitude quakes, quakes of mysterious origin, earthquake clusters, as well as volcanic eruption and strange geologic activity.

(20) "RANTS", gathering all posts with our commentaries into one place. 

(21) "SOCIETY'S COLLAPSE", pertaining to events that show evidence of the slow, steady decline of civilization and an overall degradation in human behaviour, including political events and uprisings.

(22) "UNEXPLAINED/WEIRD", pertaining to all other instances which defy categorization, and those scientific, historical or philosophical subjects that are deserving of greater attention.

(23) "WARS AND RUMOURS", including news items that describe battles underway, wars that are about to erupt or have the potential of occurring, as well as civil conflicts, weapons news and war policies, and the aftermath of all these events.

(24) "WEAK JUSTICE", which includes outrageous court judgements and flagrant abuse of the law, as well as other legal absurdities.

(25) "WEBSITE NEWS", organizing all news announcements and other important posts pertaining to the goings on of this website.