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Sunday, June 2, 2013

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.6
Date time 2013-06-02 23:31:02.8 UTC
Location 7.21 N ; 124.82 E
Depth 9 km
3 km E of Carmen, Philippines / pop: 8,759 / local time: 07:31:02.8 2013-06-03

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.2
Date time 2013-06-02 20:23:24.8 UTC
Location 52.36 N ; 160.62 E
Depth 50 km
153 km SE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia / pop: 187,282 / local time: 09:23:24.8 2013-06-03

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude ML 4.0
Date time 2013-06-02 20:11:12.0 UTC
Location 30.87 S ; 68.12 W
Depth 100 km
67 km SW of San Agustín de Valle Fértil, Argentina / pop: 6,864 / local time: 17:11:12.0 2013-06-02

Israel prepares "as war clouds gather"

From the window of Shrifa Schlomitz’s dental surgery at the top of a high rise in the Stella Maris area of Haifa, you can clearly see the three Patriot missile batteries pointing over the Mediterranean Sea towards the Lebanese border, just 30km away.

Dr Schlomitz has no interest in seeing them removed at the moment. Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Lebanese militant group with which Israel fought a six-week long war in 2006 – a war that brought Haifa into the firing line of Hezbollah rockets – is too close for comfort again and the group’s deepening involvement in the Syrian civil war has increased the threat of new attacks, according to some.

“The rockets make us feel safer – it gives some kind of security. If they weren’t there people would be asking the government ‘what are you doing to defend us?’,” he says.

"North Korea could fall faster than we think"

On Oct. 7, 1989, members of the East German Politburo looked on approvingly as sharply dressed soldiers and shiny military hardware paraded by them in a gaudy display of military might to mark the 40th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic.

To the world, the 1989 celebration may have looked no different than any of the countless East German military parades that had come before it. But inside East Germany, this one was different. That night, demonstrations demanding political reform spread to the capital for the first time. Whispered calls for democracy were becoming shouts. Whether the rest of the world knew it or not, the days of the German Democratic Republic were numbered.

Within weeks, the Berlin Wall fell. Less than a year later, agreements for the reunification of East and West Germany were signed. And just like that, there was one fewer communist nation threatening Europe.

When it comes to ostentatious displays of military might these days, no one outdoes North Korea, where parades are only the beginning. When leader Kim Jong-un wants a macho show of military strength, he’s likely to order nuclear tests, or rocket launches, or the firing of short range missiles into the sea as he did this week.

What the former East Germany and North Korea have in common is that they both have relied on shows of military might to divert domestic dissent while propping up regimes that face enormous challenges, both internal and external. Could North Korea collapse with as little warning as East Germany did 24 years ago? It’s possible.

Update: Train derails in bridge collapse near Sudbury, Ontario (How many is that now in North America over the past few weeks?)

A train trestle over the Wahnapitae River near Sudbury, Ont., collapsed on Sunday, sending freight cars plummeting into the water, police say.

No injuries have been reported.

Roy Spooner, a local resident who lives 100 metres away from the site said the crash was loud.

"It woke me up. There was a loud crash. My neighbours live very close to that bridge. One of my concerns at the time was that there was property damage or threat to human life because it was so close to their house."

Officers are currently at the site of the derailment on Highway 537 in Wanup, Ont., 25 kilometres south of Sudbury. In addition, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada has sent a team of investigators to the scene.

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5.6 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 5.6
Date time 2013-06-02 20:08:27.0 UTC
Location 7.31 N ; 124.97 E
Depth 10 km
15 km N of Linao, Philippines / pop: 4,489 / local time: 04:08:27.0 2013-06-03

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake GUERRERO, MEXICO - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.5
Date time 2013-06-02 19:13:35.0 UTC
Location 17.97 N ; 100.68 W
Depth 80 km
28 km SW of Ajuchitlán del Progreso, Mexico / pop: 6,329 / local time: 14:13:35.0 2013-06-02

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake KEPULAUAN BABAR, INDONESIA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.4
Date time 2013-06-02 18:14:28.0 UTC
Location 7.12 S ; 129.24 E
Depth 194 km
396 km S of Ambon, Indonesia / pop: 355,596 / local time: 03:14:28.0 2013-06-03

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude ML 4.1
Date time 2013-06-02 18:07:56.0 UTC
Location 21.66 S ; 69.88 W
Depth 81 km
58 km NE of Tocopilla, Chile / pop: 24,460 / local time: 14:07:56.0 2013-06-02

Tim Samaras and Carl Young Killed in Friday's deadly Oklahoma tornado

One of the world's best-known storm chasers died in Friday's deadly Oklahoma tornado, his brother said in a statement.

Tim Samaras, 55, died along with his 24-year-old son Paul and fellow storm chaser Carl Young, 45 while they were tracking storms.

"It truly is sad that we lost my great brother Tim and his great son, Paul. Our hearts also go out to the Carl Young family as well as they are felling the same feelings we are today.

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G. - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude M 4.8
Date time 2013-06-02 17:03:19.3 UTC
Location 6.69 S ; 154.07 E
Depth 43 km
Distances 715 km NW of Honiara, Solomon Islands / pop: 56,298 / local time: 04:03:19.3 2013-06-03
326 km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,273 / local time: 03:03:19.3 2013-06-03
161 km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 2,916 / local time: 03:03:19.3 2013-06-03

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G. - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 5.0
Date time 2013-06-02 16:39:25.0 UTC
Location 6.45 S ; 154.27 E
Depth 60 km
135 km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 2,916 / local time: 02:39:25.0 2013-06-03

Latest stories Turkey Protests Rage On: 1,700 Arrested

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in central Istanbul for a third day of protests against Turkey's Islamist-rooted government.

After a few hours of calm earlier in the day, Taksim Square, the focal point of the protests, began to fill up again with protesters waving flags, chanting anti-government slogans and calling on the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to step down.

"They call me a dictator," he said in a speech on Sunday, a day after he called for an immediate end to the protests.

Train derails near Sudbury, Ontario, after trestle collapses

A train trestle over the Wahnapitae River near Sudbury, Ont., collapsed on Sunday, sending train cars plummeting into the water, police say.
Wanup, ON

Officers are currently at the site of the train derailment on Highway 537 in Wanup, Ont., a community 25 kilometres south of Sudbury.

Several train cars carrying unknown materials have fallen into the river and local residents who live downstream of the derailment are being advised not to consumer the water, police say.

No injuries have been reported.

The highway is currently closed to all traffic and motorists are being asked to use an alternate route.

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude M 4.9
Date time 2013-06-02 13:55:09.0 UTC
Location 52.55 N ; 159.53 E
Depth 60 km
81 km SE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia / pop: 187,282 / local time: 02:55:09.0 2013-06-03

Thousands Return To Istanbul Protest Park

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in central Istanbul for a third day of protests against Turkey's Islamist-rooted government.

After a few hours of calm earlier in the day, Taksim Square, the focal point of the protests, began to fill up again with protesters waving flags, chanting anti-government slogans and calling on the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to step down.

Dozens have been injured and almost 1,000 people arrested in 90 demonstrations held across the vast nation over the last two days.

MERS-CoV has now been reported from Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Germany, Italy,Tunisia, UK : WHO

WHO: Italy, 2 More cases MERS-CoV, Both had close contact with First Case

The Ministry of Health in Italy, through the European Union’s Early Warning Response System has notified WHO of an additional two laboratory-confirmed cases with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in the country.

Both the patients are close contacts of the recent laboratory-confirmed case with recent travel from Jordan. The first patient is a two-year-old girl and the second patient is a 42-year-old woman. They are in stable condition.

Globally, from September 2012 to date, WHO has been informed of a total of 53 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with MERS-CoV, including 30 deaths.

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake IRELAND - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude ML 4.0
Date time 2013-06-02 12:43:23.5 UTC
Location 51.31 N ; 9.50 W
Depth 15 km
31 km SW of Skibbereen, Ireland / pop: 2,098 / local time: 13:43:23.5 2013-06-02

Turkey troubles: no end to violence

Paris, Berlin look to alter euro zone leadership

France and Germany have thrown their weight behind creating a permanent president for economic policy in the euro zone, a role that would mark a fundamental overhaul of how the currency bloc is managed.

Their backing calls into question the performance of Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who was appointed chairman of the Eurogroup of finance ministers of the 17-nation currency area in January, to serve initially for 2-1/2 years.

Dijsselbloem, who succeeded Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, has unsettled financial markets since taking office, especially with comments about Cyprus and how bank depositors could finance future bailouts.

Those views, while supported by some at the European Central Bank and the European Commission, have irked other officials in Paris, Berlin and Brussels.

Syrian rebels, Hezbollah in deadly fight in Lebanon: sources

Several fighters were killed in an overnight clash between Hezbollah fighters and Syrian rebel forces in Lebanon's eastern border region with Syria, Lebanese security sources said on Sunday.

One source said 15 rebels were killed in the fighting east of the Bekaa Valley town of Baalbek, but the exact toll would not be clear until bodies could be retrieved from the remote and rugged border area. One Hezbollah fighter also died, he said.

Syria's two-year-old conflict has increasingly sucked in its smaller neighbor, with deadly fighting shaking the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli and rockets hitting the Bekaa Valley and southern Beirut.

Turkey Looks To Repair Damage After Protests

Turkey has begun cleaning up its streets after two days of clashes between police and protesters in the largest anti-government demonstrations in years.

Pockets of die-hard demonstrators remained in Istanbul's Taksim Square, the focal point of the protests, lighting fires and chanting anti-government slogans.

But the rain kept large crowds away and streets were much quieter.

However, there were calls on social media for further protests later in the day both in Istanbul and the capital Ankara, and by early afternoon protesters started returning to Taksim.

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.1
Date time 2013-06-02 10:57:45.6 UTC
Location 36.57 N ; 70.37 E
Depth 186 km
45 km E of Farkhār, Afghanistan / pop: 10,480 / local time: 15:27:45.6 2013-06-02

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL PERU - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude M 4.5
Date time 2013-06-02 10:46:28.4 UTC
Location 14.38 S ; 75.52 W
Depth 70 km
29 km SE of Santiago, Peru / pop: 10,449 / local time: 05:46:28.4 2013-06-02

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake TAIWAN - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude ML 4.6
Date time 2013-06-02 10:16:58.7 UTC
Location 23.87 N ; 121.00 E
Depth 10 km
11 km S of Buli, Taiwan / pop: 86,406 / local time: 18:16:58.7 2013-06-02

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 5.1
Date time 2013-06-02 09:39:31.0 UTC
Location 23.46 S ; 179.93 W
Depth 573 km
Distances 612 km S of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,366 / local time: 21:39:31.0 2013-06-02

Tahrir? No, Taksim: Teargas, burning cars in Turkey recall Arab Spring

Turkey water cannon truck nearly runs over protesters

Merkel says EU Commission should not get more powers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is opposed to handing more powers to the European Commission and agrees with France that European Union governments should work more closely on economic policy, she said in an interview published on Sunday.

Berlin has traditionally backed a stronger Commission but the EU's Brussels-based executive has seen its influence wane during the euro zone debt crisis, while Germany, Europe's biggest economy, has increasingly steered decision-making.

"I see no need in the next few years to give up more powers to the Commission in Brussels," Merkel told the weekly Spiegel magazine, adding that she agreed with French President Francois Hollande on EU member states cooperating more on economic issues.

Egypt parliament ruled illegal, but to stay on

Egypt's supreme constitutional court ruled as illegal the law by which the upper house of parliament was elected but said that the chamber would not be dissolved until a new parliament is in place, judicial sources said.

The ruling, made on Sunday, said the upper house, or Shura Council, would be dissolved once the new parliament is elected. A date has yet to be set for the elections. President Mohamed Mursi had said they could begin in October.

More than 2,000 homes have been evacuated and thousands of acres scorched as an uncontained blaze sweeps New Mexico and Los Angeles

Firefighters are battling wildfires blazing across New Mexico that have scorched thousands of acres, as a wind shift prompted evacuation calls for more than 2,000 homes in Los Angeles.

The three-day-old Powerhouse fires have already burned 5661 acres including dried-out brush across Lake Hughes and Lake Elizabeth, with only 20 per cent contained, according to the Los Angeles Times.

CBS reports about 900 firefighters battled flames as crews made repeated air drops of fire retardant and water in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Northeast braces for severe storms as weather system that killed nine in Oklahoma tornadoes rolls across the country

A cold front moved from the Midwest and Plains states Saturday and begin its march toward the east by Sunday, with heavy showers and severe thunderstorms projected for areas stretching from Maine to the Appalachians, according to The National Weather Service. At least 40 million on the East Coast - including those in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City - may face the devastating weather on Sunday, according to The Weather Channel.

Tornado death toll set to rise: Rescuers search for MORE victims swept away in flooding caused by Oklahoma tornado after girl, 4, drowned as she tried to escape with destruction with her family

The body of a four-year-old girl has been recovered after she was swept away by rising floodwaters following Friday's violent storms which swept through Oklahoma City, police have revealed. Other family members, believed to include a 21-year-old adult male and children aged four, three and five months, remain unaccounted for. Nine people are confirmed dead and more than 100 injured following the storms which buffered not only Oklahoma but also Missouri and Illinois. The storms have subsided by Saturday morning, as people started to inspect their damaged homes and businesses. Heavy rains have also increased the threat of flash floods in the wake of the storms.

Inspector Mohammed Razaq faces jail after being convicted of £46,000 insurance and mortgage scam

A senior police officer who spearheaded a ‘zero tolerance’ crime clampdown is facing jail after being convicted of a £46,000 insurance and mortgage scam.

Mohammed Razaq was in charge of a neighbourhood police team in Bolton, Greater Manchester, until he was arrested and his office was raided by police.

Disgraced Inspector Razaq, 53, has been found guilty of a fraud involving four rental properties he owned.

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE GUATEMALA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude M 4.4
Date time 2013-06-02 08:32:46.0 UTC
Location 13.87 N ; 92.17 W
Depth 56 km
54 km SW of Champerico, Guatemala / pop: 7,761 / local time: 02:32:46.0 2013-06-02

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., Papua New Guinea - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 5.3
Date time 2013-06-02 08:08:36.0 UTC
Location 6.26 S ; 147.47 E
Depth 80 km
58 km NW of Finschhafen / pop: 1,054 / local time: 18:08:00.0 2013-06-02

Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East'

Security services asked Jeremiah Adebolajo (left), 26, who works as an English teacher at a university in Saudi Arabia (centre), to help 'turn' his brother Michael because of his links to extremist groups. A document seen by The Mail on Sunday details concerns raised by Jeremiah’s family about MI6’s alleged harassment in April last year. In it, Jeremiah’s sister, Blessing Adebolajo (right), 32, who works as a human resources assistant in London, says her brother was approached by MI6 while he was working at the University of Ha’il – an important strategic location in the Middle East because it takes only one hour by plane to reach 11 Arab capitals.

30 million 'wi-fi' credit cards can be plundered by cyber identity thieves exploiting contactless payment technology

Millions of debit and credit card holders are at risk of having their personal data mined by thieves exploiting a loophole in the 'contactless' payment technology. Card numbers and personal details can be read almost instantly by a remote device such as a mobile phone, according to cyber-crime experts.

Strong earthquake hits Taiwan, killing one

A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake has hit Taiwan, killing one person and violently shaking buildings in the capital Taipei.

The powerful tremor sent people running into the streets and was also felt in Hong Kong, more than 700 kilometres away, officials said on Sunday.

It hit at 1.43 pm local time and was centred 32 kilometres east of central Nantou country at a depth of 10 kilometres, Taiwan’s Seismology Centre said.

The National Fire Agency said a male mountain climber was killed after being hit by falling rocks on Mount Ali in central Taiwan.

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude M 4.3
Date time 2013-06-02 06:28:41.0 UTC
Location 27.32 N ; 140.11 E
Depth 491 km
864 km S of Shizuoka-shi, Japan / pop: 701,561 / local time: 15:28:41.0 2013-06-02

Missouri tornado rips out doors & walls of warehouse

Storm chaser Brandon Sullivan talks to CNN about his dramatic tornado video shot just outside Oklahoma City

U.N. chief: ALL in Syria accountable

The United Nations chief warned Saturday that all sides will be held accountable for the killing of civilians in a besieged Syrian border city, where President Bashar al-Assad's forces and Hezbollah fighters have been battling rebels for control.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's warning came as he urged forces loyal to al-Assad and rebels to allow civilians to leave the town of Qusayr, the latest flashpoint in the more than two-year-old conflict that has left about 80,000 people dead.

In a statement, Ban said "the eyes of the world are upon them, and they will be held accountable for any acts of atrocity carried out against the civilian population."

Rebels Bomb Damascus killing 8

A car bomb exploded near a police station in northeastern Damascus on Sunday, killing at least eight members of the security forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The blast also wounded an specified number of civilians, the group said.

The explosion took place during heavy clashes between rebel forces and regime troops in Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, where clashes between the two sides are constant.

Russian fighter jets headed to Syria

Syria's embattled government will get at least 10 fighter jets from Russia -- and they want more, Russian state media reports -- moves that come amid rocky diplomatic efforts to peacefully end the Middle East nation's bloody civil war.

A source involved in Russia's defense complex told the official Itar-Tass news agency Friday that Russia will sell Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government MiG-29 fighter jets to fulfill a "contract ... concluded long ago."

A Syrian delegation in Moscow is pressing for even more jets, with MiG executive Sergei Korotkov telling Russia's state-run RIA Novosti's news that his company and these Syrian authorities are talking about the "details and time frame of a possible contact."

Turkey: Panic as police fire tear gas

939 protesters detained in Turkey, official says

After battling for nearly two days with tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray, Turkish police retreated from Istanbul's central Taksim Square on Saturday afternoon, allowing tens of thousands of demonstrators to pour into the space.

A peaceful sit-in on Friday against government plans to demolish a park was met with a police crackdown, igniting the biggest anti-government riots this city has seen in a decade.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded an end to the violent protests, which have also spread to the capital city of Ankara and the port city of Izmir.

Vietnam police swoop on anti-China protest, 20 detained

Police in Vietnam moved swiftly to break up an anti-China protest on Sunday, making at least 20 arrests in the latest sign of the communist regime's tough stance on dissent, and even after it chided Beijing for aggression in the South China Sea.

As crowds gathered in response to the recent ramming of a Vietnamese trawler by Chinese navy vessels, uniform and plain clothes police blocked off rallying points and quickly put protesters on to waiting buses, Reuters witnesses said.

Two Vietnamese journalists working for foreign media were also detained at the protest near Hanoi's Hoan Kien lake.

Investigators scour wreckage for clues to cause of deadly Philippines blast

Syrian forces, rebels battle for strategic border town

Turkish demonstrators attack police vehicle

Russia blocks U.N. Security Council declaration on Syria's Qusair

Russia on Saturday blocked a U.N. Security Council declaration of alarm over the bloody siege of the Syrian town of al-Qusair by Syrian troops and Hezbollah guerrillas, Security Council diplomats said.

Britain, president of the 15-nation council, had circulated a draft statement to fellow members voicing "grave concern about the situation in al-Qusair, Syria, and in particular the impact on civilians of the ongoing fighting."

Qusair, near the Syrian-Lebanese border, is usually home to an estimated 30,000 people. Fighting for control of the town has raged for two weeks.

As Qusair fight continues, U.N. issues warning

Syrian troops and Hezbollah guerrillas besieging the border town of Qusair fought with rebels on Saturday as the United Nations warned all sides they would be held accountable for the suffering of trapped civilians.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighting was taking place inside Qusair and in villages around it, largely controlled by President Bashar al-Assad's forces who have cut off access to the town.

Rebels have pleaded for military help and medical aid for the hundreds of people wounded in the onslaught by government forces, who are also fighting back fiercely around the capital Damascus and the south and center of the country.

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes Taiwan, some damage

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the island of Taiwan on Sunday and caused some damage, Taiwan media reported.

The quake struck 24 miles southeast of the city of T'ai-chung at a depth of nine miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The agency initially said it was 6.6 magnitude but later downgraded it slightly.

Taiwan television said the quake triggered a gas explosion in the centre of the island but it gave no details. There were no reports of any casualties.

The quake also rattled the island's capital of Taipei.

Ghana: Another building collapses

The accident occurred during intermittent rains in the night.

Eyewitnesses told XYZ News that no one was trapped in the rubble, and there were also no casualties.

The building is said to be an old edifice in the area.

It brings to two, the number of buildings that have collapsed in the country in less than a week.

A three-story structure collapsed in the Ashanti regional town of Obuasi on Thursday.

Fresno County woman dies from hantavirus

A Fresno County woman has died of hantavirus, a Fresno County public health official said Friday.

The woman likely came in contact with the virus while in Arizona and Utah, said David Luchini, assistant director of the Fresno County Department of Public Health.

“Based on the incubation period, we’re looking at exposure from outside the state,” Luchini said. The woman had been in state parks in the Sierra Nevada, but was already showing signs of illness at that time, he said.

6 Iranians die from drinking bad alcohol

Six Iranians have died and 348 have been sickened after drinking poisonous alcohol in the southeastern Kerman province.

The semi-official ISNA news agency on Saturday quoted a medical official, Dr. Hamid Najmeddin, as saying that three people remained in critical condition at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Najmeddin says 67 others were also in hospital in the provincial capital of Rafsanjan. He says 75 people poisoned in Rafsanjan and 109 sickened elsewhere in Kerman province had to undergo dialysis but were later released from hospital.

Maryland: Rabid bat found in Annapolis apartment

A rabid bat was found inside an Annapolis apartment this week, triggering a health alert from the Anne Arundel County health department.

The bat, which tested positive for the deadly disease, was found Thursday in Woodside Garden Apartments in the 700 block of Newtowne Drive. Rabid animals can spread rabies to humans and pets through bites or scratches. The disease can also spread if a person's eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin comes in contact with infected saliva.

Do not touch bats that appear sick or injured or display unusual behavior, such as being active in the daytime or unafraid of humans. Call Animal Control at 410-222-8900 and trap the bat if possible.

Health Dept: Outbreak Of Hepatitis A Could Be Linked To Costco Berries

State and federal health officials are investigating an outbreak of Hepatitis A that may stem from frozen mixed berries sold at Costco.

Thirty cases have been reported since late April in Colorado and four other western states: New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California. The most recent outbreak was on May 21, but health officials say it takes around 30 days to become sick with Hepatitis A, so the number of those infected could change.

In Colorado, five people living in Adams, Boulder, Clear Creek, Eagle and Jefferson counties have fallen ill.

58 anti-fascist activists Arrested during protests Over Woolwich Death

Fifty-eight anti-fascist campaigners have been arrested in central London after protesting at a rival demonstration by the British National Party (BNP).

There were scuffles as activists clashed outside the Houses of Parliament in the wake of soldier Lee Rigby's killing in Woolwich last month.

Around 300 Unite Against Fascism (UAF) members gathered in Parliament Square to block the BNP from marching to the Cenotaph.

Winterton Beach: Woman's Body Discovered

Police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found on a beach.

Officers from Norfolk Police were called to the beach at Winterton, near Great Yarmouth, at about 3.45pm on Saturday and have cordoned off the area.

A police spokesman said: "The death is currently being treated as unexplained and investigations continue."

Oklahoma Tornadoes: Death toll rises to 12

The death toll from tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma and neighboring states has jumped to 12.

At least two children are among the dead, confirmed Amy Elliott with the state Medical Examiner's Office.

The bodies of a mother and her baby were found near a vehicle along Interstate 40 between El Reno and Yukon.

Turkish PM Defiant As Protests Rage On

Thousands of people flooded Istanbul's main square after police withdrew following one of the largest demonstrations against Turkey's Islamist-rooted government.

Amnesty International said there had been two deaths, with Western allies including Britain and the US calling on the Turkish government to show restraint.

Taksim Square has become the epicentre of demonstrations that have left dozens injured and many affected by tear gas fired by police.

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake TAIWAN - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude ML 6.3
Date time 2013-06-02 05:43:03.0 UTC
Location 23.87 N ; 121.00 E
Depth 10 km
11 km S of Buli, Taiwan / population: 86,406 / local time: 13:43:03.0 2013-06-02

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake FIJI REGION - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.3
Date time 2013-06-02 04:18:31.0 UTC
Location 17.69 S ; 178.50 W
Depth 359 km
265 km SE of Lambasa, Fiji / pop: 24,187 / local time: 16:18:31.0 2013-06-02

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.4
Date time 2013-06-02 02:47:57.0 UTC
Location 34.97 N ; 19.36 E
Depth 10 km
292 km N of Al ‘Āqūrīyah, Libya / pop: 23,164 / local time: 04:47:57.0 2013-06-02

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2013-06-02 01:40:54.0 UTC
Location 7.23 N ; 124.99 E
Depth 60 km
7 km N of Linao, Philippines / pop: 4,489 / local time: 09:40:54.0 2013-06-02

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake OFF THE COAST OF GUATEMALA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.3
Date time 2013-06-02 01:27:35.0 UTC
Location 12.88 N ; 92.30 W
Depth 14 km
162 km S of Champerico, Guatemala / pop: 7,761 / local time: 19:27:35.0 2013-06-01

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N.G. - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2013-06-02 00:58:48.1 UTC
Location 6.71 S ; 154.62 E
Depth 32 km
105 km SW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 2,916 / local time: 10:58:48.1 2013-06-02

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 5.0
Date time 2013-06-02 00:58:46.0 UTC
Location 12.34 N ; 88.21 W
Depth 44 km
93 km SW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua / pop: 4,142 / local time: 18:58:46.0 2013-06-01

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS - 2nd June 2013

Magnitude mb 4.8
Date time 2013-06-02 00:55:21.0 UTC
Location 23.74 S ; 179.62 W
Depth 546 km
Distances 651 km S of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,366 / local time: 12:55:21.0 2013-06-02

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake FLORES SEA - 1st June 2013

Magnitude M 4.0
Date time 2013-06-01 21:03:51.6 UTC
Location 7.47 S ; 119.98 E
Depth 419 km
134 km NE of Komodo / pop: 2,000 / local time: 05:03:00.0 2013-06-02

Birmingham, UK: Man Held After A Mother And Her Baby Murdered

A man has been arrested after a mother and her nine-month-old son were found dead at their home.

The bodies of the 25-year-old woman and her baby - who have not been named by police - were discovered at a house on Chells Grove in Billesley, south Birmingham, at around 10.30am.

Murder detectives arrested a 28-year-old man, known to both victims, in Dudley at around 5.15pm.

Officers said there had previously been contact between police and the suspect, who has not been named.