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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crop Circle, Hul, Nové Zámky, Solovakia, January 24, 2013

For the locals, it is not the first time they see crop-circles in this area. Already two different designs appeared in the fields in the past.

NOVE ZAMKY. (Name of town). Some crop-circles appeared in the field between the villages of Hul and Vlkas, in the district of Nove Zamky.

“They are huge. The ears of wheat were bent without being damaged. There are about seven lines leading from the main, biggest circle, which then connect to other, smaller circles. We cannot even photograph it. The perimeter of the biggest circle is 300 meters (984ft),” says a local resident.

Iran official: Attack on Syria is attack on Iran

Issuing Tehran's strongest warning to date, a top Iranian official said Saturday that any attack on Syria would be deemed an attack on Iran, a sign that it will do all it can to protect embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made his comments as Syrian troops conducted offensive air raids against rebels and discovered a trio of tunnels they were using to smuggle weapons in their fight to topple Assad.

The world has been grappling over how to deal with Syria ever since an uprising against Assad's regime erupted nearly two years ago. But so far, there has been no international intervention on the ground where more than 60,000 people have been killed, according to the U.N.

Tornado warning issued as ex-Cyclone Oswald bears down on southeast Queensland, Australia

Transmitters serving the Wide Bay and Burnett forecast district and parts of the Southeast Coast district north of Brisbane are REQUESTED TO USE THE STANDARD EMERGENCY WARNING SIGNAL BEFORE BROADCASTING THIS MESSAGE.




For people in the
Wide Bay and Burnett,
Southeast Coast and parts of the
Darling Downs and Granite Belt Forecast Districts.

Read entire warning here

Controversial H5N1 bird flu research resumes

Controversial research into making bird flu easier to spread in people is to resume after a year-long hiatus.

Some argue the research is essential for understanding how viruses spread and could be used to prevent deadly pandemics killing millions of people.

H5N1 Bird Flu Re-Emerges in Cambodia, 3 New Cases & 2 Deaths

The Cambodian Ministry of Health in conjunction with the World Health Organization announced in a joint press release that 3 new human cases of the Avian influenza H5N1 were reported near Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Of the 3 cases, 2 have resulted in the death of the patients.

Cambodia 1st reported an outbreak of the H5n1 influenza virus in December 2004, and also reported a major outbreak of the virus in March 2006 that lasted until November 2006.

EU referendum speech: why Angela Merkel needs David Cameron, but not at expense of France

David Cameron's Europe speech struck a chord not just with Angela Merkel but with many Germans who wish they'd had a referendum too, says Thomas Kielinger. But that's no guarantee his plan will work.

Listening to David Cameron's Europe speech last week I had the sneaking suspicion that those who helped draft it might have included the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, too.

After all, ideas like competitiveness, flexibility or democratic accountability are as much part of her political vocabulary as they are of Cameron's.

Witness the speech she gave on Thursday in Davos, where she spoke of the urgent need for the EU member states to commit to improved competitiveness in areas like unit labour costs, infrastructure or administrative efficiency. She even called for increased pressure for such reforms. To both Merkel and Cameron "more Europe" means more openness to reform to make the EU fit for global purpose. A German-British duet, not a duel.

But the story doesn't end there, of course. There are 27 EU members and Frau Merkel, while siding with Britain's prime minister on certain issues cannot ignore the majority of her European partners and their criticism of British "exceptionalism" nor, indeed, the German political class or Germany's published opinion as evidenced in the reaction to Cameron's speech.

30 die in Egypt protests over soccer massacre verdicts

Protester tries to stop Egyptian policeman, January 25, 2013

At least 30 people were killed on Saturday when Egyptians rampaged in protest at the sentencing of 21 people to death over a soccer stadium disaster, violence that compounds a political crisis facing Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Armoured vehicles and military police fanned through the streets of Port Said, where gunshots rang out and protesters burned tires in anger that people from their city had been blamed for stadium deaths last year.

What does Peace in Europe mean to EU? Farage-Nobel Prize Remix

Spain health workers protest against cuts

India unveils long-range missile in annual parade

'US tries to provoke war with Syria'

No He Can't: Obama popularity plunges in Arab World over US conflict control

Deadly riot erupt, army deployed in Egypt over 2012 stampede death sentences

Waterboard-Gate: CIA torture whistleblower jailed over agency leak


Iraq army kills seven protesters in Fallujah Friday

French, Malian troops seize northern Islamist towns

French anti-gay marriage protest in Paris

Anti-Ggovernment Protests in Cairo

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake OFF EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA - 26th January 2013

Magnitude mb 4.1
Date time 2013-01-26 18:20:52.5 UTC
Location 52.35 N ; 159.69 E
Depth 50 km
Distances 102 km SE Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy

Naked Man Stops SEPTA Bus

A cell phone video of a naked man stopping traffic and climbing onto the front of a public bus while putting his boxers on his head before dismounting and chasing after the man filming him, is raising a few questions:

Who is he? Why is he running around naked? And what did he just inhale or ingest?

The minute and a half-long video, which was shot in November and posted to YouTube just yesterday, contains nudity and profanity and may not suitable for some viewers.

Latino gang leaders arrested for attempting to drive African-Americans out of their homes in Compton with race-hate attacks

Two California men and one teenage boy are under arrest as police allege they were behind a series of race-based attacks attempting to drive African-Americans out of their homes in Compton. Sheriff's officials said a group of Latino males who claimed to be part of a street gang intimidated the residents using metal pipes and shouting racial epithets.

Law makes 'unlocking' devices to switch carriers punishable by fines between $2,500 and $500,000 and even prison

A new law that makes it illegal to 'unlock' your cell phone and switch carriers goes into effect today and will carry fines between $2,500 and $500,000, and in some cases, prison time.

The change made by the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act will make it illegal for consumers to unlock mobile devices without the permission of their carrier.

Did you feel like this following Cameron's Propaganda Speech?

French Government has officially banned the word hashtag, email, blog and other foreign words it considers a threat.......'#policestate'

The French Government has banned the Twitter term 'hashtag' from all official documents in their latest bid to ban a torrent of English words invading their language.

The Government's powerful Académie française has decreed that the French word 'mot-dièse' must be spoken when the '#' symbol appears in print.

Teachers have been told to urge schoolchildren to use the term, and the media has also been asked to avoid using the English word.

'Anonymous' hackers take over U.S. government website in retaliation for death of Aaron Swartz

The hacker-activist group Anonymous says it hijacked the website of the U.S. Sentencing Commission to avenge the death of Aaron Swartz, an Internet activist who committed suicide on January 11.

The website of the commission, an independent agency of the judicial branch, was taken over early Saturday.

Hackers replaced the homescreen with a message warning that when Swartz killed himself two weeks ago 'a line was crossed.'

Violent Diallo Allen spared jail after judge hears he only turned to crime after his family were forced to move to a council estate in the recession

A violent mugger walked free from court after the judge heard he had turned to crime after his family were forced to move from their affluent home to a council estate because of the recession.

Diallo Allen, 18, from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, mugged two teenage girls and a boy stealing an iPhone, a Blackberry and a £800 designer handbag.

Unemployed Allen, who has a number of petty previous convictions, pounced as they left a takeaway restaurant but was later caught by police riding away on his bicycle.

Police, the BBC and even a golf business are among 130 organisations which can fly drones in UK... and experts say numbers will rise

More than 130 organisations have been given leave to fly unmanned drones in the skies over the UK, it has emerged.

Scores of private firms and government bodies have been granted permission to fly small UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in British airspace, to the alarm of privacy campaigners who are calling for an urgent review of regulations surrounding the technology.

Petition urges Putin to probe activist's death in Netherlands

Russia's opposition submitted a petition to President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, demanding an investigation into the death of an activist who hanged himself in the Netherlands last week.

Alexander Dolmatov, who had been under investigation for alleged involvement in violence at a protest against Putin last May, hanged himself after being refused asylum by Dutch authorities. He fled Russia in June after police raided his parents' apartment.

On Saturday, about a hundred people joined opposition leaders Sergei Udaltsov and Boris Nemtsov, lining up in the freezing cold to hand in copies of the petition to the presidential administration.

European Central Bank rejects Irish bid on promissory note - sources

The European Central Bank has rejected Ireland's preferred solution to a dispute over the cost of servicing money borrowed to rescue a failed bank, EU sources familiar with the talks said on Saturday.

Dublin wants to avoid having to pay 3.1 billion euros a year until 2023 to service a promissory note it issued to underwrite failed Anglo Irish Bank during a meltdown of the main Irish lenders after a real estate bubble burst in 2008.

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 17:31:13 UTC
Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 01:31:13 AM at epicenter
5.486°N, 127.048°E
119.7 km (74.4 miles)
218 km (135 miles) ESE (109°) from General Santos, Mindanao, Philippines

3.8 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 16:25:05 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 09:25:05 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
64.372°N, 130.811°W
10 km (6.2 miles)
214 km (132 miles) WSW of Norman Wells, Canada

Clash between Pakistani Taliban and militia said to kill 31

At least 31 people were killed when Pakistan Taliban attacked a pro-government militia, according to reports from the two sides on Saturday, but the Taliban were beaten back after hours of fierce fighting.

About 300 Taliban armed with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades launched the overnight assault in the Maiden area of Tirah, a maze of valleys on a route from Afghanistan to the city of Peshawar, a fighter of the pro-government Ansar ul-Islam militia said.

Ten Afghan police officers killed in suicide bombing

Ten police officers, including the local counter-terrorism chief, were killed in a suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan on Saturday.

Shortly after 5 p.m. (1230 GMT) a man driving a motorbike detonated a large bomb at a busy roundabout in the north city of Kunduz near a group of police officers, provincial police chief spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini said.

"As a result of a suicide attack 10 policemen were killed, including the head of the traffic department and the head of the counter-terrorism office," said Hussaini.

Thousands to march against gun violence in Washington

Residents of Newtown, Connecticut, site of a mass school shooting that reignited the U.S. gun violence debate, will take part in a Washington march for gun control on Saturday with activists, politicians and actors.

Thousands of protesters were expected for the rally on the National Mall, part of about a dozen across the United States in favor of gun control, organizers said in a statement.

Alan Levers died during the attempted robbery of a Ladbrokes Branch

A masked armed robber who collapsed and died after being disarmed and pinned down by customers in a bookies has been named by police as Alan Levers.

The 50-year-old was believed to be wearing a gas mask and holding a gun when he entered a Ladbrokes branch on Crownhill Road in Plymouth, Devon, shortly before 7pm on Friday night.

Customers managed to disarm Levers and held him on the floor while others raised the alarm, police said.

Officers then arrested Levers, who was already unconscious, but he was later declared dead.

White Island aviation alerts upgraded

Shifting magma within the White Island crater has prompted scientists to upgrade aviation alerts for pilots flying near the active volcano.

GNS Science vulcanologist Gill Jolly said while volcanic tremors within the crater had decreased, "hybrid volcanic earthquakes" have started to appear.

Hybrid earthquakes were associated with moving, molten magma and heightened unrest.

Nine Die in Moscow Garage Fire

Nine people died and at least 14 were injured on Saturday after a fire at an underground car park in a building in southwest Moscow, local police said.

Seven of them died while on the way to hospital, Emergencies Ministry spokesman Viktor Bryukov said. Another ten people were rescued unharmed, he added.

All those who died were thought to be construction workers who were carrying out work on the site, and were from the "near-abroad," a term officials in Russia often use for those from former Soviet republics. Many people from the former USSR republics work in construction in Russia, and some sleep on site.

27 people killed in clashes after 21 men were sentenced to death for their part in a football riot in Egypt

Two football players are among 30 people killed in riots in the Egypt city of Port Said following the sentencing to death of 21 fans.

Violence erupted in the city after judge sentenced the 21 people to death over a post-match riot in February last year that killed 74 fans of the Cairo-based Al Ahly team.

All of the people sentenced to death were fans of Port Said's main team, Al Masry.

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 15:41:16 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:41:16 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
39.749°N, 77.303°E
35.3 km (21.9 miles)
101 km (62 miles) E of Arzak, China

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHWESTERN IRAN - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 15:10:51 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 06:40:51 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
38.295°N, 46.814°E
18.4 km (11.4 miles)
30 km (18 miles) SW of Ahar, Iran

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA - 26th January 2013

Magnitude M 4.5
Date time 2013-01-26 14:13:23.5 UTC
Location 9.34 S ; 113.15 E
Depth 10 km
Distances 121 km S Kencong, Indonesia

Iranian-Hizballah convoy blown up on Syrian Golan, Border tensions shoot up

At least eight officers were killed in a mysterious twin-car bomb explosion Friday, Jan. 25 at Syrian regional intelligence headquarters in Quneitra on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. Some of the fatalities were Syrian, but Western intelligence sources disclosed to debkafile that most were high-ranking Iranian Al Qods Brigades and Hizballah officers. The blasts sent tensions shooting up on the Israeli and Jordanian borders with Syria. Israeli, Jordanian and US Special Forces posted in the kingdom went on high alert. Heavy Syrian reinforcements were seen streaming toward the two borders.
Syrian regime sources said the explosive devices were attached to the intelligence command building’s outer walls. But the Western sources report that two large bomb cars were lying in wait on both sides of the road leading to the Syrian HQ and were detonated as the two-car convoy of Iranian and Hizballah officers drove by. There were no survivors.

Those sources also refute reports that the al-Qaeda linked Jabhat al-Nusrah fighting with the Syrian rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. This was a rare occasion when no Syrian opposition group issued any statement at all, they said. The speed with which Syrian army helicopters flew in to remove the casualties indicated their high rank.

In the view of a Jordanian military source, this attack by an unknown hand has delayed Bashar Assad’s advanced preparations for an all-out armored offensive to finally crush the revolt against his regime. His first targets were to have been the rebel-held villages along the Israeli and Jordanian borders.

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - 26th January 2013

Magnitude mb 4.2
Date time 2013-01-26 11:36:43.0 UTC
Location 35.07 N ; 4.75 W
Depth 55 km
Distances 49 km E Chefchaouen

Dolphin dies in polluted New York canal

Cold snap continues as storm threatens U.S. northeast

Japan's ANA cancels more Dreamliner flights; no quick fix in sight

All Nippon Airways Co, which has the biggest fleet of Boeing Co's troubled Dreamliner jets, on Saturday cancelled hundreds of flights until February 18, signaling a quick fix to the plane's safety problems was unlikely.

ANA, Asia's biggest airline by revenue and an important launch customer for Boeing's newest plane, said another 379 flights scheduled for February 1-18 had been scrapped, bringing to 838 the number of cancellations since one of its Dreamliners made an emergency landing in western Japan on January 16.

French forces in Mali seize airport, bridge at rebel-held Gao

French forces in Mali have seized the airport and the bridge over the Niger River at the Islamist rebel-held stronghold of Gao, the French Defence Ministry said on Saturday.

French and Malian troops have advanced rapidly against al Qaeda-allied Islamist militant fighters holding the Saharan north of the West African state after France intervened earlier this month at the request of the Malian government.

Bankers, policymakers say Europe's crisis not over

International bankers and finance ministers warned on Saturday that Europe's crisis was not over even though the euro currency is now stabilized, it will take years to overcome economic malaise and mass unemployment in Europe.

After a private meeting of leading commercial bankers, government officials, central bankers and trade union officials, Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg told Reuters: "There is a clear divide between the financial markets, who think a lot of this is fixed, and the people in the real economy and particularly from our side as the governments."

Anti-Doping Chief: Armstrong Lied On Oprah

The head of the US Anti-Doping Agency has claimed shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong lied during a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In an interview with CBS show 60 Minutes, which will air on Sunday, Mr Tygart said Armstrong was not telling the truth when he claimed he was clean of performance enhancing drugs when he made his comeback in 2009.

Egypt: Many Dead After Rioters Sentenced

Troops are being sent to Port Said after violent clashes erupted following the sentencing to death of football fans who rioted during a game in 2012.

As the sentence was read out in court and broadcast live on Egyptian television, families of those who died during the match wailed in disbelief and relief and shouted "God is great!" from the public gallery.

Defendants' lawyers said all those sentenced were fans of the Port Said team, Al-Masry.

Meanwhile, relatives of those sentenced attempted to storm the prison where the defendants are being held, leading to fierce clashes with police which left at least 22 people dead, including two policemen.

3.5 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 13:10:38 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 05:10:38 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
39.818°N, 123.630°W
7.3 km (4.5 miles)
18 km (11 miles) ENE (61°) from Rockport, CA

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:01:41 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 09:01:41 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
6.133°S, 149.811°E
41.3 km (25.7 miles)
30 km (18 miles) ENE of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea

EU cybersecurity plans slammed by Dutch MEP

The European Commission's promised cybersecurity strategy is "incoherent and lacking in focus," a member of the European Parliament who has read a draft of the proposal charged yesterday.

The Cybersecurity Strategy is due to be published in the coming weeks, but leaked draft copies have been circulating in Brussels, prompting Sophie in't Veld, a Dutch member of the European Parliament, to comment that, based on what she has read of it, "there doesn't seem to be any real strategy".

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR - 26th January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 09:36:41 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 03:36:41 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
13.106°N, 89.224°W
76.5 km (47.5 miles)
43 km (26 miles) SSE of La Libertad, El Salvador

IFA: Disjointed EU regulation damages investor interests

Tax and pensions legislation must be harmonised across Europe to ensure investors are treated fairly as they are not in the current European regulatory environment, an IFA has warned in a letter sent to Michel Barnier, European commissioner for internal market and services at the European Commission.

The letter, seen by FTAdviser, warned that investors’ interests are damaged by the way in which regulation is enforced.

The IFA cited several examples which he has personally encountered over the last few years. In one example he says a 38 year old British expat living in Belgium but planning to return to the UK within the next few years cannot obtain an endowment life insurance policy with a UK provider.

Paedophile Adil Rashid who said that his Islamic education 'didn't teach him' that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail

Adil Rashid (pictured) admitted travelling to Nottingham in July last year and having sex with the teenager who can't be named for legal reasons. In interviews with psychologists Rashid claimed he had been taught by his madrassa that 'women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground.'

EU considered freezing Britain out of budget deal

The European Commission confirmed on Friday that it had looked at ways of getting a deal on the European Union's next long-term budget without British consent so as to prevent Prime Minister David Cameron from vetoing the package.

Ahead of a summit in November, diplomats said EU officials had examined legal options to side-step a British veto, with Cameron considered the most likely to follow through with a threat to block a budget deal.

"There was some speculation, and even preparatory work done in the Commission, (on) whether it was feasible to have a budget ... without the UK," Janusz Lewandowski, the EU's most senior budget official, told a small group of reporters.

Osborne to ignore IMF warning and press on with austerity

The Chancellor, George Osborne has rejected a call from the IMF’s Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard to ease up on austerity measures in his next budget in March.

Mr Osborne said that the the benefits and credibility with the financial markets that Britain has built up as a result of the coalitions spending cuts and tax rises were "hard won and easily lost and that it would be "a huge mistake to put that at risk".

"From the beginning we have always emphasised that fiscal consolidation should be slow and steady," he added.

Ice Storm Brewing for Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis

Prior to the return of warmer weather, an ice storm will affect areas from northern and eastern Missouri to Michigan, southern Ontario and the mid-Atlantic spanning this weekend into the start of next week.

A storm bringing rain to Southern California to end this week will roll into a zone of departing Arctic air and cold ground over the Midwest.

Satellite images reveal North Korea ready for nuclear test

North Korea could be almost ready to carry out its threat to conduct a nuclear test, a U.S. research institute said, pointing to recent satellite photos.

The images of the Punggye-ri site where nuclear tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009 reveal that over the past month roads have been kept clear of snow and that North Koreans may have been sealing the tunnel into a mountainside where a nuclear device would be detonated.

But it remains difficult to discern North Korea's true intentions as a test would be conducted underground.

US Weighing How Much Help to Give France's Military Operation in Mali

The Obama administration is debating how much more aid it can give the French military forces who are battling Islamic militants in Mali, weighing the benefit of striking a major blow to Qaeda-linked fighters in Africa against concern about being drawn into a lengthy conflict there.

The immediate issue is whether and how to supply American aerial refueling planes that would allow French jets to provide close-air support to ground forces moving north into territory held by the extremists. French and American officials have been in discussions for days, according to American and European officials, and administration officials say they expect a decision soon.

Cairo clashes video: Firebombs & teargas as Egypt marks 2 yrs of turmoil

US envoy: 'Very strong consensus' with China on N. Korea

Greek riot police in pre-dawn raid on striking metro workers

Armed Robber Pinned Down During Ladbrokes Raid Dies

An armed man has died after being restrained by customers during an attempted robbery at a bookmakers, police said.

The man, in his 50s, was believed to be wearing a gas mask and holding a gun when he entered a Ladbrokes branch on Crownhill Road in Plymouth shortly before 7pm.

Customers managed to disarm him and held him on the floor while others raised the alarm, Devon and Cornwall Police said.

Egyptians march for change on anniversary protest

Big freeze continues to blow across the U.S. as blistering air creates 25-foot ice shoves in Wisconsin and covers iconic Michigan lighthouse in icicles

The deep freeze that continues to spread across most of the U.S. has given some regions in the north the appearance of a 2013 ice age. High, freezing cold winds forced big chunks of ice onto the shore of Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, creating 25-foot high ice shoves, right, while snow and ice covered the North Pier Outer Lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, upper left, and ice formed on a jetty at the beach in Coney Island, New York, lower left.

Beware the ghost of slippery Harold: David Cameron's European referendum speech was hailed as a masterstroke, but we've been here before, remember

For years, David Cameron's activists have been badgering him to call a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. On Wednesday, at long last, they got what they wanted, with Mr Cameron pledging to call an in-out referendum by 2017 after renegotiating the terms of British membership. But, as DOMINIC SANDBROOK explains, in 1975, Harold Wilson conned voters with his own referendum that simply left us in hock to Brussels. It couldn't happen again... could it?

British soldiers jailed for 50 years after smuggling drugs and guns into the UK in the back of BMWs

Lemar Loveless (pictured top left) led the gang of four soldiers from the Queen's Royal Hussars, the most senior light cavalry regiment, and the Royal Logistics Corps who brought five guns and £70,000 worth of cocaine through the Channel Tunnel. They had buried the stash in the back of BMWs and tried to foil sniffer dogs by covering it in tape lined with chilli powder. But immigration officials found the lethal cache which was to be sold into the criminal underworld via a fifth defendant Romone Marshelleck, from south London. A judge at Woolwich Crown Court jailed the five defendants for a combined total of almost 50 years today.

George Osborne Continues living the High Life....Despite Threat of Triple Dip Recession

George Osborne was accused of living the high life while the economy plunged into the red yesterday – flying back from the World Economic Forum in business class.

A banker on the same plane revealed that the Chancellor sat at the front of the aircraft while even City financiers were saving money in economy class.

Turkish plane catches fire in flight

U.S. Navy must lift warship off reef

The U.S Navy minesweeper that grounded on a Philippine reef last week has taken on water and sustained too much damage to be towed off, the Navy says.

"It's got hull penetrations in several places, and there is a significant amount of water inside the ship," Rear Adm. Tom Carney said at a briefing Thursday.

The Navy said it will use ship-borne cranes and heavy-lift vessels to lift the minesweeper, the USS Guardian, off the Tubbataha Reef.

U.S. links Mali al Qaeda to Algeria attack

The Obama Administration now believes the attack and hostage-taking at a natural gas plant in Algeria last week is the work of al Qaeda operatives based out of northern Mali.

U.S. officials say al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was behind the attack and may also have operated a communications network from northern Mali. Despite the recent French intervention, large areas of Mali remain in the hands of jihadist groups.

Burt Reynolds in Florida ICU after flu

Actor Burt Reynolds is in intensive care in a Florida hospital, where he went for treatment of flu symptoms, one of his representatives said Friday.

Reynolds was dehydrated when he went to the hospital, and was eventually transferred to its intensive care unit, his representative Erik Kritzer told CNN.

Iraqi soldiers fire on anti-government protesters

Iraqi soldiers fired Friday on Sunni anti-government protesters demanding the Shiite prime minister step down, health officials said.

Provincial health officials said that at least four people were killed and 42 wounded in the shootings in Falluja in western Anbar province, a Sunni stronghold where protesters have been denouncing what they call second-class treatment by the government.

The officials backed off earlier reports that at least five people were killed, citing the chaos of scene.

Syrian rebels attack prison

N. Korea's threats annoy China

Attackers blow up main oil pipeline in Yemen: officials

Unidentified attackers blew up Yemen's main oil pipeline, forcing the country to shut down one of its most lucrative sources of income, government and tribal sources said on Saturday.

Yemen's oil and gas pipelines have been repeatedly sabotaged by insurgents and tribesmen since anti-government protests created a power vacuum in 2011, causing fuel shortages and slashing export earnings for the impoverished country.

Witnesses said the pipeline linking production fields in the central Maarib province to the Red Sea was attacked on Friday night.

Amateur video appears to shows airstrikes and Syrian tanks coming under attack

Britain lists Israel next to Iran as nation with human rights record 'of concern'

The criticism will unsettle the Jewish State, which proudly boasts it is the only democracy in the Middle East, and considers the UK an ally amid an increasingly critical Europe.

In the quarterly report published on Thursday, which considers the period between October and December 2012, Israel sits in the company of Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Zimbabwe – countries the foreign office considers to have a human rights record 'of particular concern'. The Palestinian Authority is also included, although it is noted that Israel's refusal to deliver Palestinian customs revenue has undermined the leadership's capacity to enforce law and order.

The four-page entry on Israel lingers on November's intense bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip and recently announced plans to expand dramatically Israel's settler presence in the West Bank.

Egypt court sentences 21 people to death for stadium disaster

An Egyptian court sentenced to death on Saturday 21 people accused of involvement in the Port Said soccer stadium disaster in which 74 people were killed last year, the judge said.

The judge read out a list of 21 names who had been "referred to the Mufti", a phrase used to denote a death verdict as all such sentences must reviewed by the Egypt's top religious authority.

Mali crisis: Troops 'take northern town of Hombori'

Malian and French troops have retaken the town of Hombori, officials say, as they continue their campaign to regain control of northern Mali from rebels.

Hombori lies about 160km (100 miles) from the Islamist stronghold of Gao.

Earlier, French warplanes reportedly bombed rebel positions, fuel stores and ammunition dumps near Gao.

Egypt deploys troops to Suez to quell 'out of control' clashes

Egypt deployed troops Saturday to the coastal city of Suez after a security chief declared the area "out of control" following deadly clashes on the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

The announcement on state-run EGYNews followed reports that at least seven people were killed Friday, six in Suez when gunfire erupted during clashes between anti-government protesters and those loyal to President Mohamed Morsy.

Judge lets ricin plot terrorist stay in UK as he's 'suicide risk'

A SOFT judge who allowed an al-Qaeda terrorist to stay in Britain over fears he might kill himself faced calls to quit last night.

Mr Justice Mitting — who recently upheld hate preacher Abu Qatada’s appeal to stay here — ruled the Algerian zealot’s human rights would be breached if he was booted out.

Incredibly the fanatic, who was part of a plot to poison Tube passengers with highly toxic ricin in 2003, is out on BAIL — despite admitting he is a threat to the UK.

Police and protesters clash in Egypt, army sent to Suez

Egyptian protesters scuffled with police in Cairo on Saturday and troops were deployed in Suez after nine people were shot dead in nationwide protests against President Mohamed Mursi, exposing deep rifts two years after Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

After a day of clashes on Friday, tension remained high with a court expected to rule later on Saturday in a case against suspects accused of involvement in a stadium disaster that killed 74 people. Fans have threatened violence if the court does not deliver the justice they seek.

Did an underground explosion destroy Fordow nuclear facility in Iran on Monday? (NOTE: NOT CONFIRMED)

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installation and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

The previously secret nuclear site has become a center for Iran’s nuclear activity because of the 2,700 centrifuges enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. A further enrichment to weapons grade would take only weeks, experts say.

The level of enrichment has been a major concern to Israeli officials, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly has warned about the 20-percent enriched stockpile.

The explosion occurred Monday, the day before Israeli elections weakened Netanyahu’s political control.

Heavy rains kill two in Lampung, one dead in Papuan landslide, Indonesia

Heavy rain and strong winds in Bandar Lampung, on Thursday afternoon caused a wall to collapse, crushing two children, while a landslide in Jayapura, Papua, killed one.

The wall of a futsal court owned by the Lampung Prosecutors’ Office collapsed at around 5:45 p.m. as several elementary school children were returning home after playing soccer in the rain.

Imam Almastada, 11, and Bisma Aldian, 9, of the SD Talang state elementary school, were killed outright.

Three new human cases of avian influenza H5N1 in Cambodia

The Ministry of Health (MoH) of the Kingdom of Cambodia wishes to advise members of the public that three new human cases of avian influenza have been confirmed positive for the H5N1 virus.

The first case, an 8-month old infant boy from Chrey Korng Village, Sangkat Chorm Chao, Khan Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh has been diagnosed with H5N1 influenza. He developed symptoms on 08th January 2013 then was brought to the National Paediatric Hospital for consultation on 9th January with fever, cough, runny nose, and vomiting. The boy was registered in the Influenza-Like Illness Sentinel Surveillance and the samples were sent to the National Institute of Public Health's laboratory on 11th January. The result was confirmed by Institut Pasteur du Cambodge on 22nd January 2013. The infant has recovered and had history of coming into contact with poultry prior to becoming sick.

The second case, a 15-year-old female from Snao village, Snao commune, Prey Kabass district, Takeo Province, has been diagnosed with H5N1 influenza on 22nd January 2013. She became sick on 11th January suffering with fever and cough. She was initially treated by local private practitioners. Her condition worsened and she was admitted to Kantha Bopha Hospital on 17th January with fever and shortness of breath. Unfortunately, despite intensive medical care, she died on 21st January. There is evidence of recent deaths among poultry in the village and the patient prepared sick chicken for food prior to becoming sick.

Dolphin Trapped In Filthy New York Brooklyn Canal Dies

A wayward dolphin has died after becoming trapped in a polluted New York City canal and before a rescue attempt could be put in action.

The marine animal had swum on Friday into the Gowanus Canal, which runs 1.5 miles through a narrow industrial zone near some of Brooklyn's wealthiest neighbourhoods.

The cause of death is still unknown, according to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. The dolphin died on Friday evening.

Venezuela Prison Riot Kills Dozens Of Inmates

Up to 50 people have been killed and scores more injured in clashes at a prison in Venezuela, according to hospital officials and local media.

Television footage showed National Guard troops surrounding the Uribana prison as inmates in bloody clothes were taken out of the building.

Relatives of the prisoners, most of them women in tears, waited outside.

Irish Police Detective Adrian Donohoe Shot Dead In Hold-Up

A Garda detective has been shot dead in Ireland during a botched hold-up.

Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe was with a colleague escorting a cash delivery to a credit union in Dundalk, County Louth.

Snow Storm Brings M6 To Standstill

Hundreds of drivers have spent hours trapped in their vehicles on the M6 in Lancashire after heavy snow brought the motorway to a standstill.

The motorway became blocked in both directions between junctions 25 and 27, near Wigan, last night after vehicles became stuck in more than a foot of snow and some drivers abandoned their cars.

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake CRETE, GREECE - 26th January 2013

Magnitude M 4.2
Date time 2013-01-26 05:16:04.0 UTC
Location 34.61 N ; 24.26 E
Depth 20 km
Distances 67 km SW Ayía galíni, Greece

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake MADAGASCAR - 25th January 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013 at 23:37:01 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 02:37:01 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
23.654°S, 43.553°E
14 km (8.7 miles)
10 km (6 miles) W of Anakao, Madagascar

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - 25th January 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013 at 22:40:56 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 06:40:56 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
9.438°N, 126.100°E
83.7 km (52.0 miles)
17 km (10 miles) NE of Cantilan, Philippines

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake TAJIKISTAN - 25th January 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013 at 21:08:43 UTC
Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 02:08:43 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
38.426°N, 73.357°E
118.5 km (73.6 miles)
60 km (37 miles) WNW of Murghob, Tajikistan