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Monday, January 14, 2013

Canada sending C-17 transport plane to help allies in Mali (as it enters into another foolish war against a faux-enemy)

Canada will provide one RCAF C-17 transport aircraft in a non-combat role to support the operations of its allies in Mali for a week, the Harper government has announced.

"We are responding to a request from our French friends for logistical assistance in the form of heavy-lift [aircraft]. I have, in consultation with the minister of national defence and the minister of foreign affairs, granted that assistance for a period of one week," Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters at an announcement Monday afternoon in Montreal.

"We will obviously, after a few days, analyze how that is going and talk with our allies, but this is intended to be of a short duration," the prime minister said.

"We think that is an appropriate role for Canada, given our relative capacities and interests," he said.