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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cyclone Narelle cuts fifth of global iron ore trade

A severe tropical cyclone off Australia's northwest coast that has shut ports handling a fifth of the world's globally traded iron ore and cut supplies of natural gas and oil intensified on Friday.

Cyclone Narelle strengthened into a category 4 storm, one short of the most severe category 5 cyclone, meaning wind gusts could reach 250 kmph (155 mph) by Saturday as it veers closer to land, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

116 killed, 235 injured as four blasts rock Pakistan

Thursday marked a bloody day for Pakistan as four blasts rocked the country, leaving at least 116 people killed and 235 others injured.

Out of the four blasts, three hit Quetta, capital city of Pakistan's southwest Balochistan Province bordering Afghanistan and Iran, while another hit a preaching center in the country's northwest district of Swat.

On Thursday afternoon, at about 3:50 p.m. local time, a bomb hit a checkpost of Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force in Pakistan, at the Bacha Khan area of the downtown Quetta, leaving at least 12 including a FC member killed and 50 others injured.

Tornado hits Iberia Parish, Louisiana, but no injuries reported

An EF1 tornado touched down today southeast of New Iberia, blowing homes off their foundations, snapping trees and peeling siding and roofs off mobile homes, said Mike Marcotte, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles.

It was one of three tornadoes reported today. The others were in Breaux Bridge and Iberville Parish.

The Breaux Bridge tornado, also and EF1, was about 50 yards wide and three miles long. Fifty homes suffered minor to moderate damage, Marcotte said.

Dozens of pigs in Barahona died from a rare disease in Dominican Republic

Dozens of pigs have died in the last few days in 2 populations [farms] in this province, of a strange disease, that has led to concern among the people who raise pigs. Ruddy Medina who made the complaint said that the farmers of La Hoya and Habanero reported the situation and were requesting the intervention of Ministry of Agriculture authorities.

He said that in his opinion, the disease responsible for these deaths is a type of KC2, which is determined as a consequence of the animals [having seizures].

He said that a farmer from the La Hoya community had 9 pigs, of which overnight 5 deaths occurred and one had [tembladera] of KC2. Medina said that 3 days later, of the 3 remaining pigs, 2 died and the 3rd had to be sold by the pound in a business he had [presumably after being butchered. - MHJ].

After Meeting, NRA Says White House Has 'Agenda to Attack the Second Amendment'

After meeting with Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder at the White House today, the National Rifle Association released a statement saying the White House has an "agenda to attack the Second Amendment."

"The National Rifle Association of America is made up of over 4 million moms and dads, daughters and sons, who are involved in the national conversation about how to prevent a tragedy like Newtown from ever happening again. We attended today's White House meeting to discuss how to keep our children safe and were prepared to have a meaningful conversation about school safety, mental health issues, the marketing of violence to our kids and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals," reads the NRA statement.

"We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment.

‘Severe’ Strain Of Flu Reaches Epidemic Proportions In New York City

The flu is currently at epidemic levels across the five boroughs, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced Thursday.

Officials said a full 5 percent of emergency room visits are flu-related.

“It’s a bad year. We’ve got lots of flu, it’s mainly type AH3N2, which tends to be a little more severe. So we’re seeing plenty of cases of flu and plenty of people sick with flu,” Farley told reporters including WCBS 880′s Rich Lamb.

California School Gunman 'Planned Attack'

A 16-year-old who walked into a rural California high school and shot one student and fired at others had planned the attack, officials have said.

The victim is in a critical but stable condition, and the suspect, whose pockets were stuffed with ammunition, is still being interrogated following the shooting on Thursday at Taft Union High School.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said that the suspect, a pupil at the school, had used a shotgun which belonged to his brother and went to bed on Wednesday night with a plan to shoot two fellow students.

James Holmes to Face Trial

A judge has ordered that the man suspected of killing 12 people in a cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado, should stand trial.

Judge William Sylvester found that prosecutors had established there was "probable cause" to believe James Holmes committed the crimes.

"Therefore the court orders that Defendant shall be bound over for trial on all counts," he wrote in a 61-page ruling posted online.

The 25-year-old has been charged with 166 offences following the shooting during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises last July.

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake AEGEAN SEA - 11th January 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013 at 00:30:21 UTC
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 02:30:21 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
39.631°N, 25.510°E
5.8 km (3.6 miles) (poorly constrained)
46 km (28 miles) SE of Myrina, Greece

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake PAKISTAN - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 23:48:03 UTC
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 04:48:03 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
28.918°N, 67.535°E
10 km (6.2 miles)
30 km (18 miles) WSW of Bhag, Pakistan

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake FIJI REGION - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 21:57:19 UTC
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 09:57:19 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
16.561°S, 175.250°E
66.2 km (41.1 miles)
263 km (163 miles) WNW of Lautoka, Fiji

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 21:26:20 UTC
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 07:26:20 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
37.345°N, 143.674°E
34.5 km (21.4 miles)
236 km (146 miles) E of Namie, Japan

As liberals propose more gun control, Google searches on ‘Hitler gun control’ spike

Journalists were startled yesterday when Matt Drudge used photos of Hitler and Stalin on his Drudge Report website to highlight a story about Obama possibly issuing an executive order to tackle the gun issue.

But according to research on Google Trends, web users interest in the history of Hitler and gun control has spiked since Democrats began demanding more restrictions on high capacity magazines and semi-automatic weapons.

In December the keywords “Hitler gun control” spiked to a 100 rating - the rating given to Google’s peak search volume since 2004. ...Believe it, they have people doing this garbage, and likely many more staging unreal "tragedies"

Added info:
In case you haven't heard of them, this is a group which trains individuals to act as if they're criminals, mass shooters, and so on for "training purposes". Uh-huh. Also take note of the Professor's nervous retraction at the end of the interview. I'm very confident in saying that pressure was in his face to relent on what he really wanted to say: that those 20 kids either never existed, or weren't shot, or were deliberately chosen to be shot, all of which are disturbing possibilities.

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. It is specifically insulated from governmental interference by the Constitution and has historically been the linchpin of resistance to tyranny. Yet the progressives in both political parties stand ready to use the coercive power of the government to interfere with the exercise of that right by law-abiding persons because of the gross abuse of that right by some crazies in our midst.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, he was marrying the nation at its birth to the ancient principles of the natural law that have animated the Judeo-Christian tradition in the West. Those principles have operated as a brake on all governments that recognize them by enunciating the concept of natural rights.

As we have been created in the image and likeness of God the Father, we are perfectly free just as He is. Thus, the natural law teaches that our freedoms are pre-political and come from our humanity and not from the government. As our humanity is ultimately divine in origin, the government, even by majority vote, cannot morally take natural rights away from us. A natural right is an area of individual human behavior — like thought, speech, worship, travel, self-defense, privacy, ownership and use of property, consensual personal intimacy — immune from government interference and for the exercise of which we don’t need the government’s permission.

NCEG Squanders Millions of Government Funds as Students Fail and Abscond in the West

The following written piece has been smuggled out and provided to us by a source embedded within Pakistani academia. Their name will not be revealed for their own safety, as recent university bombings in Pakistan attest to the risks taken by those wanting justice for their country.

In 2011, the Coming Crisis posted a story about the damage worth hundreds of millions made by the National Center of Excellence in Geology (NCEG) and the lack of accountability by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan which is pretending ignorance of the cases of absconders and failed graduates all sponsored by the government. Some online links now provide additional proof to what was published about the irregularities in that post on The Coming Crisis blog.

A leading update is the information from the Peshawar University admin about the government-sponsored PhD student Jawad Afzal, of the NCEG, who went to pursue a PhD at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Admin sources tell that Jawad Afzal completed his degree well over a year ago and has refused to return to Pakistan due to some personal conflict with the NCEG officials. It is said that Afzal even called a senior professor, formerly a faculty member of the NCEG, and told him about his decision not to return to Pakistan despite being bonded by HCE-NCEG to return to his country and serve there for 5 years. However, due to fear of being exposed as failing in holding its absconders accountable, NCEG is not updating Afzal’s information on the faculty page according to which Afzal is still pursuing his PhD. Interestingly by the HEC rules for the scholarship, all scholarship awardees are supposed to return to the country after completing their PhD in no more than 4 years. In Afzal’s case, 6 years have already passed. Neither is the NCEG making any move toward accountability in his case nor the HEC which is pretending ignorance of any cases of failing or absconding students. The fact that Afzal has completed his PhD is apparent from his name is the list of PhD graduates in 2011 (    
Meanwhile Sofia Naureen Khawaja, who landed in US in May 2006 continues to be in America well after 6 years even though her PhD dissertation took place early in 2012 and she graduated this year as apparent from this link: Over six years in PhD may be accounted for in her case on account of maternity leave as she had babies in US. Yet, her dissertation took place in February and what is still keeping her in US is not so much a question as what the NCEH-HEC are doing about it – which is nothing. Her profile on the faculty page is kept hidden, but that of her husband Farmnaullah is visible. Another beneficiary of HEC’s wasteful Faculty Development scheme, Farmanullah’s info on NCEG faculty page still shows his PhD is in progress ( while he has been in the US well over 5 years. No accountability by NCEG nor the HEC. Only silence.   

The story of Ghazanfer Ali Khattak of NCEG is particularly interesting since he was sent on the same PhD scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, OH, and now it has come out on record that he was not doing his PhD in the US but only his Master Degree. In a publication ( of updates about the university’s progress and activities, Ghazanfer Khattak’s teacher Lewis Owen at Cincinnati University wrote: “Starting with last June, one of my Masters students, Ghazanfar Ali Khattak, graduated and moved back to Pakistan to teach at the University of Peshawar.” This open violation of rules and waste of money by NCEG still followed no accountability but Mr. Khattak was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor by Director Dr. M. Asif Khan who was so fond of Khattak that he sent the newly promoted Khattak to US again for another PhD attempt – and all the cost all borne by the Government of Pakistan while HEC remains conveniently silent. Same is the story of Syed Muntazir Abbas a research associate at NCEG who was sent to Switzerland for PhD but failed and was sent back to Pakistan. Being another “favorite” of Dr. Asif Khan, he was resent to Europe for another PhD attempt and so far is secretively out of the hearsay.

To date, government funds worth hundreds of millions have been squandered by the NCEG in fruitless[projects, finding of incompetent students for PhD in the west, and promoting favored candidates to higher positions with zero productivity. Since the HEC has always partnered, even heavily sponsored, this kind of abuse of government funds, nobody ever took the time or care of this waste. Such institutional abuse of public funds is one of the leading causes of a bankrupt Pakistan. But then again, who cares when you are keeping the high officials happy?    

It is interesting to see that recently the Executive Director of HEC Dr. Sohail Naqvi was removed from his position by the Government but was quickly announced restored, leading to protests ( by those concerned over his unconstitutional extension. The cases of NCEG’s irregularities costing the government worth hundreds of millions are a big question mark on the existence of HEC. Through institutions like NCEG, the HEC is breaking the back of the country’s economy. And the hands behind these groups are apparently so strong that even the government finds it difficult to stop them from plundering the national treasury. ***

Netanyahu Screws Up? Israel pushes Fatah & Hamas to unity

War on Wolves: Huge Siberian predator packs terrorize livestock

Gitmore: 'US exports Guantanamos across planet'

US wants UK in EU: 'Cameron insincere, America should mind its own business'

Snowstorms, floods slam Palestinian territories

shooting at a California high school in inland Kern County. Rough Cut

String of bombings kill 101, injure 200 in Pakistan

At least 101 people were killed in bombings in two cities in Pakistan on Thursday, officials said, with most casualties caused by sectarian attacks in the city of Quetta.

Keith Ratliff Murder wasn't Robbery

Police are continuing their hunt for the killer of the highly popular YouTube channel operator whose site is dedicated to high-powered guns and explosives.

Investigators have ruled out robbery as a motive in the murder of Keith Ratliff, who was a business partner at FPSRussia, YouTube's ninth most popular channel with more than three million active subscribers and a half billion total views.

Ratliffe, 32, was discovered dead in his office that was connected to a residence in Carnesville, Georgia.

Jeff Palmer chased by moose

Assassinated in Paris: Three women found shot in the head and lying side-by-side in Kurdistan Workers' Party office

The founder of a Turkish militant group has been found shot dead alongside two other female activists in what is believed to be a 'politically motivated execution.'

The body of Sakine Cansiz was discovered alongside Fidan Dogan, 32 and Leyla Soylemez at the Paris headquarters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

The women were all members of the group - known by the initials PKK - which campaigns for an independent Kurdish nation free from Turkey.

Are these the world's cruellest zoo-goers? Chinese visitors pelt frightened lions with SNOWBALLS......Should close ALL Zoo's, want to watch animals in cages go and visit a Prison

Throwing snowballs at lions does not sound the safest - or kindest - way to enjoy yourself.

But when the animals are contained in a zoo enclosure and you are firing down on them from behind a safety barrier - it is a little easier to be brave.

These lions certainly looked less than pleased when they were pelted with snow by laughing visitors, including children, at Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang Province, eastern China.

CRUSH CRIMINALS: Man tracks down stolen iPhone using location app then films violent confrontation as he takes law into his own hands

A vigilante iPhone owner has tracked down a man who allegedly stole the gadget by using a location app - and then filmed their violent confrontation.

Kenneth Schmidgall, a 26-year-old construction worker from San Diego, California, took the law into his own hands after the phone was taken at a reggae concert on December 28.

After he repeatedly called the phone to no answer, he and his friend Greg Torkelson launched an iPhone app two days later called 'Find My iPhone' to track down the device using GPS.

FIGHT BACK: Utah town makes arming households a top priority

Officials in a small Utah town want to make sure every head of household has a firearm and knows how to use it, and they want to give school teachers training with guns too.

Spring City Councilman Neil Sorensen first proposed an ordinance requiring a gun in every household in the town of 1,000. The rest of the council scoffed at making it a requirement, but they unanimously agreed to move forward with an ordinance "recommending" the idea.

The council also approved funding to offer concealed firearms training Friday to the 20 teachers and administrators at the local elementary school. "It sends a statement that criminals better think twice," Sorensen told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "If a teacher would have had a concealed weapon in Sandy Hook, I think the death loss would have been fewer. If sane, trained people had guns, they could have shot back."

The measure, which will go before the full council in February for further review, seems to have the support of the council's five members and many residents in the farming community about 90 miles south of Salt Lake City.

A new twin? Scientists announce most Earth-like world yet found - boosting chances in search for alien life

An alien planet spotted by Nasa's Kepler space telescope is the best candidate yet for an Earth-like world beyond our solar system, Scientists claim.

The planet - whose existence is yet to be positively confirmed. has a radius that is just 1.5 times that of our own and orbits in the 'habitable zone' of a star similar to our own Sun.

That means the planet would likely have a similar amount of gravity as Earth and liquid water could exist on its surface - making it a prime candidate to host alien life.

Twin Snooker Hall Blasts Kill Scores

At least 56 people have been killed after two bombs exploded at a snooker hall in southwest Pakistan, police say.

Police officer Mohammed Murtaza said the attack in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province, also wounded more than 100 people.

The first suicide bomber detonated his device inside the club, then about 10 minutes later another attacker in a car outside the building blew himself up late in the evening, officer Mir Zubair Mehmood said.

FREEDOM STRIKES BACK: Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Gun Protection’ Legislation that would nullify any Federal anti-2nd amendment laws

Several Wyoming lawmakers are proposing legislation designed to protect gun-owners from any potential federal firearm ban. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill, introduced this week, would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.

Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal. It also includes a provision allowing the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend any state resident against any federal firearm ban.

Snow strikes the Holy City: Jerusalem hit by worst blizzard for TWENTY YEARS

The Holy City of Jerusalem has been covered in a brilliant white blanket after the worst snowstorm in 20 years.

Schools and highways have been closed as up to eight inches of snow piled up in the city centre by this afternoon.

Israel and much of the surrounding region has been hit by five days of rain, wind and snow as temperatures have dipped below freezing.

Ian Watkins refused bail over child rape plot charges

The singer of top rock band Lostprophets was refused bail today and remanded in custody after being accused of plotting to rape a child.

Frontman Ian Watkins, 35, is facing six child sex offences - including conspiring with a woman fan, 24, to rape a girl under the age of 13.

The singer and two women are also accused of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 13.

3/11 Japan Earthquake Visualization Video (Must-see)

And the world visualization:

Black teenager punches woman after she calls him a 'smelly Nigerian' in latest shocking racist footage filmed on the Tube

Violence erupts on the London Underground after an argument between a white woman and a black teenager gets out of hand. Video footage captured on a mobile phone shows the pair arguing after the woman accused the man of stepping on her foot (left). The two exchange insults, with the woman calling him a 'smelly Nigerian' before he calls her a 'white princess'. As the argument escalates, the man stands over her and is seen throwing punches at her (centre) before other passengers drag him off her (right) as he accuses her of hitting him with a bottle.

All in this together? Now MPs demand a 32% pay increase in the week they capped benefits rises at 1%

MPs were today accused of living in 'cloud cuckoo land' after demanding a 32 per cent pay hike to £86,250 - more than three times average wages.

A survey of politicians carried out by the Commons expenses watchdog reveals Tory MPs think they should be paid more than £96,000-a-year.

The research, which politicians completed anonymously, found that 69% thought they were underpaid on £65,738.

Images of a dead bin Laden still dangerous: U.S. lawyer

Twenty months after U.S. special forces killed Osama bin Laden, the United States told a court on Thursday it is not ready to release images taken after the al Qaeda leader's death because they still might lead to violence.

A federal appeals court heard arguments in a lawsuit over whether the government must release the images under the Freedom of Information Act, a 1966 law that guarantees public access to some government records.

President Barack Obama's administration points to an exception in the law that covers documents classified in the interest of national defense.

Syria's rebels form their own secret police

Just the mention of the word would send shivers down the spine of Syrians: "mukhabarat", or secret police.

Abuses by President Bashar al-Assad's feared security units were among the reasons Syrians took to the streets in March 2011, leading to an uprising that has become a civil war.

But now some of the rebels fighting Assad say they have set up a mukhabarat of their own to "protect the revolution", monitor sensitive military sites and gather military information to help rebels plan attacks against government forces.

Taft Union High School Shooting, 2 People shot

At least two people were shot at Taft Union High School in Kern County on Thursday morning and the suspected shooter has been taken into custody, according to local media reports.

23ABC News in Bakersfield said that the incident happened about 9 a.m. and that the suspect was taken into custody about 20 minutes later.

The television station said it received phone calls from people hiding in closets inside the school, which was being evacuated and searched.

Taft Union High School Shooting reported - California

Gunfire erupted on Thursday at a California high school in inland Kern County, and there was no immediate word on casualties, a sheriff's department dispatcher said.

The dispatcher confirmed the shooting at Taft Union High School but gave no other details.

Fifty people killed in twin explosions in Quetta, Pakistan: witness

Cyclone gathers strength off Australia's west coast

Australia's first cyclone of the storm season is intensifying off the country's northwest and is expected to disrupt coastal areas in mining powerhouse Western Australia state as soon as Friday, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said.

Fortescue Metals Group, Australia's third-largest iron ore miner, said on Thursday its mines and port operations were running as usual but it was monitoring the progress of Cyclone Narelle as it bore down on Australia's west coast.

US Gun Control Plans Coming 'By Tuesday'

US Vice President Joe Biden has said he will provide the president with recommendations to curb gun violence within the next five days.

Mr Biden said he would send the results of his probe into the hot-button issue to President Barack Obama soon, as the response to the Newtown school massacre gathers momentum.

"I have committed to him I will have his recommendations to him by Tuesday," Biden said on Thursday, ahead of a meeting with sportsman and hunting organisations as part of his wide-ranging investigation into the causes and impact of firearms abuse.

First the US and now GERMANY warn Cameron against holding referendum on the European Union....Who the hell do they think they are!!

Germany today escalated the global row over David Cameron's plan to stage a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, warning him against 'blackmailing' other member states.

Less than 24 hours after the US took the unusual step of signalling public concern about the Government's stance on the EU, Angela Merkel's closest allies that Britain risks being 'isolated'.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 17:21:01 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 07:21:01 AM at epicenter
52.230°N, 170.451°W
13.2 km (8.2 miles)
133 km (83 miles) SW (234°) from Nikolski, AK

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 16:33:37 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 12:33:37 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
19.671°N, 64.346°W
24 km (14.9 miles) (poorly constrained)
105 km (65 miles) N (359°) from Settlement, Anegada, British Virgin Islands

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake SOLOMON ISLANDS - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 16:26:27 UTC
Friday, January 11, 2013 at 03:26:27 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
10.887°S, 161.962°E
57 km (35.4 miles)
48 km (29 miles) S of Kirakira, Solomon Islands

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE HONDURAS - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 13:52:20 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 07:52:20 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
16.725°N, 85.949°W
35.9 km (22.3 miles)
32 km (19 miles) NNW of Savannah Bight, Honduras

Diet Soda Linked to Depression in NIH Study

Millions of people reach for an afternoon diet soda as a pick-me-up to make it through the rest of the day. But new research suggests sodas and other sugary drinks — especially artificially sweetened ones — could be related to depression.

According to the research, which will be officially released at the American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting in mid-March, people who drink four cans or more of soda daily are about 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people who don't drink soda. Coffee drinkers are about 10 percent less likely to develop depression than people who don't drink coffee.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Infographics

You may have seen this graphic:

…which purports to show that for every 998 rapists, there are 100 rapes reported, thirty people tried, ten people jailed, and only two people falsely accused.
The numbers, particularly the last one—only two false accusations for every 100 true reports—are very interesting to me. Where did the illustrator get them? According to Sarah Beaulieu, who published it, “Statistics from Justice Department, National Crime Victimization Survey: 2006-2010 and FBI reports.”
Sounds good.
But wait.
One of the key challenges about sexual assault statistics is that it’s nearly impossible to gather accurate and consistent data about incidence and prevalence.  This infographic doesn’t do a perfect job, but it combines data from several sources, both domestic and international.
* * * * *
For those of you who have asked, here is the background on the stats we used:
  • Some reports suggest that only 5-25% of rapes are reported to authorities. Other suggest that close to half are reported. We assumed 10%, which is dramatic, but possible.
  • Of the rapes that are reported, approximately 9 are prosecuted. 
  • Of the prosecuted, 5 result in felony convictions. This is across the board for all felony prosecutions, not just rape.
  • Assuming that 2% of reported rapes are false and a 10% reporting rate, the graphic assumes that 2 of 1000 rapes are falsely reported (assuming a rape can’t be falsely reported unless it’s reported in the first place)
No links, nothing. We have to trust Beaulieu that this is what the statistics show.

More here:

Matt's thoughts:
I wonder what would happen if we examined Israel's facts and figures regarding various issues, especially war issues, with similar diligence? This question could likely be asked a million times regarding a million varying subjects.

Liberalism kills, didn't you know? (The sad story of Isabella Viola)

Karoshi is the Japanese word that means death by fatigue that affects those who work beyond their natural limits. The death usually occurs with a heart attack due to the stress and work effort: the heart cannot bear the fatigue and stops. And if anyone thinks it's a tragic but picturesque thing, typical of the far-flung islands of Japan and maybe of some distorted oriental mentality ... well ... they're wrong.

In the civilized Europe of proxy wars and humanitarian interventions made at the sound of bombs, there is a nation that can proudly boast its first and official death by fatigue: Italy.

As a cradle of poets, artists, explorers, where for centuries Art and Philosophy are incarnated taking a live shape, Italy is now paying its official tribute to the god of money, the golden calf of the last divinity survivor among those worshiped by humanity.

The place of payment is Rome, Termini Metro Station. The time for payment is Sunday, November 18, 2012, early in the morning, too early, absurdly too early to pay any duty, let alone this. A woman is sitting on a bench waiting for the train that takes her to work along the fifty kilometers that she has to do twice a day because the family, an unemployed husband and young children, can barely survive.

Orcas trapped in Quebec ice have left, mayor says

The killer whales trapped in the ice in northern Quebec appear to have left the area, Inukjuak Mayor Peter Inukpuk said this morning as experts were said to be en route to the scene to help free them.

On Wednesday, residents of an Inuit village called for the government's help to save a dozen killer whales trapped in the ice about 30 kilometres off the coast of Inukjuak, Que.

The orcas were spotted at a breathing hole at the eastern top of Hudson Bay.

When two hunters went to check the ice Thursday morning, they discovered the whales were gone, according to Inukpuk.

Germany tells Cameron: don't blackmail the EU (by which they mean stop talking about giving people a Referendum)

One of Angela Merkel's closest allies has warned David Cameron not to try to blackmail the rest of Europe. The prime minister was also told a UK referendum was a high-risk option that might paralyse Europe and end in economic disaster for Britain.

The chair of Germany's European affairs committee, Gunther Krichbaum, is leading a high-powered delegation from the German Bundestag on a two-day visit to Britain.

He said: "There is certainly a risk that [a referendum] could paralyse efforts for a better Europe and deeper integration. Britain would risk being isolated. That cannot be in Britain's interests."

Boston flu outbreak prompts mayor to declare public health emergency

The city of Boston has declared a public health emergency as fears of a nationwide flu outbreak intensify.

Mayor Thomas Menino urged residents to get vaccinated against flu, as the city scrambled to deal with 700 confirmed cases so far – compared to just 70 cases during the whole of last year's flu season.

The move came as experts warned that the current flu strain is one of the worst in the past 10 years. Data Google's Flu Trends indicator, which has proved a reliable indicator of outbreaks, shows higher flu activity than at any point in the previous six years.

Australia Dust Storm Over The Sea

Obama Inauguration Tickets Reach $2k Online...Even though the event is mean to be FREE

Tickets to President Barack Obama's inauguration this month are being sold on eBay and Craigslist for up to $2k (£1.2k)

Efforts by congressional offices and the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which are distributing tickets to inaugural events, have not stopped online entrepreneurs.

"These tix are going like hot cakes, and for FAR more than I am listing them for on here," boasted one anonymous seller in a post on Craigslist.

Jordan Cobb Missing: 'Jumped From Ferry For £100 Bet'

A teenager who was last seen jumping from a ferry may have leapt into the water for a £100 bet, police say.

Jordan Cobb, 16, was intending to take part in a New Year's Eve street party in Torpoint, Cornwall, after catching the ferry from Plymouth, Devon.

The alarm was raised shortly after 9pm when he vanished beneath the surface of the River Tamar, around 70 yards from the shore.

Police investigating his disappearance say they have been scanning social media and believe it may be the result of a "prank gone wrong".

Scotland Yard Officer April Casburn Guilty for offering the News Of The World confidential information in return for money

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 13:47:03 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 08:47:03 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
4.754°N, 95.133°E
35.1 km (21.8 miles)
91 km (56 miles) SSW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 12:48:21 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 09:48:21 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
37.561°N, 141.269°E
53.3 km (33.1 miles)
25 km (15 miles) ENE of Namie, Japan

Gatwick, London: Anti-Terror Arrests: Police Question Four Men

Police arrest four men on suspicion of terror offences - three in London and one as he attempted to take a flight out of Gatwick.

Moira Anderson's Remains 'Not Found' In Grave

The remains of a girl who went missing 56 years ago have not been found in a grave in Lanarkshire.

Forensic scientists investigating the disappearance of Moira Anderson began exhuming a burial site in Old Monkland cemetery in Lanarkshire this week, but the search has been unsuccessful.

Chief Inspector Kenny Macleod, of Strathclyde Police, said: "I can confirm that Moira's remains have not been found.

Police changed report on Trayvon Martin's death FOUR times before downgrading George Zimmerman's charges from murder to manslaughter

Florida police downgraded proposed charges against George Zimmerman from second-degree murder to manslaughter on the day they turned over the case to prosecutors, newly released documents show.

The downgrade was one of at least four changes that the Sanford Police Department made over the course of five hours on March 13 to the final report on the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

James Holmes Self Portrait: Maniacal photos 'Dark Knight killer' took of himself - just before bloody shooting spree at packed movie theater... as pre-trial hearing ends

James Holmes smirks for the camera and sticks out his tongue in photos taken on his iPhone just before he allegedly sprayed bullets inside a Colorado movie theater. The photos, shown in court on the final day of his pre-trial hearing today (artist's impression of the pictures), also show the accused gunman holding a Glock pistol under his face and displaying his high-powered arsenal arranged on his bed. Also found on the phone were photos of the Colorado movie theater taken weeks before the shooting, implying that he had cased the theater in the weeks before the bloody shooting.

Was mechanical failure to blame for Manhattan ferry crash? Investigators focus on engine problems after 'bomb-like' collision that injured at least 74 commuters

Investigators believe a mechanical failure was the most likely cause for Wednesday's ferry crash that left at least 74 rush-hour commuters injured at Manhattan's Pier 11.

According to sources, the Seastreak ferry struck and destroyed a buoy floating in the harbor channel before its dramatic collision with the dock, which was likened to a bomb going off.

'It wiped out the buoy,' a source told The New York Post.

'President Obama has officially decided I am NOT being deported:' Piers Morgan

The White House defended the freedom of speech and the press on Wednesday in a long-awaited response to an online petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan over his views on gun control.

'Let’s not let arguments over the Constitution’s Second Amendment violate the spirit of its First,' White House Press Secretary wrote in a blog post attached to the petition, which had gathered more than 109,000 signatures by Wednesday.

American Officials Blame Iran for massive cyber attack on U.S. banks data centers

American officials blamed the Iranian government for a series of coordinated hacking attacks that targeted U.S. banks.

The hackers purposefully targeted bank databases and flooded their systems causing major disruptions and even complete shutdowns of company networks.

No money was stolen and no individual accounts were breached as the hacks were merely meant to disrupt business for the banks, which officials say is a trademark of a government-lead attack.

Obama could use 'executive orders' to force through new gun control measures, warns Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has signalled that Barack Obama could use his presidential powers to bypass Congress and exact more stringent gun controls.

Speaking before a White House meeting with gun control advocates, Biden said: 'The president is going to act.There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet, but we're compiling it all.'

Executive orders have the full force of law and are issued by a president using his executive powers independently of Congress. Use of them, however, is highly controversial because it bypasses the legislative branch – the Congress.

The worst flu epidemic for a decade: Boston declares state of emergency as Chicago hospitals turn away ambulances

Hospitals across the country are battling what is shaping up to be one of the worst flu outbreaks in a decade, 41 states have reported cases and 18 states are experiencing a flu epidemic.

Health officials say 20 children have died and more than 200,000 people have been hospitalized already from influenza this winter including 14-year-old Carly Christenson, who died yesterday at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wife of 'murdered' lottery winner 'tried to cash $1million check in the days after he was found dead from cyanide poisoning'

The family of a lottery winner who was poisoned with cyanide the day after he collected his $1million jackpot are at war with his widow amid claims she tried to cash the winning check in the days after his death.

Urooj Khan's brother, ImTiaz Khan, has alleged that Shabana Ansari attempted to claim the windfall 'shortly' after Urooj's death but was unable to do so.

ImTiaz Khan also claimed that his late brother and Shabana were not even married, meaning that she could miss out on half of the lottery prize to which she is entitled.

Swiss trains collide, 17 injured

Two Swiss trains collided on Thursday, injuring 17 people, none of them seriously, and closing the line near the German border, police said.

The two local trains, one travelling from Winterthur and the other from Schaffhausen, crashed just outside the Neuhausen station in northern Switzerland, not far from the German border.

Syria fires ballistic missile at rebels, Nato says

The Syrian military has fired a ballistic missile towards cities in the north, Nato says, making it the third such launch in recent days.

A spokesman told the BBC the missiles were unguided and had been fired in the direction of Aleppo and Idlib.

The Syrian government has denied using the missiles.

Kurdish PKK co-founder Sakine Cansiz shot dead in Paris

Three Kurdish women activists - including a co-founder of the militant separatist PKK - have been found dead with gunshot wounds in a Kurdish information centre in Paris.

The bodies of Sakine Cansiz and two others were found on Thursday.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called the killings "intolerable".

Apophis asteroid is 20% BIGGER than previously thought.

Astronomers following the so-called "doomsday" asteroid Apophis which could collide with Earth have discovered it is 20% bigger than previously thought.

Previous estimates put the asteroid's average diameter at 270 metres (877 feet) representing a mass that would equal the energy release of a 506-megatonne bomb, according to Nasa figures.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said its Herschel telescope had scanned the space rock as it headed towards its closest fly-by with the planet in years on Wednesday.

Six Prisons Shut As Super Jail Project Begins

Six prisons in England are being closed as work begins on plans to create Britain's biggest jail in a move to drive down costs.

Some 2,600 offenders are held at the prisons targeted for closure. Another three sites will be partially shut down.

The prisons shutting are Bullwood Hall in Essex, Canterbury, Gloucester, Kingston in Portsmouth, Shepton Mallet in Somerset and Shrewsbury.

Australian wildfire devastation - Rough Cuts

Obama relying on federal contractors and businesses to Pay $1 million for his inauguration party

President Barack Obama, who has tried to limit the influence of money in politics, is relying on federal contractors and businesses that profited from his campaign to pay as much as $1 million for his inauguration party later this month.

The fundraising strategy marks a shift from Obama's 2009 inauguration, when he banned corporate money and limited individual contributions to showcase his commitment to transparency and clean government.

Three Kurdish women found shot dead in Paris: police

Three Kurdish women said to include a founding member of the PKK militant group were shot dead overnight in Paris in killings that appeared politically motivated, police and other sources said on Thursday.

The bodies of the women were found early on Thursday at the Information Centre of Kurdistan in the city centre, a police source said.

Northern Switzerland: Two Trains Collide, at least 30 injured

At least 30 people are injured as two trains collide at a station in the Schaffhouse area of northern Switzerland.

Man Rescued In Runaway Speedboat Drama

A man in Australia has been rescued after falling from his out-of-control speedboat off the coast of Perth.

A television news helicopter spotted the man swimming in the water.

India Gang Rape: Lawyer accused police of brutality against evil rapists

A lawyer for three of the defendants accused of murdering and gang-raping a student in Delhi has accused police of brutality.

Speaking before a hearing at the city's Saket District Court, M.L. Sharma claimed the men had been beaten while in custody.

He said: "They (the police) have used the third degree to extract the statement that suits the evidence they have collected.

"My clients have been forced to confess to crimes that they did not commit."

Oz Bushfire Rages Towards Unexploded Bomb Site

Firefighters in Australia are racing against the clock to prevent a bushfire from spreading to a former weapons range littered with unexploded bombs before another heatwave hits parts of the country.

The blaze is burning 2km from the Tianjara plateau in New South Wales which was used by the Australian army as a practice bombing range until the mid-1970s.

Officials said the fire's path was currently playing into their "firefighting strategy" and that if necessary, they had time to put in a firebreak in the area.

“Sandy Hook” Reference In Batman Movie Dark Knight Rises, at which Aurora Shooting Took Place (If this doesn't get you thinking, absolutely nothing will)

Truth is stranger than fiction.  At the 1:58 mark in Batman’s Dark Knight Rises feature you can see the words ‘Sandy Hook’ on the far left of the map.

Coincidence? You make the call. There is just something that doesn’t feel right  here. First the “Batman Massacre” and now the “Sandy Hook” Bloodbath.

Click on the links to view the picture zoomed in. "Sandy Hook" is written clearly on the map on the bottom left. In the second picture, the hand actually points at it.

Picture 1   Picture 2

Matt's thoughts:
Seriously, guys. What's going on here? I'm boggled beyond words.

New island size of 25 football pitches appears off German coast after sandbanks emerge from the North Sea

An island the size of 25 football pitches has appeared seemingly out of nowhere off the coast of Germany.

The landmass, which is composed of sandbanks, gradually emerged from the violent waters of the North Sea over the past few years.

It lies 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany’s far north in a stretch of coastline known as the Wattenmeer, a marine national park.

Piers Morgan uses BBC interview to slam 'stupid and dangerous' guests from gun lobby who appeared on his CNN show

Piers Morgan last night criticised the U.S. gun lobby as ‘stupid and dangerous’ for suggesting that more firearms could reduce crime - and said he doesn’t care if his opinions make him unpopular.

His comments came as the White House defended freedom of speech and the press yesterday in a long-awaited response to an online petition to deport the 47-year-old over his views on gun control.

The CNN broadcaster got himself into a spectacularly bad-tempered confrontation on Monday when radio host Alex Jones challenged him to a boxing match following his calls for tougher gun laws.

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 04:58:58 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 02:58:58 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
4.954°S, 152.711°E
53.8 km (33.4 miles)
64 km (39 miles) SSW of Taron, PNG

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - 10th January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 04:28:43 UTC
Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 01:28:43 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
32.364°N, 141.600°E
53.6 km (33.3 miles)
186 km (115 miles) ESE of Hachijo-jima, Japan

Zorb death: Organiser facing charges

A man accused of organising a zorb ride at a Russian ski resort that killed a man has been detained and will face court, authorities say.

There have been media reports that three owners of the zorb ride which killed the father-of-two on January 3 have gone on the run.

The incident, caught on amateur video, has angered New Zealanders who invented the adventure sport in the 1990s.

Australia: Heat to sear eastern states again

Waves and winds are lashing northwest Australia while a wave of heat will engulf the eastern states again on Friday.

A cyclone off Western Australia's north coast is intensifying as it comes closer to land, prompting authorities to warn residents to prepare their homes and emergency kits.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warns the category three Severe Tropical Cyclone Narelle is expected to be upgraded to a level four later on Thursday as it continues towards the Northwest Cape, near Karratha.

Air Pollution in China Causes Thousands of Deaths in Major Cities

Indian soldiers' deaths: 'Pak trying to internationalise issue'

In Syria, chemical weapons - and talks - are off the table

Russia is coordinating the supervision of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal with the country's embattled President Bashar Assad. According to a report in the Syrian Damas Post, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov agreed last month in Dublin that the U.S. would not support foreign military intervention in Syria in exchange for Russian assurances that the Assad regime would not unleash its chemical weapons in the country's civil war. The solution to the crisis would be diplomatic, not military in nature, the leaders agreed.

In the wake of the agreement, the Russians have begun coordinating efforts to safeguard Syrian chemical weapons directly with Assad; the Russians have a say in how the weapons are monitored and they get daily updates from Syrian forces. Russia has also said that chemical weapons stored at sites that could have been overrun by rebel forces have been moved to more secure locations and that Syria has promised not use its chemical weapons under any circumstances.

Don't give People the Vote on staying in EU, the US Warns Cameron just weeks before announcement on in-out vote

America issued an extraordinary warning against Britain holding an EU referendum last night just weeks before David Cameron is due to promise voters an 'in-out' choice in 2018.

The Obama administration took the unusual step of signalling public concern about the Government's stance on the EU, saying 'referendums have often turned countries inward'.

Philip Gordon, US assistant secretary for European affairs, insisted Britain should not leave the EU or end up playing a diminished role in Brussels.

Biden says Obama could use executive orders to restrict guns

Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday the White House is determined to act quickly to curb gun violence and will explore all avenues - including executive orders that would not require approval by Congress - to try to prevent incidents like last month's massacre at a Connecticut school.

Kicking off a series of meetings on gun violence, Biden said the administration would work with gun-control advocates and gun-rights supporters to build a consensus on restrictions. But he made clear that President Barack Obama is prepared to act on his own if necessary.

China: Girl, 9, dies in hospital from mystery illness

A nine-year-old girl has died in hospital after being struck by a mystery illness, the Centre for Health Protection said last night.

The girl had a good health record, had not traveled outside Hong Kong and tests for flu and enterovirus had shown to be negative, the center said.

She was initially diagnosed with myocarditis, an acute inflammation of the heart muscle.

On Saturday the girl, who lived in Eastern District and studied locally, complained of epigastric pain, fever and vomiting.

A spokesman for the center said she was admitted to the pediatric ward of the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital on Monday.

"Her condition rapidly deteriorated after admission and she passed away on the same day," he said.

Russia to Americans: Never give up your guns

These days, there are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bear arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions.

This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar. Weapons, from swords and spears to pistols, rifles and shotguns were everywhere, common items. People carried them concealed, they carried them holstered. Fighting knives were a prominent part of many traditional attires and those little tubes criss crossing on the costumes of Cossacks and various Caucasian peoples? Well those are bullet holders for rifles.

Various armies, such as the Poles, during the Смута (Times of Troubles), or Napoleon, or the Germans even as the Tsarist state collapsed under the weight of WW1 and Wall Street monies, found that holding Russian lands was much much harder than taking them and taking was no easy walk in the park but a blood bath all its own. In holding, one faced an extremely well armed and aggressive population Hell bent on exterminating or driving out the aggressor.

Texas: Brief fire prompts shutdown of reactor at Bay City nuke plant

A fire at the South Texas Project Electric Generating Station, the nuclear power plant about 90 miles southwest of Houston, shut down one of the plant’s two reactors Tuesday afternoon.

The fire broke out at 4:42 p.m. at the main transformer that feeds power from the reactor to the public power grid, and the reactor was shut down immediately, plant spokesman Buddy Eller said.

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes, Eller said. He did not know when the reactor might be restarted.

Indonesia: Tornado Hits Batam, Damages Hundreds of Houses

A tornado struck the Riau Islands city of Batam on Wednesday afternoon, damaging hundreds of houses and injuring a child.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said the tornado struck at 3:30 p.m. and badly damaged 29 houses, moderately damaged 102 houses and inflicted slight damage on 96 houses.

Two mosques, a government office and a gas station were among other buildings harmed by the tornado, the BNPB said in a press statement on Wednesday.

India: State announces steps to prevent anthrax outbreak

The state government has announced emergency measures to contain a possible outbreak of anthrax among cattle. The move comes in the wake of an anthrax outbreak reported in Tamil Nadu's Theni and Cumbum districts, bordering Idukki district in Kerala.

The government on Tuesday night banned cattle from Tamil Nadu being brought to the state through the checkposts in Idukki district.

On Wednesday, the state animal husbandry department launched a n action programme to vaccinate the cattle breeds along the state's border districts.