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What is "The Coming Crisis"?

The Coming Crisis combines news, research and original writing to explore changes in our environment and civilization. We strive to be on the forefront of disaster analysis, and seek to become the headquarters of a growing community of curious and intelligent truth seekers.

That's the short answer. More importantly, ask yourself the following questions:

Why are so many animals dying with few or contradictory explanations? Why are earthquakes and natural disasters increasing in frequency, and why is earthquake data being censored by the USGS? Why are light formations suddenly appearing over major cities? Why are people becoming poorer by the day? What's happening in the world that we aren't being told about?

No matter the excuses or burial attempts, it is evident to anyone with even a shred of curiosity that something isn't right with the world today. A dramatic increase in appearances of unknown lights in the sky, bizarre cosmic events, natural disasters tearing the world asunder, and financial and social chaos all suggest that mankind may be heading towards some sort of terminal or life-changing event. We don't know what that event is, and we're not here to speculate. Our goal is to investigate and seek the truth.

This website was created in order to tie together a multitude of informational sources across the Internet and put them in one place so that readers can establish a connection. We will only present facts and our own thorough investigations (or attempts at investigation should we be blocked by the powers that be).

We want you to read, learn, and expand your minds and the minds of others by sharing your own thoughts. Don't be afraid to comment or contribute, and if you have any inside information, stories or leads, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Stay vigilant, as things are surely changing even if the majority refuse to acknowledge such change.

What We'll Be Publishing:

This site is a combination of editorial platform and news aggregate drawn from mainstream, independent and alternative news sources, as well as reader contributions. We update minutely as events unfold, and often put out stories before they even break into the mainstream news. Ultimately, we strive to become the world's largest archive of news and world changing events.

We basically publish three types of information:

(1) Major newsworthy events that have direct impact upon Earth, humanity, or provide further evidence that some sort of change is coming;

(2) Events that deserve attention but have either been ignored by the mainstream media or mentioned in passing, or are actively being buried;

(3) Our own commentaries and questions inviting further investigation or discussion on a particular event or topic.

The newest postings will be visible on the home page, with all previous posts being archived and categorized for viewing at your leisure. As we update the site minutely with dozens of posts in a day, be sure to click on the "next page of stories" link at the page's bottom in order to view the day's earlier posts. Note that similar pieces may be republished to follow the news cycle, or if any updates have been added to the piece, since we'd like readers to be kept aware of ongoing events or situations.

Wanted: Supporters as Citizen Journalists

Do you know of something that's going on in the world that's troubling and needs to reach the public, and have proof?

Are you aware of any buried stories that the public needs to be reminded of, or that are in need of re-mentioning due to their connection to some broader event, and have links to the articles, pages, videos or documents?

We want to hear from you. 

Examples of what we'd be looking for:

-- Corporate fraud or evil acts backed by documents
-- Documented severe weather
-- Documented acts of evil undertaken by individuals or groups
-- Signs of environmental decline
-- Signs of civilization's decline
-- Past news events that we haven't reported on but should
-- International news and events, backed with links, that we aren't covering
-- UFO sightings backed by good video evidence
-- Stories you're too afraid to go public with yourself, but have evidence for

Get in touch with us, and we'll respond as soon as possible. Please know that any submitted materials must be factual, non-commercial, non-group orientated, and respectful.

Material Rights:

All materials collected and published on this site from other sources are owned by those sources, and this website claims no rights whatsoever to any materials collected from other sources. This includes instances when our own contributions are added to the original materials owned by others; while we reserve the right build upon re-posted works, all rights still belong to the original authors

We publish small excerpts through the act of Fair Usage and will always link back to the original source, author, etc., giving full credit where it's due. We also link to the original source. Fair Usage law can be viewed here:

That said, if you are the material's owner and would like anything we've published altered, please contact us via the contact page with supporting documents or evidence that the material belongs to you and we'll choose an alternate method of presenting the information.

As for our own editorial materials and commentary, all rights belong to and its authors. However, you are free to re-post it on your own website as long as you provide a link back to the original page; that's all we humbly ask. We believe information should be free, and shared freely.

Readers' retain the rights and responsibilities to their commentary postings, although this website reserves the right to reproduce or comment upon those comments in its own postings, as well remove or act upon any offensive, commercial, or criminal commentary, or those not following commenting requests.

If you have any questions, or would like to have your own material posted on this website, please contact us via email at the address above.