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Thursday, March 28, 2013



Canada Includes Depositor Haircut Bail-In Provision For Systemically Important Banks in 2013 Budget: Basically, they're planning to grab Canadian bank accounts as per Cyprus

Just as DieselBOOM accidentally admitted Monday, it appears that the Cypriot bail-in is anything but a one-off event, and is in fact the new collapse template for the entire Western banking system, and not just the ECB/ Eurozone!

SD has been alerted to an alarming provision that has been buried deep inside the official 2013 Canadian Budget that will result in depositor haircut bail-ins jumping to this side of the pond during the next bank crisis!

Titled ECONOMIC ACTION PLAN 2013 and tabled in the House of Commons by Minster of Finance James Flaherty on March 21st, the official 2013 Canadian budget contains an explicit provision that Canada will pursue the bail-in model for systemically important banks for future bank failures!

Cyprus has finally killed myth that EMU is benign

It is not a bail-out. There is no debt relief for the state of Cyprus. The Diktat will push the island’s debt ratio to 120pc in short order, with a high risk of an economic death spiral, a la Grecque.

Capital controls have shattered the monetary unity of EMU. A Cypriot euro is no longer a core euro. We wait to hear the first stories of shops across Europe refusing to accept euro notes issued by Cyprus, with a G in the serial number.

The curbs are draconian. There will be a forced rollover of debt. Cheques may not be cashed. Basic cross-border trade is severely curtailed. Credit card use abroad will be limited to €5,000 (£4,200) a month. “We wonder how such capital controls could eventually be lifted with no obvious cure of the underlying problem,” said Credit Suisse.

The complicity of EU authorities in the original plan to violate insured bank savings – halted only by the revolt of the Cypriot parliament – leaves the suspicion that they will steal anybody’s money if leaders of the creditor states think it is in their immediate interest to do so. Monetary union has become a danger to property.

One can only smile at the denunciations of Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem for letting slip that the Cypriot package is a template for future EMU rescues, with further haircuts for “uninsured deposit holders”.

Keiser Report: Plunderball - New Euro Banking Game (E424)

Rebel mortar attack on Damascus University (WARNING: CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT)

'Rent a Mourner' fills your funeral with fake friends

It's a niggling question familiar to anyone who has ever thrown a party; What if nobody shows up?

A new company in the U.K. is addressing - and capitalizing upon - that fear by promising to ensure your last gathering on earth is a very well attended one.

Rent-a-mourner, based in Essex, hires out actors at a rate of $70 Cdn per hour to attend funerals as "professional grievers."

Their goal is help the deceased appear sufficiently popular and beloved, going so far as to cry openly and behave as if they knew the person in front of their friends and family.

Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels breaks up Arab summit in uproar

Syrian rebels fighting for control of the Syria’s biggest town, Aleppo, have obtained their first heavy weapons – 220-mm MLRS rocket launchers – through a large-scale supply operation run by Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, according to debkafile’s exclusive intelligence sources.

His agents scoured the Balkans nations of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo and for large wads of cash snapped up Russian-made MLRS (Smerch) and Hurricane 9K57 launchers capable of firing scores of 220-mm rockets to a distance of 70 kilometers.

The Saudis hope to expedite the rebel capture of the big Syrian Nairab air base attached to Aleppo’s international air port. The Saudi prince has personally taken the Nairab battle under his wing, convinced that it is the key to the conquest of Aleppo, once Syria's national commercial and population center, after more than a year’s impasse in the battle for its control.

The fall of this air base would also substantially reduce the big Iranian and Russian airlifts to Assad’s army.

Has disability become a 'de facto welfare program'?

When President Clinton signed "welfare reform" into law in 1996, he promised to end welfare as we know it. Now, some new reporting suggests we've created a new kind of welfare -- only most Americans aren't aware of it.

The number of people who depend on checks from Social Security's disability programs has soared in recent years, according to NPR's series "Unfit for Work: the Startling Rise of Disability in America." The reports, which began over the weekend and continue this week, raise the question: How disabled are the recipients, really? As you might imagine, they have touched a nerve.

A quick primer: the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program provides monthly cash assistance to people who are poor and disabled, including families with disabled children. The basic monthly SSI cash benefit is a set amount -- currently $710 for an individual and $1,066 for a couple. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program also provides monthly cash assistance, to disabled people who have worked in jobs covered by Social Security. People who leave the workforce and go on disability also qualify for Medicare.

More than 110 MILLION Americans have a sexually-transmitted disease, alarming new figures reveal

An unsettling new study has revealed a surging number of sexually-transmitted infections in the U.S. - especially among young adults - the CDC reports.

The new survey reports that about 20 million Americans were diagnosed with an STI in 2008 (the most recent year data was available).

That figure brings the total number of existing cases diseases to more than 110 million.

Forgery gang arrested in Croatia as police seize more than £500,000 in fake sterling and euro banknotes.....Great addition to the EU!

A forgery gang which printed more than £500,000 in fake banknotes has been arrested in Croatia.

Police seized forged Euros worth more than £200,000 and dozens of sheets of counterfeit £50 notes and arrested 18 people in raids across five cities and towns in the north of the country.

But officials believe thousands of forged bank notes have already been released onto the market throughout Europe.

Bev Concannon in Hiding after her pack of dogs mauled 14-year-old Jade to death

The house where a schoolgirl was mauled to death by four dogs has been boarded up while police continued to carry out investigations.

Beverley Concannon, 53, is thought to have been in hiding ever since her two Bull Mastiff and two Staffordshire Bull Terriers dogs mauled 14-year old Jade Lomas-Anderson as they went for her meat pie.

Now the mother of five's house has been sealed off by the council following requests by the police.

Portrait of desperate Britain: 4,000 job-seekers queue for hours for the chance to win employment at new shopping centre

Thousands of job seekers gathered in the hope of securing employment at a new shopping centre in Hampshire (pictured in an artist's impression, right). Queues (pictured left and centre) formed two hours before the jobs fair started. More than 2,000 people registered before the event, with thousands more turning up on the day to apply for 1,000 jobs in 56 shops created by the new centre.

Cypriots without cash turn to soup kitchen

Cyprus controls to last a month, minister says

Cyprus conceded on Thursday that tight capital controls would remain in force longer than expected as the island's banks reopened for the first time after the government was forced to accept a tough EU rescue package to avoid bankruptcy.

Cypriots lined up calmly to withdraw limited amounts of cash, but there was no sign of a run on deposits, as had been feared.

Banks were shut for nearly two weeks while the government negotiated a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) international bailout, the first in Europe's single currency zone to impose losses on bank depositors.

Peng Liyuan: China's first lady serenaded Tiananmen troops after massacre

A photo of China's new first lady Peng Liyuan in younger days, singing to martial-law troops following the 1989 bloody military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, flickered across Chinese cyberspace this week.

It was swiftly scrubbed from China's Internet before it could generate discussion online. But the image - seen and shared by outside observers - revived a memory the leadership prefers to suppress and shows one of the challenges in presenting Peng on the world stage as the softer side of China.

The country has no recent precedent for the role of first lady, and also faces a tricky balance at home. The leadership wants Peng to show the human side of the new No. 1 leader, Xi Jinping, while not exposing too many perks of the elite. And it must balance popular support for the first couple with an acute wariness of personality cults that could skew the consensus rule among the Chinese Communist Party's top leaders.

U.S. flies Stealth bombers over South Korea in warning to North

The United States flew two Stealth bomber practice runs over South Korea on Thursday, in a second show of force to North Korea after a B52 bomber made a similar run earlier this week amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The flights came after North Korea said it would attack American bases in the Pacific following a U.S.-led drive to impose sanctions on North Korea for its third nuclear weapons test.

The North has also threatened U.S. "puppet" South Korea with war and the U.S. mainland with nuclear attack.

REBEL Mortar strike kills 15 UNARMED STUDENTS in Damascus University: state media.........And still they get our government's Support and tax payers cash

Fifteen Syrian students were killed when rebel mortar bombs hit a Damascus University canteen on Thursday, state-run news agency SANA said, as attacks intensify in the center of the capital.

Eyeballs found in trash at Kansas City gas station: Do they belong to America?

Police say they are trying to determine how a medical box containing a pair of eyeballs ended up in a trash bin at a gas station in Kansas City.

Police spokesman Steve Young says a worker at a Conoco station in the city's north called police after finding the cardboard box late Wednesday. The box was labeled, "Keep refrigerated."

Young says police aren't sure if the eyes are human, or whether any crime has been committed. Surveillance video shows two men in a blue Toyota leaving the package on the trash bin.

Newtown Gun Massacre Took Just Five Minutes

Newtown gunman Adam Lanza had access to a vast arsenal of weapons and took just five minutes to kill his 26 victims and himself, according to newly-released police documents.

Search warrants reveal several guns, a safe with shotgun shells, a bayonet and several swords were found at his home.

The Connecticut prosecutor leading the investigation said Lanza fired 154 bullets from a Bushmaster .223-calibre rifle to kill the 20 students and six adults, before shooting himself with a Glock 10mm handgun.

England Earthquake, Unconfirmed Reports

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake MONTENEGRO - 28th March 2013

Magnitude ML 4.0
Date time 2013-03-28 16:13:40.0 UTC
Location 42.34 N ; 18.94 E
Depth 4 km
Distances 28 km SW of Podgorica, Montenegro / pop: 136,473 / local time: 17:13:40.0 2013-03-28
6 km S of Cetinje, Montenegro / pop: 15,137 / local time: 17:13:40.0 2013-03-28

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA - 28th March 2013

Magnitude ML 4.7
Date time 2013-03-28 14:28:05.0 UTC
Location 30.32 S ; 69.38 W
Depth 56 km
61 km W of San José de Jáchal, Argentina / pop: 21,018 / local time: 11:28:05.0 2013-03-28

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake WESTERN INDIAN-ANTARCTIC RIDGE - 28th March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 12:42:30 UTC
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 08:42:30 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
49.918°S, 127.339°E
10 km (6.2 miles)
1651 km (1025 miles) SW of Queenstown, Australia

Video: Large-scale military drills in Black Sea following order from Putin

U.S. flies Stealth bombers over South Korea in "warning" to North

The United States flew two Stealth bomber practice runs over South Korea on Thursday, in a second show of force to North Korea after a B52 bomber made a similar run earlier this week amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The flights came after North Korea said it would attack American bases in the Pacific following a U.S.-led drive to impose sanctions on North Korea for its third nuclear weapons test.

The North has also threatened U.S. "puppet" South Korea with war and the U.S. mainland with nuclear attack.

"This mission by two B-2 Spirit bombers assigned to 509th Bomb Wing...demonstrates the United States' ability to conduct long-range, precision strikes quickly and at will," the United States Forces in Korea said in a statement.

Digital Doom: Cyber-attacks as dangerous as WMDs?

Cash-free Despair: Cyprus reopens banks as eurocrats grip island's economy

Massive oil spill in Minnesota as freight train carrying haul from Canada derailed and spills 30,000 GALLONS of crude

A mile-long train hauling oil from Canada derailed, spilling 30,000 gallons of crude in western Minnesota on Wednesday, as debate rages over the environmental risks of transporting tar sands across the border.

The major spill, the first since the start of a boom in North American crude-by-rail transport three years ago, came when 14 cars on a 94-car Canadian Pacific train left the tracks about 150 miles northwest of Minneapolis near the town of Parkers Prairie, the Otter Tail Sheriff's Department said.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd, the country's second-largest railroad, said only one 26,000-gallon tank car had ruptured, adding it was a mixed freight train.

Adam Lanza's motives finally be revealed? Search warrants from gunman's car and home to be released today

No one knew what caused Adam Lanza to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School last December armed with several assault weapons, gunning down teachers and students in one of the worst school massacres the country has ever seen.

But search warrant documents released today could shed some light on the 20-year-old killer’s motives and his mental state that led to the December 14 shooting that left 20 children and six educators dead.

The documents will be released as an order that kept them sealed expires, making them available to the public, and will contain - among other things - a full list of the things that were recovered from Lanza's car and house.

Thousands of armed vigilantes takeover Mexican town, arrest police and shoot at tourists after 'commander' is killed and dumped in the street

Thousands of armed vigilantes have taken over a town in Mexico and arrested police officers after their 'commander' was killed and dumped in the street.

The self described 'community police' and arrested 12 officers and the town's former director of public security, who they accuse of taking part in the killing of Guadalupe Quinones Carbajal, 28, on behalf of a local organised crime group.

The 1,500-strong force has also set up improvised checkpoints on the major road running through Tierra Colorado, which connects the capital Mexico City to Acapulco, a coastal city popular with tourists less than 40 miles away.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary will not be prosecuted for urging followers to claim 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance'

A controversial Muslim cleric will not face action despite telling his followers to claim benefits and saying David Cameron should be killed.

Telling fellow fanatics to claim 'jihad seeker's allowance', Anjem Choudary, who in the past has planned to disrupt the minute's silence on Remembrance Sunday, also openly mocked hard-working Britons, calling them 'slaves'.

The Sun newspaper secretly filmed him saying Islam will overrun Europe, David Cameron and Barack Obama should be killed, and called the Queen 'ugly'.

The newspaper gave its evidence to the authorities, but Thames Valley Police today said: 'The material fell below an evidential threshold to pursue a criminal case against him.'

But call a police horse GAY, you get dragged in front of the courts!

Arrested for ‘gay horse’ jibe

The Nato bunker deep in Netherlands forest where hackers 'almost brought down world's internet in biggest every cyber-attack'

This is the ex-Nato five-storey bunker, deep in the Netherlands countryside, where hackers are accused of almost bringing down the world's internet in a sustained revenge attack. It is the headquarters of Cyberbunker, in Kloetinge, which offers hosting for 'any firm as long as it isn't child porn or terrorism'. The group is accused of launching a worldwide cyber-attack because of a bitter feud with spam-fighting organization Spamhaus, which blacklisted Cyberbunker for 'spamming'. Millions of web users have already experienced disruption to popular services such as film and TV site Netflix, along with longer than usual delays in loading websites and today there were fears that online banking customers had been affected.

James Holmes Guilty Plea

Armed guards, helicopters… Cyprus banks reopen

China sinkhole caught on camera, 1 Dead

Georgia Toddler Killed by 7 Pit Bulls owned by her Family

A toddler in Georgia has been mauled to death by seven dogs.

Police told the Savannah Morning News that the 21-month-old girl was attacked in the garden at a home in Bryan County on Wednesday evening.

The dogs were owned by her family.

Authorities say the girl's grandmother was asleep when she heard a commotion and saw the girl being attacked as she looked out of her window.

If the grandmother was asleep, who was watching this Baby?

Callander House Explosion Puts Pensioners In Hospital

Two pensioners have been taken to hospital after a suspected gas blast flattened their home and prompted the evacuation of neighbouring houses.

Police said the home had been "totally demolished" by the blast and a 74-year-old woman and 77-year-old man had been taken to hospital.

Neighbours said they could hear the woman calling for help from under the rubble, while the man had become trapped under debris in the kitchen.

RBS: Another IT Glitch Hits Customer Accounts

Royal Bank of Scotland has suffered another IT failure which has affected two million of the group's customers ahead of the Easter weekend.

Users of the NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank mobile app found they were locked out of the service from early this morning.

The company has apologised and said it is working to fix the problem, which it confirmed was affecting both personal and business customers though Android operating system users could now access their accounts.

Berezovsky Found With 'Ligature' Around Neck, "third party involvement" cannot be ruled out

The exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found on his bathroom floor with a "ligature around his neck", an inquest hears.

Detective Inspector Mark Bissell, of Thames Valley Police, said that a similar piece of material to that used for the ligature was also found on the shower rail above him.

Speaking at the opening of Mr Berezovsky's inquest at Windsor Coroner's Court Insp Bissell confirmed the cause of the 67-year-old's death was "consistent with hanging".

Stephen Seddon Jailed For Life for the murder of his Parents

A man who killed his parents to get his hands on a £230,000 inheritance has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 40 years.

Stephen Seddon was told he would never be paroled after being convicted of the murders of his father Robert, 68, and mother Patricia, 65 - and their attempted murders four months earlier.

They had made the 46-year-old the sole beneficiary of their estate in their will - and paid with their lives.

Pistorius Can Leave South Africa....No Special Treatment then!

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, has been allowed to compete overseas.

The 26-year-old, has won an appeal over his bail restrictions, permitting him to leave South Africa to compete in international competition, with conditions.

Cyprus Banks: Customers descend on bank branches as they reopen for the first time in almost two weeks - but tough rules limit withdrawals.

Cyprus' banks have opened their doors after the longest enforced bank holiday in Europe's history.

Queues grew outside branches across the country, with no signs of panic as employees limited the number of customers allowed in at any one time.

But many residents expressed anger at the country's controversial bailout - which requires Cyprus to raise 5.8bn euros (£4.9bn).

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - 28th March 2013

Magnitude ML 4.1
Date time 2013-03-28 11:00:17.0 UTC
Location 27.72 N ; 18.26 W
Depth 19 km
94 km SW of Fuencaliente de la Palma, Spain / pop: 1,894 / local time: 11:00:17.0 2013-03-28

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA - 28th March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 10:26:44 UTC
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 06:26:44 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
37.288°N, 96.981°E
10 km (6.2 miles)
14 km (8 miles) WSW of Keluke, China

Cyprus economic crisis has political fallout

The Cyprus economic crisis is likely to increase support for right-wing parties across Europe, and put additional stresses on the European Union, according to a regional politics expert at Cornell University.

Professor Mabel Berezin said Cyprus is just the latest in a series of economic crises damaging the credibility of the political parties that have been ruling some European nations.

As a result, she said, right-wing parties are winning more votes. Berezin said some right-wing parties, known for their anti-immigrant stance, are putting more focus on pocket-book issues.

Cyprus banks to re-open – but stock exchange will remain closed

Cyprus will reopen its banks on Thursday, with strict controls to stop people cleaning out their savings in a catastrophic bank run.

However, less than an hour before it was due to open for the first time in almost two weeks, the Cyprus stock exchange said it would remain closed for the day.

The country had feared a stampede on the banks after a 12-day hiatus, as the government negotiated a €10bn (£8.4bn) bailout package to avoid financial collapse. But there was little sign of queues on Thursday morning, just a few hours before the high street banks opened, despite the fact that wealthy savers could face losses of at least 40%.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake TARAPACA, CHILE - 28th March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 07:48:53 UTC
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 03:48:53 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
20.050°S, 69.119°W
99.9 km (62.1 miles)
108 km (67 miles) ENE (78°) from Iquique, Chile

Jeff Monson: US a police state, George Orwell's 1984 happening before us

EU troops train Mali soldiers in tackling Islamists

World Wide War: Biggest cyber-attack shakes web

Cyprus protesters stage noisy march against bailout

Washington Landslide Threatens Dozens of Homes

Hundreds of Qaeda Rebels in Aleppo, Syria (26/03/13)

Militaries ready on Korean Peninsula

Taliban targets girls education again

Texas investigator found 30+ bruises, cuts on dead boy adopted from Russia

A 3-year-old adopted boy -- whose death in West Texas has drawn stern criticism from Russia -- had more than 30 bruises, cuts and other marks on his body soon after he was pronounced dead, according to a report from a Texas medical examiner obtained by CNN.

Along with his 2-year-old brother, Max Shatto arrived in the United States with his adoptive parents in November 2011. Just more than two months later, his adoptive mother told authorities that she found him unresponsive in the family's Gardendale, Texas, backyard. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Soon after Max's death on January 21, Russia's top child rights advocate tweeted that the boy had been "killed" or "murdered." Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov later acknowledged he might have spoken too soon -- though he has remained highly critical of the U.S. handling of the case.

Terror suspect 'kidnapped' by U.S.: Somali family wants answers after son vanishes, reappears in U.S. custody

Mahdi Hashi came to Britain with his family as a six-year-old, fleeing the civil war in Somalia.

He grew up in London. But his family says that when he turned 16, Britain's MI5 secret service asked Hashi to become a spy -- willingly or not.

"They always used to tell him, 'you either work for us or you are guilty of being a terrorist,'" his father, Mohamad Hashi, told CNN.

Mahdi Hashi filed an official complaint and his local lawmaker met with MI5 representatives. But, his family says, the pressure persisted.

'North Korea is not a paper tiger'

The Obama administration on Wednesday slammed North Korea's pugnacious rants toward South Korea and the West and a U.S. intelligence official called the strident remarks worrisome.

"The ratcheting up of rhetoric is of concern to us," the official said.

The question is whether this is "just rhetoric," he said. Or, "are things happening behind the scenes indicating the blustering has something to it."

Another U.S. official said there is a lot of uncertainty about North Korea's intentions.

Austerity threatens EU's competitive edge in infrastructure

Europe's carefully maintained autobahns, high-speed TGV trains and vast network of modern airports have long been the envy of the world.

But thanks to austerity budgets that are slashing infrastructure spending just as other parts of the world are ramping it up, that may not be true for much longer.

European infrastructure spending rose just 1.5 percent last year to $741 billion, compared to global growth of 4.5 percent and a 7.1 percent rise in the Asia-Pacific, according to data compiled by Marketline, a business information provider.

Belgium falls behind euro zone peers

Just a day after giving birth, Belgian entrepreneur Esmeralda Desart was back at work running her export business, putting in the kind of 16-hour day that has become the norm since she started up a company selling printer parts in 2007.

Refused bank loans, looking after a baby was just one more concern as Desart confronted the problems of red tape and rising costs that entrepreneurs say are making her homeland at the heart of the euro zone a bad place for business.

Her struggle to set up a company is emblematic of the wider frustration among entrepreneurs, who say Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo's boast to global business leaders at Davos that "Belgium is back" as a centre for innovation has a hollow ring.

"They don't make it easy," Desart, 44, said at her prefabricated orange office near Charleroi airport, south of Brussels. "And I only employ 15 staff. If Europe is going to create jobs, they need thousands of people like me."

Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23 Australian TV


On the eve of Easter, and a week out from a Royal Commission, a former priest has published explosive allegations about cover-ups, sexuality and hypocrisy in Australia's Catholic Church.

Father Kevin Lee has taken aim at Cardinal George Pell and other high-ranking clergy, and says he doesn't care if he's sued.

Lee used to be a priest, until he married and left the clergy because he could no longer stand it.

"People have confessed to me that they are paedophiles and that I am expected to keep that a secret," he said.

Many secrets, he claims, have been kept too long.

Peru: Bus Crashes Down Ravine Killing Dozens

Local media said the accident occurred in the Andean city of Arequipa on the road to Puno and that most of the passengers were mine workers.

A highway police official said another 18 people were injured but warned the death toll could rise as many were trapped under the wreckage of the vehicle.

Nelson Mandela Back in Hospital, President Jacob Zuma has asked the world to pray

The former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, has been taken back to hospital suffering from a lung infection.

President Jacob Zuma confirmed that the 94-year-old was taken to hospital just before midnight on Wednesday and said: " We appeal to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their thoughts.

"We have full confidence in the medical team and know that they will do everything possible to ensure recovery."

US Stealth Bombers Flown Over South Korea

The US military has flown two B-2 stealth bombers over South Korea in what it called a "deterrence" mission following threats from the North.

The two nuclear-capable planes flew a 13,000-mile round trip from an air base in Missouri, dropping a dummy bomb on a target range in the South.

It comes after state television in North Korea said the country's military had been ordered to be ready to strike US bases in Guam, Hawaii and mainland America.

Chen Si vs the Yangtze River Suicide Bridge: The Man Who Saved the World

"...if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole of humanity..."
(Quran 5:32)

'It does NOT prove the existence of UFO': FBI debunks the myths of memo on 'second Roswell' UFO crash

The FBI never conducted an investigation about a reported crash of several flying saucers in New Mexico detailed in a memo 63 years ago - which is now believed to have been an elaborate hoax.

The memo from Guy Hottel, the special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950, was released publicly via the FBI's website in April 2011.

Of all the agency's documents that have been made public on its website, the so-called 'Hottel memo' is by far the most popular, with nearly a million views.

Jenna Porter shoots dead daughter, 3, and then herself near Florida golf course

A 22-year-old Florida woman has shot and killed her baby daughter and then herself near a public golf course, police said.

After hearing gunfire, golfers at Hilaman Golf Course, near Tallahassee, discovered the bodies of Jenna Porter and three-year-old Scarlett Porter early on Tuesday evening.

Horrified, the men called 911 and remained with the bodies until deputies arrived.

The Syrian boy soldier with a thousand-yard stare: The sad image of child aged SEVEN, fighting for the rebels....Hang on!! No outcry from the media or governments that Rebels are training children to fight?

A shocking photo of a small boy smoking a cigarette and clutching a high-powered rifle has emerged from the violence in war-torn Syria.

In the captivating images taken on Wednesday, 7-year-old Ahmed - the son of a rebel fighter - takes a drag from the cigarette and exhales a cloud of smoke like he's been doing it for years.

With his right hand, he holds the back of his weapon.

UK Justice: 'I go to prison to go on holiday': Boast of Romanian gang who conducted £1million gold robbery campaign by tricking their way into jewellers wearing pinstripe suits

A Romanian gang wore pin-striped suits to trick their way into jewellers and carry out a £1million robbery campaign, a court heard.

The Old Bailey heard today how the ten thieves came to Britain with the sole purpose of committing crime.

Jeton Lama: Kosovan refugee raped investment banker, 23, in City of London as she walked home in daylight

A Kosovan refugee raped a young investment banker in broad daylight in the City of London, a court has heard.
Jeton Lama, 25, stalked the 23 year-old woman as she walked home near St Paul’s Cathedral on the morning of Remembrance Sunday last year.

She tried to fight him off and run to her flat but was dragged back to the doorway of a pub in an alleyway.

After the attack: He then calmly walked off to buy a doughnut and a newspaper before getting a tube train home.

'Bosnian Fagin' on trial for 'using 500 child pick-pocketers to steal £1million a year from tourists in Paris

An Eastern European 'Fagin' who is accused of masterminding one of the biggest child pick-pocketing rings in history appears in a French court today.

Fehim Hamidovic, a grandfather from Bosnia, allegedly earned more than £1million a year - much of it coming from British tourists - which he spent on holiday homes, luxury cars and high-rolling casino trips.

He is said to have controlled a network of up to 500 young girls on the streets of Paris, whom he threatened with beatings, cigarette burns to the face and even rape if they failed to steal at least £250 every day.

Dr Virginia Helena de Souza: Is this the most prolific serial killer of all time?

Brazilian doctor accused of killing 20 terminally ill patients 'could be responsible for 300 more deaths': Virginia Helena de Souza, pictured, is accused of giving fatal drug doses or cutting off oxygen to patients in her ward at the Hospital Evangelico in Curitiba, south Brazil. If confirmed, the death toll would make de Souza one of the world's worst serial killers and the world's deadliest doctor, surpassing Harold Shipman, who killed 215 patients in Britain.

Latchmore Brook, New Forest, Hampshire WARNING: Dog walkers warned to stay away from 'toxic' New Forest beauty spot after ELEVEN pets die from mystery illness

Dog walkers are being warned to stay away from a popular beauty spot after fears at least 11 pets have been killed by poison.

A toxin in the earth or water has been picked up by the animals as they are exercised in the New Forest, it is feared.

Vets say the dogs have been poisoned through small cuts in their legs or paws – and then their kidneys have failed.
Eleven dogs are known to have died in recent months after being exercised at Latchmore Brook in Hampshire.

Swine flu jab turned our children into zombies: It was rushed in amid fears of a pandemic. Now it's linked to an illness that makes victims sleep 19 hours a day

A group of children who developed this crippling sleep disorder after receiving a jab to protect them against swine flu. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition which interferes with the brain's mechanisms to control wakefulness and sleep, leaving sufferers constantly tired and likely to fall asleep any time, anywhere. Lucio Decicco, 8, main image with mother Karen, Robyn Ballingham, 7, top left with mum Dawn and Josh Hadfield, pictured with mother Caroline, have all been diagnosed with narcolepsy since receiving the jab.

Ministers warned they need to slash another 10% from budgets as age of austerity goes on

A string of ministers were warned tonight they will have to slash up to another 10 per cent of their budgets for the year after the next general election as Britain’s age of austerity goes on.

The Treasury wrote to most of the Cabinet ahead of a spending review in June telling them they must prepare to find further savings, on top of those they have already made, as another £11.5 billion is cut from public spending.

Protests from a so-called ‘national union of ministers’, who have complained they cannot countenance fresh cuts, appear to have fallen largely on deaf ears.

Abu Qatada could be here for life: Judges admit he's 'very dangerous' but won't kick him out... as HIS human rights come first

Britain could be stuck with Abu Qatada for life after judges put the fanatic’s human rights ahead of protecting the public – even though they accepted he was ‘very dangerous’.

The judges said that while Qatada’s deportation was ‘long overdue’, his risk to the public was not ‘a relevant consideration’ under human rights laws.

The verdict drew a furious response from the Tories and sparked new demands for the Government to ignore the courts and simply throw him out of the country.

Massive landslide destroys home in Washington state

Turkish police fire teargas at protesting Syrians in refugee camp, many wounded

Brazilian Doctor may have killed 300: prosecutors

A Brazilian doctor who was charged with killing seven patients to free up beds at a hospital intensive care unit may have been responsible for as many as 300 deaths, according to a Health Ministry investigator.

Prosecutors said Dr. Virginia Soares de Souza and her medical team administered muscle relaxing drugs to patients, then reduced their oxygen supply, causing them to die of asphyxia at the Evangelical Hospital in the southern city of Curitiba.

Cyprus reopens banks, under strict restrictions

Cypriots are expected to descend in their thousands on Thursday on banks, which reopen with tight controls imposed on transactions to prevent fleeing depositors from cleaning out the vaults in a catastrophic bank run.

The east Mediterranean island fears a stampede at banks almost two weeks after they were shut by the government as it negotiated a 10 billion euro ($12.78 billion) bailout package with the European Union to escape financial meltdown.

The rescue deal is the first in Europe's single currency zone to impose losses on bank depositors, raising the prospect that savers will panic and scramble to get at their cash.

Possible Eruption in South Iceland’s Hekla Volcano

The civil protection department has declared a level of uncertainty because of seismic activity in the volcano Hekla in South Iceland as announced by the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and chief of police in Hvolsvöllur shortly after 11 am this morning.

The announcement states that the Icelandic Met Office informed the civil protection department about unusual seismic activity in Hekla. The Icelandic Met Office also raised the surveillance level of Hekla to yellow because of air traffic, which means that the volcano is showing unusual activity

Measles outbreak: 12 more children die in Dir, North Waziristan, Pakistan

At least 12 children have died because of measles in North Waziristan and Timergara, Lower Dir, while a large number are said to be infected.

The exact number of deaths and those infected with measles in North Waziristan could not be ascertained because of the curfew imposed since the suicide attack on Esha check post, which claimed the lives of 17 security personnel and wounded 40 others. However, reports from the troubled region indicate two children from Dossali and Lora Mandi died due to the unavailability of medicines on Tuesday.

They have been identified as four-year-old Haseena Bibi and seven year-old Wahidullah, while several children are stranded in their houses without treatment.

Madagascar hit by 'severe' plague of locusts

A severe plague of locusts has infested about half of Madagascar, threatening crops and raising concerns about food shortages, a UN agency says.

The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said billions of the plant-devouring insects could cause hunger for 60% of the population.

About $22m (£14.5m) was urgently needed to fight the plague in a country where many people are poor, the FAO added.

Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria found in Greensboro’s Southern Elementary

A Southern Elementary School student was diagnosed Tuesday with a drug-resistant bacteria known as MRSA, officials said.

Guilford County Schools spokeswoman Cynthia Shah-Khan confirmed a student was found to have methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.

The bacteria is resistant to multiple antibiotics including methicillin.

India: 6 Injured, Houses Damaged by Hailstorm

Six persons were injured and over 50 houses, four vehicles and crops damaged by a ferocious hailstorm that lashed Jorhat district in upper Assam.

Hailstones weighing nearly 500 gms each crashed through tin rooves of houses as crops and vegetables in several hectares of farmland across the district were damaged last night, official sources said today.

The rear wind shields of four vehicles were also broken by the hailstones at Titabor, Rajabahar, Sekuria, Hologuri, Daflating, Alange, Madhupur, Tipomia, Majuli, Numaligarh and Bongaon areas of the district.

Landslide threatens Pangsapuri Beringin residents, Malaysia

About 300 residents of Pangsapuri Beringin had to vacate their units on Tuesday when a hill slope near the apartment collapsed for the second time.

The first incident occurred on Feb 19 but residents claim repair works which were not conducted immediately after the incident resulted in another landslide at about 4.30pm on Tuesday.

A Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) spokesman directed Block B residents of the apartment to evacuate to a hall nearby as a safety measure.

Resident Siti Zaleha Dalli, 38, said the latest incident was worse than the first one.

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION - 28th March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 04:25:35 UTC
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 04:25:35 PM at epicenter
28.460°S, 175.468°W
34.5 km (21.4 miles)
253 km (157 miles) ENE of Raoul Island, New Zealand

Acropolis Bomb: Blast Near Athens Landmark

A bomb has exploded near the Acropolis in central Athens causing damage but no injuries.

Apparently targeting the house of one of the country's shipping magnates, the blast close to Greece's most famous ancient monument occurred at about 8:30pm local time (6.30pm GMT), following a warning call to a Greek newspaper.

Police said an anonymous caller contacted a Greek daily at 8:10pm (6.10pm GMT), saying the bomb would explode at 8:30pm outside the home of shipowner Nikos Tsakos. Officers immediately evacuated the area.

China: Man Swallowed By Giant Sinkhole Dies

A security guard has died after a falling into a sinkhole in south China's Guangdong Province.

Yang Xibing, 25, was walking along the street near a construction site when the subsidence occurred and he was sucked into a six-metre-wide hole.

A witness has described how the pavement suddenly opened up without warning.

He said: "I went next door to take pictures with the other worker before the accident occurred. It came all of a sudden with no warning."

Divers Held For Cutting Egypt Internet Cable

Egypt's naval forces have captured three scuba divers who were trying to cut an undersea internet cable in the Mediterranean, a military spokesman said.

A patrol stopped a fishing vessel near the port city of Alexandria and arrested the three divers as they attempted to cut the cable belonging to the country's main communications company, Telecom Egypt.

In a statement, military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Ali said: "The armed forces foiled an attempt and arrested three divers while they were cutting a submarine cable."

It did not give further details on why the men were trying to sever the cable.

Washington state island Landslide Destroys Homes

One home was destroyed and another 33 threatened after a huge landslide hit an island community 50 miles north of Seattle.

The landslide hit the Ledgewood Beach community, on Whidbey Island, at around 4.15am local time on Wednesday, knocking one home off its foundations and damaging a road, according to a fire chief.

Authorities rescued 12 residents from properties in the area that had been cut off when the road was damaged, Central Whidbey fire chief Ed Hartin said.

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake TONGA REGION - 28th March 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 03:34:29 UTC
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 03:34:29 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
23.597°S, 175.508°W
43.9 km (27.3 miles)
257 km (159 miles) SSW of `Ohonua, Tonga