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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legacies of Past Chinese Communist Party Leaders

Record Number of Tibetans Self-Immolate to Protest Chinese Rule

Jason Helvingston: College Park, Orlando man fights to keep vegetable garden in front yard while city declares it "illegal"

Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly

Obama aims to start nuclear talks with Iran next month

Black mob kidnaps and gang rapes 14 year old girl on her way to school in North Lawndale, Chicago

South Korea's Secret: secret: Runaway teen prostitution

IDF ground forces enter Gaza after finding tunnel packed with explosives

Odd-Even Gas Rationing System Coming To New York City, Long Island: Hope & Oil Change?

Sherbrooke industrial blast injures 17: Canada

Jared Loughner Jailed For Life

A man who pleaded guilty to a deadly Arizona shooting rampage that wounded a US Congresswoman has been jailed for life.

US District Judge Larry Burns sentenced Jared Loughner, 24, for the January 2011 attack in Tucson, Arizona, which left six people dead and several injured.

He pleaded guilty to federal charges under an agreement that guarantees he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.


FEMA offices shut 'due to bad weather'

A strong Nor'easter last night dumped heavy snow on the same region that was pummeled by Superstorm Sandy last week - even forcing FEMA to shut its doors to families in need. The federal agency shuttered its recovery centers, which were set up to offer assistance to those most affected by the monster storm, and the Staten Island office closed 'due to bad weather'. Pictured above is a devastated home in New Jersey.

Steven Kuhr, New York's emergency management director FIRED for sending Sandy relief crews to his OWN house to remove downed tree

Steven Kuhr, who was working in the state capital of Albany, reportedly told emergency management crews to go to his house in Long Island and clear a tree from his driveway.

The order was given a millions of people were without power and hundreds of other needed recusing in the aftermath of the devastating storm that ravaged New Jersey and New York.

The New York Times reports that Mr Kuhr called the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management after the storm and demanded county workers go to his home in East Northport and remove the downed tree.

Fears grow that Asian hornets are heading to Britain as killer insects sting man to death in France

Fears are growing that giant Asian hornets are headed for Britain by 2014 as the killer insects sting a man to death in France.

A 54-year-old married father-of-three died in the village of Coron on Monday after disrupting a hornet’s nest while pruning a hedge.

The species, Vespa velutina, is four times the size of our native honeybees and has decimated the bee population in France.

Pregnant Woman Stabbed At Liverpool School

A pregnant woman has been seriously injured after being stabbed repeatedly within the grounds of a primary school.

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake TONGA - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 17:56:38 UTC
Friday, November 09, 2012 at 07:56:38 AM at epicenter
18.760°S, 173.415°W
10 km (6.2 miles)
61 km (38 miles) ESE (102°) from Neiafu, Tonga

5.2 Magnitude Earthquake WESTERN INDIAN-ANTARCTIC RIDGE - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 17:38:05 UTC
Friday, November 09, 2012 at 01:38:05 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
49.794°S, 117.425°E
10 km (6.2 miles)
1641 km (1019 miles) S of Albany, Australia

Who will stop the Sado-Monetarists as jobless youth hits 58pc in Greece?

Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. 'far gone' (Important read)

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 17:06:37 UTC
Friday, November 09, 2012 at 02:06:37 AM at epicenter
7.164°S, 128.518°E
176.2 km (109.5 miles)
320 km (198 miles) WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia

Microlight pilot Adrian Paterson killed minutes into first solo flight after 300ft plunge 'had no formal training'

Adrian Paterson, 49, from Clackmannan, Scotland, died when his craft plunged to the ground, probably after stalling following a steep climb, the Department for Transport's air accident investigation branch (AAIB) has revealed.

The investigation concluded the crash, in which he is believed to have plummeted up to 300ft in his Gernini Flash IIA, happened because Mr Paterson had attempted a solo flight without the required training.

Hee hee hee

Turkey mulls defensive measures on Syrian border

Istanbul (CNN) -- Turkey is drawing up contingency plans with the NATO military alliance to fortify its border with Syria, and a Patriot missile deployment is one option on the table, Turkish officials say.

Military action in Mali will have humanitarian cost - ICRC

A military intervention in northern Mali against Islamist militants will have a high humanitarian cost, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Thursday.

Access for aid workers is already precarious in the north, where 500,000 people - half the remaining population - depend on foreign aid, ICRC President Peter Maurer said.

Military experts from Africa, the United Nations and Europe have drafted plans to recapture northern Mali, which fell to rebels in March after a coup in the capital Bamako led to a power vaccum.

Maurer urged foreign leaders to bear the humanitarian cost in mind as they planned action.

Barack Obama's view on Iran 'completely different' from Israel's

Barack Obama's view on Iran 'completely different' from Israel's. Iran has claimed that the Obama administration has "completely different" views on the Islamic Republic to Israel and the US Republican Party, according to an intelligence ministry report.

Defections Shake Greek Coalition

The three-party coalition of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was licking its wounds on Thursday, after the defections of several key members in a crucial vote on austerity measures. The proposals, aimed at keeping the country in the euro zone, passed narrowly but the defections, mostly among Socialist Party members, shook the government’s stability.

Phillip Schofield confronts Prime Minister David Cameron with list of 'Tory paedophiles' live on This Morning

The Prime Minister has been confronted with a list of alleged paedophiles during a live broadcast of This Morning.

During an interview with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, David Cameron was handed a piece of paper, said to contain a list of alleged paedophiles affiliated with the Conservative party.

Northeast digs out from snow following Sandy

New York City and much of the U.S. Northeast on Thursday dug out from a snowstorm that hammered a region still struggling to recover from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy.

The unseasonably early winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of Connecticut and slapped the region with 50 mph winds, plunging hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses back into darkness and creating a new commuting nightmare for a region whose transportation system was already under repair.

Syrian rebels kill Another prisoner as war fuels hatred

Unarmed and cornered by Syrian rebel fighters, the man seemed to accept his death with more silent sorrow than surprise; his killers did not hesitate as they shot their prisoner.

The incident, filmed by a Reuters video crew, happened last week in Harem, near Aleppo

Draghi: economic outlook weak, not improving

The European Central Bank expects the euro zone economy to remain poor, ECB President Mario Draghi said after the bank left interest rates unchanged on Thursday.

He noted that recent economic surveys did not signal any improvement heading to the end of the year.

HD 40307: New Planet In 'Goldilocks Zone' Might Support Life

The Anglo-German team found three new planets orbiting the star 44 light years away, but only one of them is in the so-called 'Goldilocks Zone' - the band around a sun where temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist.

"The star HD 40307 is a perfectly quiet old dwarf star, so there is no reason why such a planet could not sustain an Earth-like climate," said Guillem Angla-Escude from Germany's University of Goettingen, who led the research with Mikko Tuomi at the University of Hertfordshire.

After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks (Kiss yer guns goodbye)

Shane Hutton Cycling Crash: he has suffered bruising and bleeding on the brain

Shane Hutton, head coach of the GB cycling team, has been taken to hospital after a cycle crash near Manchester.

British Cycling confirmed: "Shane Sutton was involved in an incident this morning on the A6 near Levenshulme in Manchester.

US: It's a 50-50 nation, give or take

The election laid bare a dual — and dueling — nation, politically speaking, jaggedly split down the middle on the presidency and torn over much else. It seems you can please only half of the people nearly all of the time.

Americans retained the fractious balance of power in re-electing President Barack Obama, a Republican House and a Democratic Senate, altogether serving as guarantors of the gridlock that voters say they despise. Slender percentages separated winner and loser from battleground to battleground, and people in exit polls said yea and nay in roughly equal measure to some of the big issues of the day.

Sudan rebels say downed Antonov plane in oil state

Rebels in Sudan's main oil state said on Thursday they had shot down a government Antonov military aircraft after it had bombed targets in the territory's Nuba mountains area.

Sudan's armed forces spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

China submarines to soon carry nukes, draft U.S. report says

China appears to be within two years of deploying submarine-launched nuclear weapons, adding a new leg to its nuclear arsenal that should lead to arms-reduction talks, a draft report by a congressionally mandated U.S. commission says.

China in the meantime remains "the most threatening" power in cyberspace and presents the largest challenge to U.S. supply chain integrity, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission said in a draft of its 2012 report to the U.S. Congress.

Prison Officers Injured In Attack At G4S Jail

Four prison officers have been injured in an attack by an inmate of Birmingham prison - run by security firm G4S.

Sky News sources said the staff members were attacked and slashed with a piece of broken glass.

Two officers suffered serious injuries while the other two were left with minor cuts.

Prison Officers Injured In Attack At G4S Jail

Four prison officers have been injured in an attack by an inmate of Birmingham prison - run by security firm G4S.

Sky News sources said the staff members were attacked and slashed with a piece of broken glass.

Two officers suffered serious injuries while the other two were left with minor cuts.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 12:46:06 UTC
Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 05:16:06 PM at epicenter
36.306°N, 71.202°E
51.4 km (31.9 miles)
84 km (52 miles) NW (306°) from Chitral, Pakistan

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - 8th November 2012

Magnitude ML 4.4
Date time 2012-11-08 12:25:40.0 UTC
Location 23.34 S ; 67.42 W
Depth 238 km
Distances 183 km SE Calama, Chile

Nigel Farage tells Mrs Merkel it's time for Britain to leave the EU

Austerity Arena: Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails, police fire tear gas

Patriot Games: Turkey seeks NATO missiles on Syrian border

'Fiscal cliff looms for Obamerica by year-end'

Aftermath of deadly 7.4 quake in Guatemala

'Greece faces civil war if it can't face bankruptcy'

Keiser Report: Triple-Dip Recession Nightmare

Anti-austerity protesters gather in Athens square

Republicans offer to work with Obama on fiscal cliff

Hollande breaks promise and raises taxes

Portland anti-austerity protests

Homeowners Issue Warnings To Looters Following Superstorm Sandy

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, reports of lootings across the Tri-State have been widespread.

Areas hit especially hard by Sandy continue to deal with dealing with lawlessness.

Rockaways residents told 1010 WINS reporter Gary Baumgarten that looting and thievery have become such serious threats that taking up arms and fleeing town are the best options for staying safe.

Why Stocks May Keep Falling: 'The Sugar High Will End'

A day after President Barack Obama stormed past Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the stock market sent a clear message: There's still a lot more to do than win a campaign.

Market experts said a confluence of factors are poised to make for a difficult environment that could last well into 2013, which traditionally would be a slow year outside of all the present headwinds.

IMF warns over-taxed France risks slipping behind Italy and Spain

''Throwing the guantlet at the feet of the Socialist president Francois Hollande, the IMF said rising tax rates are undermining France as a place "to work and invest" and leading to a "significant loss of competitiveness".

"There is a risk it will get worse if France does not adapt at the same pace as its trading partners in Europe, notably Italy and Spain," it said.

US Special Forces To Be Deployed To Half the Countries of Africa Within 6 Months

Still, Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahue, commanding general of Army Africa and Southern European Task Force, said the 2/1 soldiers are slated to participate in 96 activities in 34 countries, “more than half of the continent’s nations,” during the first six months of their usage.

The brigade will first undergo a rotation at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif., in February as well as additional training from the 162nd Infantry Brigade at Fort Polk, La., in certain aspects of language and culture. The training will focus primarily on the languages most commonly used in eastern and southern Africa: French, Arabic and Swahili.

But what does all of this mean closer to the ground? In an interview, Col. Kevin Marcus, U.S. Army Africa’s chief of plans and policy, said the command is looking forward to working with Army Special Forces.

Jim Willie: ''US recovery is a fairy tale''

Treasury Quietly Warns: 'Expect Debt Limit to Be Reached Near End of 2012

''The U.S. Treasury quietly warned at the end of a statement issued last Wednesday that it expects the federal government to hit its legal debt limit before the end of this year--which means before the new Congress is seated--and that "extraordinary measures" will be needed before then to keep the government fully funded into the early part of 2013.''

Illusion of unassailability leads to fresh outbreak of '‘mad banker disease

During the 1980s British bankers changed for the worse. Having spent most of the past three centuries as financial herbivores — solid, reliable and rational members of the community — they metamorphosed into wild, hungry carnivores. Fuelled by commissions, bonuses and greed, they started seeing their customers as fair game.

Once respectable institutions were transformed into globally ambitious financial supermarkets whose business models revolved around selling as many financial products and services — including stockbroking, pensions, insurance, mortgages, and estate agency — as they could to as many customers as possible. Rent gouging corporates and gambling on complex financial instruments that few of the bankers actually understood added to the chimera of success.

Canadian bank goes after homes to collect credit card debts

''Credigy Receivables – a unit of the National Bank of Canada, which has more than $150 billion in assets – has taken advantage of California’s relatively lax debt collection laws. The bank has repeatedly bypassed a legal hurdle that normally prevents credit card companies from threatening to take away the homes of debtors who refuse or are unable to pay.''

EU to be federalised in the long run, Merkel says

''The EU commission will eventually become a government, the council of member states an "upper chamber" and the European Parliament more powerful, but fixing the eurozone problems is more urgent for now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told MEPs on Wednesday (7 November).

Back in the European Parliament for the first tim since she chaired the rotating EU presidency in 2007, Merkel laid out her vision for Europe, which Germany feels "deeply committed to" ever since its re-unification 22 years ago.''

Greek unemployment hits 25.4 percent in Aug, new record

Greece's jobless rate rose for a 39th consecutive month to a new record of 25.4 percent in August, more than double the euro zone average, Greece's statistics service ELSTAT said on Thursday.

A crippling, austerity-fuelled recession continued to take its toll on the labor market, putting Greek unemployment at more than double the euro zone average of 11.5 percent.

Raulie Wayne Casteel Arrested for shooting at TWO DOZEN cars: Is this the Michigan Sniper?

Raulie Wayne Casteel, 43, was arrested at his home in suburban Detroit, Michigan. He said said President Obama should be arrested by the military and 'marched out of the White House in handcuffs' and made other extreme political posts.

Meningitis death toll rises to 31 with 424 cases reported in the U.S.

Yet another fatality in a fungal meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injections has been reported, bringing the confirmed death toll to 31 with 424 cases reported in the multistate scourge.

Oh dear, Mitt! Team Romney accidentally releases victory website... after he lost

One of the Republican candidate's staffers accidentally leaking the link to the transition website that they set up for if Romney had won. The homepage of the site has a seal of 'The Office of the President Elect' and had a quote on the top signed by President-Elect Mitt Romney. It shows links to information about the would-be inauguration (taking place in Washington, DC on January 21, 2013) and his vision of a 'smaller, simpler, smarter' America.

Three teenage Tibetan monks set fire to themselves in call for freedom for the country

The self-immolation took place in Gomang Township, Ngaba County, Eastern Tibet, as the monks called for freedom. The same day a Tibetan nomad (pictured) set herself alight too.

The youngest monk, 15-year-old Dorjee, died at the scene.

His companions, 16-year-olds Samdup and Dorjee Kyab, were taken to hospital by security forces.
Their current whereabouts and wellbeing are unknown.

The other person to set themselves ablaze was a 23-year-old Tibetan nomadic woman.

Dmitry Vinogradov : Russian lawyer slaughters five colleagues he blamed for being dumped by girlfriend... and then shoots her too

Dmitry Vinogradov (left) confessed to police after the attack in Moscow that his colleagues were to blame for ending his relationship with Anya Kaznikova (right). Several hours before the killings, he posted a hate-filled manifesto on the web vowing 'to destroy as many parts of the human compost as possible'.

Police in hunt for robbers release CCTV of the axe-wielding raiders on motorbikes smashing their way into jeweller's

Police have issued CCTV of the the terrifying moment six robbers sped through a shoppng centre on motorbikes in a high-speed smash-and-grab. Officers are trying to track down the gang, dressed in black and wearing crash helmets, who raced through Brent Cross on three powerful motorbikes just after opening time at around 10.15am on Tuesday. The three riding pillion leapt off and used axes and bats to smash windows of the Fraser Hart jewellery store. The bikes were later discovered abandoned in Mill Hill.

Ash disease is found in SIX more counties: We can do nothing to stop it spreading, says expert

Outbreaks of the deadly disease threatening to devastate 80 million ash trees were yesterday confirmed in as many as ten counties.

A chief Government environmental adviser admitted nothing can be done to prevent its spread.

The number of woodland sites where ash dieback has been detected has doubled since Monday, up from 32 to 61.

Battered AGAIN! Thousands of flood-hit families evacuated for second time as now snow storms hits America's East Coast

  • FEMA stations shut down ahead of storm, meaning those needing supplies, shelter, and heat following Sandy may not get it
  • High winds of up to 65 mph along the East Coast could bring down trees weakened by Sandy
  • Storm surges could reach up to three feet
  • 300,000 New Jersey households are still without power
  • New York City has closed all parks, playgrounds and beaches
  • Long Island Rail Road was suspended system-wide but later resumed very limited service
  • Penn Station in Manhattan closed to prevent overcrowding
  • Mayor Bloomberg has evacuated elderly residents in at-risk areas and is urging New Yorkers to stay inside during the storm

Ryanair chief calls for standing room only on flights because 'seatbelts are useless'

Image: Bet seat belts were useful in this emergency landing...and what about bad turbulence?

Michael O'Leary claims legislation forcing passengers to wear seatbelts is unnecessary and is preventing his airline from introducing cheap 'standing room only' sections.

Baby whale rescue may be too dangerous, say rescuers

THE search will be on again tomorrow for an entangled baby whale after rescue attempts were called off this evening because of worsening weather and an "aggressive mother''.

Luke McSweeney from National Parks and Wildlife Services' specialist disentanglement team said they decided to call the rescue attempt off because it was: "late in the day, the end of daylight and (there is) a very agressive mother who is showing lots of signs of aggression''

"You don't want to get anywhere between a 40 tonne mother and its calf, it could cause a fatality,'' he said.

Collapsed Comet Launches "Massive" Sale

Electronics retailer Comet has announced a "massive stock liquidation" ahead of store closures as early as next week.

The sale, which began at 9am on Thursday, is only available in its 236 stores, with customers unable to buy products online.

The electrical chain said gift vouchers will be accepted on sale items, following the temporary suspension of the tokens over the weekend.

Just 13 Days ago Cameron announced the UK was out of a Recession, was he speaking on behalf of the Banks and Large Corporations?

Assad: I Will Not Leave Syria

Syrian President Bashar al Assad tells Russian TV he will "live and die in Syria".

In an interview on Russia Today, he said he did not see the West moving towards military intervention in his country and warned of the "unbearable cost" of such action.

Earlier this week, David Cameron suggested that Assad could be allowed safe passage out of the country if it would guarantee an end to the nation's civil war.

G4S Loses Contract To Run Yorkshire Prison....What about their other Numerous Government Contracts?

G4S has lost its contract to run a Yorkshire jail and failed to win any further prison contracts, says the Ministry of Justice.

The Wolds Prison, which has been run by the security firm since it opened in 1992, will return to the public sector in July 2013, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said.

2.9 Magnitude Earthquake OFFSHORE OREGON - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 09:58:28 UTC
Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 01:58:28 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
45.029°N, 124.127°W
36.2 km (22.5 miles)
11 km (7 miles) NW (307°) from Lincoln City, OR

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake NORTHWESTERN IRAN - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 09:45:06 UTC
Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 01:15:06 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
38.380°N, 46.785°E
10.1 km (6.3 miles)
26 km (16 miles) WSW of Ahar, Iran

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake CERAM SEA, INDONESIA - 8th November 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 09:10:32 UTC
Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 06:10:32 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
2.929°S, 128.030°E
28.1 km (17.5 miles)
23 km (14 miles) NW of Piru, Indonesia

Netanyahu Says He'd Go It Alone on Striking Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday reiterated his willingness to attack the Iranian nuclear program without support from Washington or the world, returning to an aggressive posture that he had largely abandoned since his United Nations speech in September.

“When David Ben-Gurion declared the foundation of the state of Israel, was it done with American approval?” Mr. Netanyahu asked in an interview broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2 on Monday night. “When Levi Eshkol was forced to act in order to loosen the siege before 1967, was it done with the Americans’ support?