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Monday, January 14, 2013

Reality in Corporatism #2: Migrant Workers Children Spend Childhood Scavenging Landfill

Guiyang Gaoyan Garbage Landfill, is Guizhou province’s first and largest municipal landfill. Around it live over a hundred migrant worker households who scavenge the garbage for a living. It is on these garbage heaps that the children of these migrant workers spend their childhood.

A three-member family that lives here, who spend 8 hours every day scavenging from the garbage, their income only 700-800 yuan every month, only enough to maintain the lowest standard of living. So the children here, as small as six to seven years old, all spend their time outside of school following the adults in scavenging on the garbage piles for “treasures” that can be recycled or sold, to reduce the financial burden in their households.