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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where’s the concern? Seven Marines die and Obama tweets this picture of snack time

President Obama is still so fixated on fundraising and divisive campaign tactics that major tragedies and world crises get ignored.

At 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, the @BarackObama Twitter feed posted a tweet that said “Snack time” along with a photo of two small children picking up apples from a bowl in the Oval Office.

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been on a national media tour to discuss childhood obesity, is shown sitting with the toddlers in the photo, holding her own apple. The infamous White House branded M&M boxes are, of course, nowhere to be found.

The president is seen chatting in the background.

'It's lunacy & madness if Syria govt uses chemical arms': So where are the Syrian rebels getting their chemical weapons?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron

You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.
The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In 4 parts without commercial interruptions.
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John
Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat
hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by the
Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie
Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal.
The revolution will not get rid of the nubs.
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, Brother.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie May
pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run,
or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance.
NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32
or report from 29 districts.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of Whitney Young being
run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process.
There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy
Wilkens strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the proper occasion.

Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville
Junction will no longer be so damned relevant, and
women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock
news and no pictures of hairy armed women
liberationists and Jackie Onassis blowing her nose.
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb,
Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Glen Campbell, Tom
Jones, Johnny Cash, Englebert Humperdink, or the Rare Earth.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be right back after a message
bbout a white tornado, white lightning, or white people.
You will not have to worry about a dove in your
bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl.
The revolution will not go better with Coke.
The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.
The revolution will put you in the driver's seat.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
will not be televised, will not be televised.
The revolution will be no re-run brothers;
The revolution will be live.

Bagged salads from Asda and Morrisons 'linked to food poisoning outbreak that may have infected 3,000 people'

Bagged salads have been linked to a food poisoning outbreak that could have infected as many as 3,000 people, it has been revealed today.

Details of the contamination, which was caused by the water born parasite Cryptosporidium, were released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

The outbreak happened in May last year, however the details of the investigation and the likely source have only been released now.

Preaching hate, just like his father: Abu Hamza's son calls for holy war while praying in London mosque in series of jihadist-style videos

Abu Hamza’s son has spoken of his support for holy war at a London mosque and backed a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist who tried to murder U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

The hate preacher’s second-youngest son Uthman Mustafa Kamal has built up a following at the An-Noor mosque in Acton, west London, and videos show him praying for ‘mujahids’, or holy warriors.

Farouq Malik, the An-Noor mosque head, told a newspaper today that Mr Kamal was in fact talking about Muslims fighting ‘occupying forces’ in overseas lands, but admitted that was not made clear.

Iraq Wars' legacy of cancer: Two US-led wars in Iraq have left behind hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium munitions and other toxic wastes

Contamination from Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions and other military-related pollution is suspected of causing a sharp rises in congenital birth defects, cancer cases, and other illnesses throughout much of Iraq.

Many prominent doctors and scientists contend that DU contamination is also connected to the recent emergence of diseases that were not previously seen in Iraq, such as new illnesses in the kidney, lungs, and liver, as well as total immune system collapse. DU contamination may also be connected to the steep rise in leukaemia, renal, and anaemia cases, especially among children, being reported throughout many Iraqi governorates.

There has also been a dramatic jump in miscarriages and premature births among Iraqi women, particularly in areas where heavy US military operations occurred, such as Fallujah.

Official Iraqi government statistics show that, prior to the outbreak of the First Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. By 1995, it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people. Current estimates show the increasing trend continuing.

Alleged chemical attack kills 25 in northern Syria

Syria's government and rebels accused each other of launching a deadly chemical attack near the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday in what would, if confirmed, be the first use of such weapons in the two-year conflict.

U.S. President Barack Obama, who has resisted overt military intervention in Syria, has warned President Bashar al-Assad that any use of chemical weapons would be a "red line". There has, however, been no suggestion of rebels possessing such arms.

Syria's state television said rebels fired a rocket carrying chemical agents that killed 25 people and wounded dozens. The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict, said 16 soldiers were among the dead.

Purdue University Indianapolis Alert: "Armed individual" reported on Indianapolis university campus

Police in Indiana are investigating a report of an "armed individual on campus" at a university in Indianapolis, the school said in an alert on its website.

The alert from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis advised students and employees to remain in a "shelter location" until an "all clear" is received.

The urban public research university enrolls more than 30,000 students, according to the school's website.

Nevada military depot blast kills seven Marines, hurts seven more

An explosion at a U.S. Army munitions depot in the western Nevada desert killed seven Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and injured seven more during a training exercise, U.S. military officials said on Tuesday.

Army and Marine officials said the cause of the Monday night blast was under investigation, but a military official who spoke on condition of anonymity said initial reports from the scene indicated that a 60mm mortar round exploded prematurely in the tube of a mortar launcher.

The official said three Marines were killed instantly.

Luka Magnotta Collapses In Court

A gay porn actor accused of killing and dismembering his Chinese lover has collapsed in court.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, 30, asked for a break in the preliminary hearing in which a judge must decide if there is enough evidence for a trial, stood up and collapsed on the courtroom floor.

Magnotta, who has been dubbed "Canadian Psycho", has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and other charges including harassing the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake SAMOA ISLANDS REGION - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 18:36:56 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 07:36:56 AM at epicenter
16.789°S, 171.535°W
20.1 km (12.5 miles)
294 km (183 miles) SSW (198°) from PAGO PAGO, American Samoa

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 18:22:52 UTC
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 06:22:52 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
20.858°S, 176.682°E
19.7 km (12.2 miles)
238 km (147 miles) ENE of Ceva-i-Ra, Fiji

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake MAURITIUS - REUNION REGION - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 17:50:59 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 09:50:59 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
20.171°S, 66.245°E
10 km (6.2 miles)
300 km (186 miles) E of Ile Rodrigues, Northern Mariana Islands

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 17:01:57 UTC
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 02:01:57 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
0.762°S, 134.022°E
41.4 km (25.7 miles)
13 km (8 miles) NNW of Manokwari, Indonesia

TJ Lane Jailed For Life

Ohio teenager TJ Lane, who admitted killing three students in a high school cafeteria in February 2012, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The 18-year-old chuckled as the term was imposed for the deadly shootings at Chardon High School, 30 miles east of Cleveland.

After Lane arrived in court, he calmly unbuttoned his blue dress shirt to reveal the T-shirt reading "killer", which the prosecutor noted was similar to one he wore during the shooting.

Cyprus Bailout: Savings Tax Rejected By MPs

Cypriot lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly against a deeply unpopular plan to tax bank deposits, putting an international bailout in jeopardy.

The 56-seat parliament buried the bill with 36 votes against and 19 abstentions. One member of parliament was not present.

The seizure of savers' deposits, in return for shares in the lenders, was meant to raise 5.8 billion euros (£4.96bn), towards the country's financial rescue.

New Zealand planning to seize bank accounts to bail out banks, just like Cyprus

The National Government are pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts, the Green Party said today.

Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English’s favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the bank’s bail out.

“Bill English is proposing a Cyprus-style solution for managing bank failure here in New Zealand – a solution that will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

“The Reserve Bank is in the final stages of implementing a system of managing bank failure called Open Bank Resolution. The scheme will put all bank depositors on the hook for bailing out their bank.

“Depositors will overnight have their savings shaved by the amount needed to keep the bank afloat.

Are Rotting Pig Corpses to Blame for China’s Electric Pink Drinking Water?

A little while back, we reported on the air pollution problem over in China. This week, however, a different form of pollution has come to light. On first sight, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a prop from a mutant zombie movie. However what can be seen in the picture above is in fact the tap water of a residential area in Jinan, China. In total, over 500 inhabitants of the area have fallen victim to this most recent ‘pink water’ phenomenon.

Obviously drinking the stuff is out of the question and many residents have been forced, as a temporary measure, to secure rations of bottled water. Just how contaminated this water is remains unclear, but even more intriguing is what caused the phenomenon in the first place. And how harmful could it actually be? Could simply giving the stuff a good, long sniff be hazardous to people’s health?

Cyprus Central Bank governor expects 10 percent of deposits to be withdrawn when banks reopen

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake BLACK SEA - 19th March 2013

Magnitude mb 4.6
Date time 2013-03-19 12:44:31.0 UTC
Location 42.15 N ; 29.57 E
Depth 10 km
108 km N of Sile, Turkey / pop: 11,596 / Local time: 14:44 2013-03-19

Gitmo Gutter: 'Inmates cough blood, could go blind'

Tariq Ali: US, UK never faced justice for Iraq war crimes

Parliament Punch: Fight erupts between Ukrainian MPs

North Korea's nuclear programme

Mudslides kill 16 people near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Syrian government, rebels trade charges on chemical arms

Syria's government and rebels accused each other of firing a rocket loaded with chemical agents outside the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday, an attack which a cabinet minister said killed 16 people and wounded 86.

President Bashar al-Assad, battling a two-year uprising against his rule, is widely believed to have a chemical arsenal.

Cyprus considers Stealing only from People with deposits over 20,000 euros

The Cyprus finance ministry suggests savers holding less than 20,000 euros (£17,000) would be exempt from a bank levy which has caused much alarm.

The plan was changed following outrage that ordinary savers would be forced to pay a levy of 6.75%.

The new plan would keep that levy on deposits over 20,000 euros, with those over 100,000 euros charged at 9.9%.

The controversial tax is a condition for Cyprus to get a 10bn-euro loan from the EU and IMF, to rescue its banks.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool Deny Joss Stone Murder Plot

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool, accused of plotting to rob and kill the singer before dumping her body, deny the charges.

Bill Roache Sorry Over Remarks....With Sick views like that, I would say the sorry is to halt the Backlash, nothing more

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache has said he is "very sorry for any offence caused" after he seemingly claimed victims of sexual abuse are being punished for their behaviour in "previous lives".

The star, who plays Ken Barlow in the long-running soap, made the original remarks in a television interview, during which he said famous men can be "caught in this trap" by young female fans who follow their movements.

Internet sites targeted by MPs for first time ‘in chilling threat to free speech’... but could bloggers also face huge damages in Press crackdown?

The internet will be targeted for the first time as the 'chilling' Royal Charter attempts to curb free speech on the majority of websites and blogs, experts warned today.

The draft version of the document also suggests that foreign-based or owned websites such as Twitter, Huffington Post, Facebook, Holy Moly, the Guido Fawkes political site and even The New York Times will also be subject to the stifling controls if their articles are aimed at 'an audience in the UK'.

But as confusion mounted about exactly who would be covered, the government said it would leave it entirely up to the new regulator to decide whether major foreign sites should be made to sign up. It also claimed that 'small' blogging sites would be exempt.

Fukushima faces fresh crisis after power cut: Workers have four days to get electricity on before nuclear plant overheats

A power cut has left three fuel storage pools at Japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear plant without fresh cooling water for nearly 24 hours, raising concerns about the fragility of the tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant's operator said the temperatures in the pools was within safe limits and would remain so for four days, but the incident has highlighted the problems caused by the continued use of makeshift equipment at the damaged plant.

A spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said the reactors were not affected by the power outage and said staff were preparing a back-up system in case the repairs did not fix the problem.

North Korean video depicts attack on US

Nevada military site Explosion may have killed "several"

An explosion during a training exercise at a military ammunition storage facility in western Nevada has killed "several" people, with U.S. Marines among the dead, military officials said Tuesday.

The explosion occurred late Monday night during a Marine training exercise at the Hawthorne Army Depot in western Nevada, said facility manager Russ Collier.

Captain Nicholas Mannweiler, a Marines spokesman, said Marines were among those killed but declined to specify the number of dead or the cause of the explosion.

China fires warning shot at North Korea banks: report

Chinese regulators appear to have issued a warning shot to North Korean banks, telling them to stay within the remit of their permitted operations in China or risk penalties after a new round of U.N. sanctions sought to cut Pyongyang's funding.

A report from South Korea's Yonhap news agency on Tuesday cited a Beijing-based source as saying the warning had been given to four North Korean financial institutions, some of whom have been named in United Nations and United States sanctions for aiding Pyongyang in its nuclear and missile programs.

Cyprus overshadows banking union as ECB prepares for watchdog role

EU lawmakers are set to empower the ECB this week to supervise banks from mid-2014, but they will struggle to reinstate a vision of wider banking union, shaken by a levy imposed on Cypriot savers.

Last year's agreement among countries to give the European Central Bank new powers to supervise euro zone banks from 2014 was initially applauded as a first step towards closer integration to help underpin the euro.

But as lawmakers from the European Parliament and EU states' negotiators meet on Tuesday morning to finalize the deal, questions are being raised about Europe's commitment to unite in tackling banking problems rather than let countries struggle alone.

Cyprus aims to let small savers out of deposit tax; veto still likely

Cyprus's government proposed on Tuesday to spare small savers from a divisive tax on bank deposits in a last-minute attempt to win parliamentary backing for an international bailout and avoid default and a banking collapse.

Lawmakers still seem likely to reject the unprecedented levy, a government spokesman said, plunging one of the smallest European states closer to financial oblivion with potentially severe consequences for the rest of the troubled euro zone.

Syria Accuses Opposition Of Chemical Attack

Syria's state media has accused opposition fighters of firing a chemical weapon in the north of the country, killing at least 16 people.

The opposition quickly denied the report and claimed regime forces had fired the weapon.

Neither of the accusations could immediately be verified.

Richard Hinds Guilty Of Irish Student Murder In Tokyo

A Japanese court has found an American teenager guilty of the murder of Irish student Nicola Furlong in Tokyo last year.

The 21-year-old Dublin CIty University exchange student was found strangled in an upmarket hotel early on May 24, 2012, after attending a hip-hop concert.

Richard Hinds, of Memphis, Tennessee, stood silently as he was found guilty of what the presiding judge called a "vicious" attack.

The court ruled that he had strangled the exchange student with a towel or tank top in the Keio Plaza hotel in the city's Shinjuku district.

The 19-year-old was ordered to serve to a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of 10 years.

India: Bus Plunges Off Bridge Killing Dozens

At least 37 people have been killed after a bus packed with passengers crashed through a barrier and fell several metres off a bridge in western India.

The vehicle was travelling overnight from the beach resort state of Goa to Mumbai when the driver suddenly lost control in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, police said.

Most of the wounded, including the driver, suffered head and arm injuries and were being treated at a local hospital.

Brit Injured 'Escaping Sex Assault' In India

A British woman is recovering from injuries to her legs after jumping out of her hotel window to escape an alleged sex attack in Agra in India - the home of the iconic Taj Mahal.

According to police, the incident happened in the Cantonment area of the city in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Deputy Superintendent Simranjit Kaur told Sky News that the 31-year-old woman escaped out of the second floor window of her room after the owner of the hotel attempted to enter "demanding" a massage at about four o'clock in the morning.

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 11:43:36 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 10:43:36 PM at epicenter
11.033°S, 165.829°E
42.7 km (26.5 miles)
33 km (20 miles) S of Lata, Solomon Islands

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake ATACAMA, CHILE - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 11:41:56 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 08:41:56 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
27.892°S, 69.463°W
10 km (6.2 miles)
103 km (64 miles) SE of Copiapo, Chile

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 11:32:50 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 10:32:50 PM at epicenter
11.011°S, 165.889°E
30.2 km (18.8 miles)
437 km (271 miles) E (99°) from Kira Kira, Solomon Islands

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 10:12:59 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 09:12:59 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
10.969°S, 165.865°E
37.1 km (23.1 miles)
28 km (17 miles) S of Lata, Solomon Islands

Nik Wallenda To Wire-Walk Across Grand Canyon

The self-proclaimed "King of the High Wire", Nik Wallenda, has announced his latest daring stunt - a tightrope walk over a section of the Grand Canyon without a harness.

Wallenda, 34, will be higher than he has ever been before at 1,500ft (457m) above the Little Colorado River.

Deadly blasts rock Iraq 10 yrs after US 'freedom' invasion

'Syria militants possess chemical arms'

Fukushima Nuclear Plant hit by power cut

Mysterious sea of clouds covers mountains in China

James Oliver Seevakumaran killed himself in his dorm 'had assault rifle and explosives in his room for planned campus attack'

A University of Central Florida student who committed suicide in his campus dorm room last night was plotting to kill classmates with improvised explosives and an assault rifle, cops said today.

James Oliver Seevakumaran, was found dead in his bedroom.

Along with his body, police also found about 200 rounds of ammunition, two guns - one a tactical assault rifle - and a backpack filled with four IEDs.

Cashing in on Caylee's Murder: Trustee files motion to sell Casey Anthony's life story to pay off her debts

The trustee overseeing Casey Anthony's bankruptcy case has filed a motion to sell the rights to her story so she can pay her debts.

In a motion filed Friday in federal court in Tampa, trustee Stephen Meininger asked Judge K. Rodney May for permission to sell the 'exclusive worldwide rights' of Anthony's life story.

Anthony, who is now 26, was acquitted of murder in 2011 in the death her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake VANUATU - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 08:01:12 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 07:01:12 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
19.234°S, 168.213°E
30.6 km (19.0 miles)
116 km (72 miles) WNW of Isangel, Vanuatu

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake SULAWESI, INDONESIA - 19th March 2013

Magnitude M 4.5
Date time 2013-03-19 07:58:28.6 UTC
Location 0.11 S ; 123.03 E
Depth 94 km
72 km S of Gorontalo, Indonesia / pop: 144,195 / Local time: 15:58 CIT+0800

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache: Sex victims bring it on themselves

BILL Roache believes sex abuse victims are paying for their behaviour in previous lives.

The Coronation Street star provoked fury with a string of bizarre claims he made in a TV interview.

He said famous men shouldn’t be judged for getting “caught in the trap” of sleeping with under-age girls.


The number of dead pigs found in a river running through China's commercial hub Shanghai had reached more than 13,000, the government and state media said Monday, as mystery deepened over the hogs' precise origin.

The Shanghai government said workers pulled 335 pigs out of the Huangpu river, which supplies 22 percent of the city's drinking water, on Monday, bringing the total to 9,795 since the infestation began earlier this month.

Shanghai has blamed farmers in Jiaxing in neighbouring Zhejiang province for dumping pigs which died of disease into the river upstream, where the official Xinhua news agency said another 3,601 dead animals had been recovered so far.

Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S. Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret

March 4, 2013 22:22:42 Updated ( Originally Published: February 28, 2013 )

Los Angeles - February 28, 2013 - It has been like an evening out-of the Twilight Zone. No sooner having written and published a report on the Tuberculosis outbreak of a rare strain found amongst a growing number of about 5,000 homeless ( minimum estimate out-of 51,000 homeless in Los Angeles alone ) in southern California, even more shocking news followed.

Within an hour of the initial report this evening, it was discovered that according to official government documents the Tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles has actually been known about for over 1-year ( since February 2012 ) by the U.S. federal government Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC / CDCP ) , State of California Department of Health, and County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, but that's not all.

These government agencies have already budgeted funds since 2011 for 'civil detention' using 'correctional facility housing units' and 'commandeered motels' to 'house and treat' Tuberculosis infected people throughout southern California, but that's not all.

Corporate America McDonald's fast-food coupons are even budgeted by the government into Tuberculosis patient diets while being housed in these correctional housing units.

Here's the order of what was discovered, when, just this evening:

On June 6, 2012 at 10:42 a.m. ( PST ), Susan Spieldenner [ TEL: +1 (510) 620-3037, E-MAIL: ], a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC / CDCP / CDC&P ) "Public Health Advisor," according to the CDC Employee Directory, was the U.S. government employee who 'drafted in-advance' the Microsoft Word document entitled, "Plan For Housing Homeless Tuberculosis Patients" that the CDC requested due for submission by June 29, 2012 according to further information contained hidden within the Microsoft Word document internal properties that was just recently discovered on February 28, 2012 by the now-defunct website Unwanted Publicity Intelligence host, Paul Collin whose foensic investigation of the electronic document came subsequent to his initial report entitled "Tuberculosis Outbreak Los Angeles Homeless Quarantine Expected" first published online at the internet website Project Camelot Forum section "Confirmed Breaking News."

7.8 Earthquake Exercise To Hit Los Angeles County Next Thursday

They say we are getting closer to predicting the actual time when earthquakes will actually take place.

Here in Los Angeles County on thing is for sure, sometime in the future a large shaker will strike and millions of people will be effected.

In continuing the on-going efforts in preparing the “big one,” Los Angeles County Operational Area (LACOA) and its partners including the 88 cities, 137 unincorporated area communities, 200-plus school and special districts will be holding a “disaster training exercise” on Thursday, March 21 from 9 to 3 p.m.

The Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is hosting a “functional exercise” at the Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) that is located at 1275 N. Eastern Avenue from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At least 16 dead in Brazil mudslides

For Arizona day laborers, immigration reform can't come soon enough

Millions of illegal immigrants are at the sharp end of a daily battle for survival as President Barack Obama pushes for immigration reform in Washington, months after Hispanic voters turned out to give the Democrat a second term.

At the end of a day of driving around Phoenix in his battered Ford truck scavenging for boxes, Mexican day laborer Jesus Aquilar sells the load to a recycler for pennies a pound, and tosses the yellow receipt with others on his dashboard.

Now that President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress have begun a push for comprehensive immigration reform, he wants to ensure he will benefit. When the time comes - if it does - to apply for legal status, the stash of dog-eared receipts could be a paper trail to a hoped-for life out of the shadows.

Series of bombs kills at least 22 in Baghdad: police

Car bombs and roadside blasts killed at least 22 people in Shi'ite districts across the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Tuesday, police and hospital sources said.

Sunni Islamist insurgents tied to al Qaeda have stepped up their campaign of attacks this year in an attempt to trigger sectarian tensions and undermine Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's Shi'ite-led government.

Cyprus parliament ready to veto deposit tax

Cyprus's parliament was set to reject a divisive tax on bank deposits in a vote scheduled for Tuesday, pushing the island closer to a debt default and banking collapse.

A weekend announcement that Cyprus would break with previous practice and impose a levy on bank accounts as part of a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) EU bailout prompted turmoil on European financial markets on Monday.

Cypriot and euro zone officials have sought to soften the initially proposed levy of 6.75 percent on depositors of up to 100,000 euros and 9.9 percent above 100,000 to ease the burden on small savers. (this is instead of the 15.7% proposed by Euro Zone Officials!)

Russian anger at Cyprus bailout levy

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said a levy that bank account holders in Cyprus must pay as part of bailout deal looks like "confiscation".

Russian President Vladimir Putin called it "unfair, unprofessional and dangerous", while the finance minister said Russia may reconsider the terms of a 2.5bn euro loan (£2.1bn) to Cyprus.

Russians are believed to hold some 20bn euros of deposits in Cypriot banks.

The terms of the EU and IMF bailout have caused widespread anger in Cyprus.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 06:07:25 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 12:07:25 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
8.233°N, 94.235°E
89.1 km (55.4 miles)
104 km (64 miles) ENE of Mohean, India

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake REYKJANES RIDGE - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 05:41:59 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 03:41:59 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
55.654°N, 35.117°W
10 km (6.2 miles)
779 km (484 miles) SE of Nanortalik, Greenland

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake PAPUA, INDONESIA - 19th March 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 05:30:51 UTC
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 02:30:51 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
2.743°S, 138.726°E
43.2 km (26.8 miles)
206 km (128 miles) W of Abepura, Indonesia

Swiss police storm flat and arrest music teacher 'healer' accused of infecting 16 with HIV

A Swiss music teacher charged with infecting 16 people with HIV by injecting them with needles contaminated by the virus has been arrested after he refused to go to court.

The 54-year-old man, who is not being named in accordance with Swiss law, is said to have told his patients, many of them his music students, that he could 'heal' them with acupuncture.

Police stormed his flat in the Swiss capital Bern after he stopped attending his trial and instead barricaded himself at home.

Man beaten with bottles in motiveless attack caught on video will require plastic surgery to his face

Ivory poachers slaughter herds of elephants in Chad including 33 pregnant females in the worst mass killing spree this year

Poachers have killed 86 elephants in one week in a single central African country in the worst mass slaughter of the animals this year, officials said yesterday.

Armed gangs in Chad reportedly killed the elephants, including 33 pregnant females, before hacking out and stealing their tusks.

Wildlife officials said the killings took place last week near Chad’s border with Cameroon.

William Edward Small killed by rabies whose infected organs were donated to four people - one of whom is now DEAD

North Carolina Air Force Aviation mechanic William Edward Small, 20, pictured left and right with his son, Shane, died of rabies in 2011. He never knew he had the rare disease and doctors never tested him for it before farming out his organs. Alecia Mercer, the mother of Small's three-year-old son, identified him as the donor today, and said she wasn't surprised that rabies killed him as he loved to hunt wild animals and would always pick them up no matter how feral they looked.

Travis Fox under investigation for shaking his newborn son to death was allowed to return to the family home where he killed his other baby son in the SAME way?

Travis Fox (left and center) was already under investigation for the death of his first six-month-old son in September 2011, when his second son was brought to hospital last week with suspicious injuries. Fox told police he had violently shaken the child for up to 45 seconds because he was ‘fussing’, according to police. His wife Tiffany, (left with Travis) who is now pregnant with twins, said she had no idea her husband was abusing their children.

Andrey Petkov falls to his death as he's spray painting on the side of a freeway bridge

Friends and family gathered yesterday to remember a graffiti artist who fell to his death whilst spray painting his tag.

22-year-old Andre Petkov from North Highlands near Sacramento fell off an overpass along Interstate 80 overpass while daubing graffiti on the bridge.

Investigators say his body had been there for a couple of days before it was found by a street sweeper.

Steve Davis named as one of two victims of Indiana plane crash

Steve Davis, Oklahoma University's star quarterback from its 1974-75 back-to back national championship wins (left) was one of two people killed when a small aircraft smashed into three homes in South Bend, Indiana on Sunday. St. Joseph County Coroner Randy Magdalinski today identified the victims as 60-year-old Davis (bottom right in 2007) and 58-year-old Wesley Caves, both of Tulsa, Oklahoma - Davis' parents, Jim and Patsy Davis confirmed his death to the Associated Press on Monday.

Adam Lanza created chilling 7ft 'score sheet' documenting past mass murders

Adam Lanza planned his Sandy Hook massacre in meticulous detail on a chilling 7ft long spreadsheet that police believe was used to keep score of killings, it was revealed today.

Connecticut State Police found the 4ft wide document in Lanza's harddrive that was so big it required a special printer after the December 14 attack that left 26 people dead.

It contained Lanza’s obsessive research - in nine-point font - about mass murders of the past, and even attempted murders.

Polish 'gypsy' family 'swiped $3 million in electronics from Apple and Best Buy stores in nationwide shoplifting ring'

Four people who described themselves as a Polish 'gypsy family' have been arrested for allegedly orchestrating a nationwide shoplifting ring that netted $3 million in stolen electronics. The suspects include two women, Ausra Bauzinskaite, 34, and Adeliya Nassybullina, 30, and two men, Lukasz Karasinski, 37, and Przemyslaw Skiba, 31.

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake MOLUCCA SEA - 19th March 2013

Magnitude M 4.5
Date time 2013-03-19 04:31:42.1 UTC
Location 1.82 N ; 126.54 E
Depth 49 km
147 km NW of Ternate / pop: 101,731 / Local time: 13:31 EIT+0900

Mac on... the Cyprus bail out

Theresa May backtracks on foreign criminals plans by refusing to support amendment that would have stopped convicts using right to a family life to avoid deportation

Theresa May last night killed-off plans to bring an immediate end to the scandal of foreign criminals claiming a human right to a ‘family life’ in Britain.

The Home Secretary refused to support a simple nine-word amendment which would have stopped the convicts blocking deportation under article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

The measure, which could have passed within weeks as part of the Crime and Courts Bill, was supported by more than 90 Tories and the ex-Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Expats blast the 'bullies in Brussels' as British ministers betray Our Boys in Cyprus: After pledging to protect soldiers' cash... their savings WILL be hit

Servicemen (in action above) will only be compensated for 'reasonable losses' if their funds are 'connected with their service in Cyprus'. Last night MoD officials said that could mean those who have transferred funds to Cyprus to save for their retirement could lose out. It comes as the current and savings accounts of expats (such as those pictured top) were frozen in the EU raid.

U.S. confirms Syrian aircraft fired rockets into Lebanon

The State Department confirmed on Monday that Syrian government aircraft fired rockets into northern Lebanon and it described the incident as "a significant escalation."

"We can confirm what you are seeing in the press, that regime jets and helicopters did fire rockets into northern Lebanon," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily briefing. "This constitutes a significant escalation in the violations of Lebanese sovereignty that the Syrian regime has been guilty of. These kinds of violations of sovereignty are absolutely unacceptable."

Cyprus: small country, bigger concern

Cypriots furious over proposed bank deposit Theft

Cyprus heads for cliffhanger parliamentary vote on deposits Theft

The government of Cyprus is hoping to push a divisive tax on bank deposits through parliament on Tuesday in a bid to stave off a default that could reignite the euro zone crisis.

Breaking with previous practice that depositors' savings were inviolable, euro zone finance ministers announced over the weekend a one-off tax on Cypriot bank accounts would be imposed as part of a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout by the European Union.

The measure infuriated ordinary Cypriots, who staged noisy demonstrations in the capital, Nicosia.

Euro zone finance ministers were in favour of imposing a 15.6 percent levy on deposits of above 100,000 euros to help recapitalise Cyprus' financial sector while sparing depositors up to that level, officials told Reuters.