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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


As we previously reported here: something has gone awry with the Emilie Parker story. Once claimed to be killed, she suddenly showed up in a photo op with Obama, and is now has a charity fundraiser based around here.

However, something is truly twisted about this situation.

If you go the Facebook page for the fundraiser:, and look at the "Activity Box". Notice the date?

The fundraiser page was created at 2:39 PM on December 14, not only the day of the shooting, but less than 5 hours after it took place. A whole website was also already ready and up to accompany it.

If you click on that date in the box, and read the very bottom comment, you'll see this:

Mike Lee set up at 2:39 pm dec. 14th 2012 exactly. within 5 hours of the incident, you established a fund and a website? bizarre as heck wow

We agree. Especially because the state medical examiner had this to say:

Investigators will spend the night at Sandy Hook Elementary School as they work to positively identify victims of the mass killing in Newtown Friday.

The state medical examiner is inside the school in a makeshift morgue. State police hope to be able to release the names of all of those who were killed on Saturday. Connecticut state police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said "we will leave no stone unturned"

This post will stay on top as new information rolls in. Truly disturbing.


The controversial photo purportedly showing Emilie Parker still alive can be viewed here:, and we kid you not when we tell you what they've named the photo file:


Are we being openly mocked? 


The facebook profile for the fundraiser and website went up less than one hour after the bodies were removed, let alone identified, which was at 3:25pm.


A blunder in the plan? Just hours after the bodies have been removed, the FB page creators state that they've established the fund (and have even had time to go to the bank to set up all the details, amazingly):

Just five hours later, the story falls apart. The parents don't know where Emilie is. No one knows, since the school is still on lockdown. Is she dead, is she alive? They don't know. However, they do somehow know she is "one of the victims", completely contradicting what they just said a few sentences before: 

And so the inconsistencies continue to spring up. If you know if any others, be sure to send them in to us by email for investigation.