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Friday, October 26, 2012

Red flags ignored for years at firm in meningitis crisis

A cracked vial here, a missing label there. The complaints coming into New England Compounding Center, the firm at the heart of the deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak, were piling up.

In March, regulators responded to a complaint from the prestigious Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary about a potency concern involving one of the eye medications it purchased from NECC. The investigation is ongoing.

Meningitis death toll reaches 25 with another Tennessee fatality

The U.S. death toll from a meningitis outbreak tied to contaminated steroid injections reached 25 on Friday following another death in Tennessee, the state where the problem was first discovered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

In its daily update on the meningitis emergency, the CDC said the latest fatality brings the number of deaths to 10 in Tennessee, the most of any state.

Boeing Successfully Tests Microwave Missile That Takes Out Electronic Targets (Killing You Silently)

Kadhafi's former barracks turned into waste dump

Hurricane Sandy - National Weather Service: A Storm Like No Other

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 21:11:57 UTC
Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 05:11:57 AM at epicenter
10.667°N, 126.806°E
35 km (21.7 miles)
124 km (77 miles) ESE (109°) from Guiuan, Samar, Philippines

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake SHIKOKU, JAPAN - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 19:44:35 UTC
Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 04:44:35 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
33.465°N, 133.450°E
17 km (10.6 miles)
9 km (5 miles) S of Ino, Japan

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 19:33:11 UTC
Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 04:33:11 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
37.690°N, 141.561°E
61 km (37.9 miles)
54 km (33 miles) ENE of Namie, Japan

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake TARAPACA, CHILE - 26th October 2012

Magnitude ML 4.1
Date time 2012-10-26 18:57:42.0 UTC
Location 20.09 S ; 69.36 W
Depth 107 km
Distances 83 km E Iquique, Chile

Thin Red Line: Israel pushes US to greenlight Iran war

'Germany enforces same austerity that paved way to Third Reich'

Passenger train derails in Vienna

Scores dead, wounded in Myanmar sectarian violence

‘Frankenstorm’ has financial centers on edge

Hurricane Sandy is already being billed as a “Frankenstorm” for its potential to wreak havoc on U.S. financial centers as well as the travel infrastructure in New York, with heavy winds and rain expected on the East Coast early next week.

Wall Street and a big chunk of the nation’s biggest cities currently lie in the path of Sandy.


......The elections have sunk to playground level

CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to "stand down,"

Greek opposition rejects new cuts but won't force poll

Greece's opposition leader denounced international lenders' demands as dealing the "final blow" to a devastated economy but said on Friday he would not seek to bring down the government.

Economist: Declining incomes signals Romney Presidency

European banks protest Dodd-Frank

Some European banks are ordering their brokers to rein in and even quit trading some derivatives with U.S.-based peers in a protest against tough new American rules.

Brazil hit by new blackout Leaving 53 million Brazilians in the dark

A massive blackout left as many as 53 million Brazilians in the dark late Thursday and early Friday, the latest in a string of energy shortages that have raised questions about whether Brazil's infrastructure is keeping pace with economic growth.

Officials said a fire in a substation in the Amazon knocked out the whole northeastern electricity grid in the region's worst blackout since 2001. The outage, which follows two other big blackouts in Brazil in as many months, lasted up to four hours in some places and brought major industries to a halt.

Bird Flu claims 3600 turkeys in govt poultry body at Bangalore, India

About 3,600 Turkeys have died of avian influenza (H5N1) at the Central Poultry Development Organisation at Hesaragatta on the city outskirts, a government official said here today.

"The remaining 700 Turkeys have been culled",Secretary in the Department of Animal Husbandry,Arvind Jannu,told PTI here.

CPDO has been quarantined,he said. Confirmation that these birds died following the influenza came from Bhopal-based high security animal disease laboratory two days ago.

A radius of one kilometre around CPDO has been declared as an infected zone. "We are watching other birds".

Salton Sea Volcano Mystery Solved, California

In August, an earthquake swarm shook the nearby town of Brawley. The USGS attributed the temblors to faults in the Brawley Seismic Zone. In September, a sulfurous stench emanated from the Salton Sea and wafted across the Inland Empire. The odor was tentatively linked to a fish die-off, but could also have been caused by volcanic gases, Stock said.

Iceland warns of threat of big earthquake

Icelandic authorities warned people in the north of the island on Thursday to prepare for a possible big earthquake after the biggest tremors in the area for 20 years.

The north Atlantic island, where almost 320,000 people live, is a hotspot of volcanic and seismic activity as it straddles a fault in the earth's surface

It said such shocks, one of which was a magnitude 5.6, often led to stronger quakes. Warnings were issued when there were grounds to expect a natural or manmade event that could threaten health and human safety, it added.

Louisiana sinkhole: sharp tremor recorded by USGS monitors just after 9 p.m., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Hurricane Sandy pounded the Bahamas with battering winds and rain, killing at least 31 people

Paul Ceglia Arrested in a multibillion-dollar scheme to defraud Facebook Inc

The businessman sued Facebook and its CEO in 2010 claiming a 2003 contract he signed with Zuckerberg, then a Harvard University student, entitled him to a stake in the social media company. This past March, as part of that case, Facebook released emails sent by Zuckerberg around the time of the contract to show Ceglia's claims were false.

"Ceglia used the federal court system to perpetuate his fraud and will now be held accountable for his criminal scheme," Orin Snyder, a partner at law firm Gibson Dunn representing Facebook and Zuckerberg in the civil case, said in a statement.

Michael Jacob Death In Police Custody: Cocaine Use A Factor

Cocaine-use contributed to the death of a man in custody - but police failures may also have been to blame, jurors say.

Jacob Michael, 25, was arrested for affray at his home in Widnes in August 2011 after allegedly threatening police with a hammer.

'Out of touch' Spanish prince shakes hand of beggar

Spain's heir to the throne was accused of being "out of touch" with the nation after mistakenly shaking the hand of a beggar who had extended her palm in the hope of receiving money.

Syrian Rebels Set off a Car bomb in Damascus killing at least five people

The Syrian Army and rebel fighters have both apparently broken a four-day ceasfire agreed to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid.

The blast in the capital comes on the first day of a ceasefire brokered by UN and Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.

'Culture of cruelty': 11 care home workers sentenced for shocking abuse of vulnerable residents exposed by Panorama probe

The staff, top left, admitted a total of 38 charges of either neglect or ill-treatment of people with severe learning difficulties at a hospital in South Gloucestershire, bottom left. Wayne Rogers was among the 11 staff - nine support workers and two nurses - caught in a BBC Panorama sting by a reporter with a hidden camera posing as a carer. He was sentenced to two years in prison today. Victims of the abuse are captured on camera, bottom right, while their friends and family were pictured crying outside court today, top right.

'Sweeney Todd' cannibal gang accused of butchering girl and baking her remains pies - and feeding human flesh to baby

  • Jorge Negromonte, 50, his wife Isabel Pires, 51, and his mistress Bruna da Silva, 25, in court over three murders
  • They allegedly killed the women before making traditional Brazilian pies to sell to their neighbours
  • The baby daughter of one of their victims was forced to eat her mother's remains
  • The trio have claimed to be part of a cult which kills people to control the population

North Korea in "Nationwide Quasi-State of War"

Canadian embassy evacuated in Washington for suspicious letter

Embassy spokesman Chris Plunkett said the U.S. Secret Service is investigating the incident but there were no other details about the letter.

The embassy's 325 employees were evacuated at around 9:30 a.m. EDT (1330 GMT) and spilled onto Pennsylvania Avenue, a major artery in Washington that leads to the White House just 1.5 miles away.

Berlusconi Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years in prison for tax fraud.

Hurricane Sandy Sends Huge Surf to Florida


Tymoshenko urges Ukrainians to vote for opposition

Why Isn't the Euro Debt Crisis A Prominent Campaign Topic?

US Taxpayers Give more to Israeli Military than Israelis

Lake Michigan HUGE WAVES: Joggers ambushed by walls of water

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 36

German politicians cause alarm with visit to Iran

BERLIN - Two democratic US Senators and the head of the Germany’s 105,000 member Jewish community urged German deputies, from the Bundestag’s German-Iranian parliamentary group, to pull the plug on their slated trip to the Islamic Republic on October 27.

"At this particularly sensitive juncture in diplomatic relations, the international community needs to continue to send a clear, unified message to Tehran as we pressure the regime to come to the negotiating table.

UN calls for boycott of US companies doing business in Israel...

The Human Rights Council (HRC), a body dominated by Islamic countries and known for its hostility to, and heavy focus on, the Jewish State, issued the report. The George W. Bush administration refused to participate in the HRC, but President Barack Obama joined it soon after taking office. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.

Texas authorities have threatened to arrest international election observers

“The threat of criminal sanctions against [international] observers is unacceptable,” Janez Lenarčič, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), said in a statement. “The United States, like all countries in the OSCE, has an obligation to invite ODIHR observers to observe its elections.”

Lawmakers from the group of 56 European and Central Asian nations have been observing U.S. elections since 2002, without incident.

Iran Said to Nearly Finish Nuclear Enrichment Plant according to Intelligence officials

The installation of the last of nearly 3,000 centrifuges at a site called Fordo, deep under a mountain inside a military base near the holy city of Qum, puts Iran closer to being able to build a nuclear weapon, or come up to the edge, if its leaders ultimately decide to proceed.

Disability Claims: 8,803,335: Another New Record for Obama - —Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

In February 2009, the first full month after President Barack Obama took office, there were 7,469,240 workers collecting federal disability insurance. Thus, so far in Obama’s term, the number of workers collecting disability has increased by 1,334,095. That works out to a net increase of about 29,646 per month (1,334,095 divided by 45 months), or an average increase of about 975 per day (1,334,095 divided by 1,369 days).

Hurricane Sandy: Worst Storm in 100 Years Seen for Northeast U.S.

Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives

American Imperialism

For a country based on republicanism and certain democratic principles, it is odd that we seem to ignore the fact that no one elected us as the world’s policeman. We carry out many of our operations under the auspices of NATO, or (though increasingly rarely) with the permission of the UN Security Council, but neither is a globally representative organization, neither is elected democratically.

The Death Certificate Of The Paper Dollar: Where To Next?

The Bank of England’s Financial Stability Paper No. 13, Reform of the International Monetary and Financial System, reported at Bloomberg BusinessWeek and reviewed here, is being seen by many monetary policy observers around the world as the “coroner’s report” on the death of the world dollar standard.

Iran Says It Can Live Without Oil Money

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Ghassemi told reporters in Dubai on Tuesday October 23: “If sanctions intensify, we will stop exporting oil.”

“We have prepared a plan to run the country without any oil revenues,” he added. “So far to date, we haven’t had any serious problems, but if the sanctions were to be renewed we would go for ‘Plan B’.”

Gilberto Valle Charged and held without Bail following his sick and twisted 'Kidnap And Cannibal Plot'

How did he ever manage to pass the Police psychological evaluation?

Valle, 28, appeared in federal court, where Judge Henry Pitman said the allegations against the defendant were "profoundly disturbing".

He ordered Valle be detained without bail after his initial appearance.

Russia: Udaltsov Charged With Plotting Riots

Left-wing Russian activist Sergei Udaltsov could be jailed for up to 10 years after being charged with plotting riots.

He is the latest and most prominent opposition figure to face prosecution under what critics describe as a Kremlin crackdown against the anti-Putin protest movement.

Morsi, Mashaal slam 'Israeli aggression' against Sudan

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi spoke with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir over the phone on Thursday, and condemned what he called the "Israeli aggression against Sudan."

Sudan reported that fighter jets bombed a weapons facility in Khartoum on Tuesday, and blamed Israel for the attack.,7340,L-4297292,00.html

Ukraine election puts democracy under scrutiny

Western officials are calling the vote pivotal, billing it as a "litmus test of Ukraine's democratic credentials".

President Viktor Yanukovych has dismayed those Western officials, not least by jailing his main rival Yulia Tymoshenko.

Action against Iran: UK and US hold talks over military bases

No 10 refused to be drawn on reports that the Government had rebuffed a plea by the US for its forces to be allowed to use bases in Britain as well as in Cyprus and on Ascension Island in the Atlantic and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to support the military build-up in the Gulf.

China Blocks Web Access to The New York Times After Article

HONG KONG — The Chinese government swiftly blocked access Friday morning to the English-language and Chinese-language Web sites of The New York Times from computers in mainland China in response to an article in both languages describing wealth accumulated by the family of the country’s prime minister.

MPs set to debate case for UK pulling out of European Union......Is it all for Show?

MPs are expected to debate a bill that if passed would see the UK quit the EU.

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell's Private Member's Bill would repeal the act allowing the UK to join the former European Economic Community in 1973.

Although the bill has little or no chance of becoming law, Mr Carswell believes staging a debate on the issue in Parliament is a symbolic moment.

David Cameron is facing pressure from his own backbenchers to promise an "in/out" referendum on the EU.

Earlier this week, Mr Cameron pledged to ensure the UK's interests were defended as eurozone countries move towards closer union and he has threatened to veto the next EU budget if Brussels insists on an above-inflation rise.

But he said he did not want the UK leave the EU.

Euro falls as concerns over Greece flare up

The euro hit a two-week low against the dollar and fell against the yen on Friday, with traders citing concerns that Greece may miss its austerity targets and political uncertainty in Athens.

Greek debt to badly miss the year 2020

Greek debt will be above the target of 120 percent of GDP in 2020, a preliminary report by the IMF showed, and Athens will need more reforms before emergency credit from international lenders can start flowing again.

"The IMF is pushing for OSI (Official Sector Involvement) in Greece, Germany is strictly against. And they are not the only ones," the euro zone official said.

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras told parliament on Wednesday that Greece had already been granted the two-year extension, but several top euro zone officials, including European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and German Finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, said they were not aware of that.

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 10:52:58 UTC
Friday, October 26, 2012 at 07:52:58 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
43.224°N, 142.871°E
131.2 km (81.5 miles)
36 km (22 miles) NW of Otofuke, Japan

Fukushima Nuclear Plant 'Is Still Leaking'

"What we really need is a better understanding of the sources and sinks of caesium and other radionuclides that continue to drive what we're seeing in the ocean off Fukushima."

Contamination levels vary across fish species and are not declining.

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 10:36:31 UTC
Friday, October 26, 2012 at 07:36:31 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
38.718°N, 141.990°E
48.9 km (30.4 miles)
45 km (27 miles) SSE of Ofunato, Japan

U.S. missile defense systems hit four of five targets in largest test in history... that cost taxpayers $188M

The U.S. military intercepted four out of five targets over the Pacific Ocean in the largest and most complex test of the nation's ballistic missile defense system, according to officials.

The test at Kwajalein Atoll on Wednesday was designed to demonstrate the system's ability to defend against a raid of five nearly simultaneous threats, Missile Defense Agency spokeswoman Pamela Rogers said.

Obama campaign ad that compares voting to losing your virginity....This Campaign is getting more disgusting by the minute

Savile police to arrest up to a dozen 'household name' celebrities within days as it's revealed officers blew SEVEN chances to Arrest him

Scotland Yard is to act 'within days' as it emerged the pervert DJ abused at least 300 people because he was allowed to rape and sexually assault victims unhindered for decades. Savile is believed to have had accomplices and celebrities named by victims - some huge TV stars - are set to be quizzed over serious sex assault allegations within days as police said chillingly 'we will come for them'.

Russia broadens definition of treason

Russia has broadened its definition of treason, in a move prompting fears that state authorities will have a new weapon to clamp down on the press and non-governmental organisations.

Congress likes drones, So Much they want 10.000 in America over the Next 5 Years.......of Course for your own safety

Congress has ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to develop plans to integrate them into the national airspace system used by jetliners, private and military planes, helicopters and blimps by 2015.

U.S. knew too little to deploy troops to Benghazi: Pentagon

The Pentagon defended its decision not to deploy forces to Benghazi, Libya, as soon as the U.S. mission came under attack on September 11th, saying it would have been irresponsible to put forces in harm's way without better information.

Iran's coal trade booms despite Western heat

Using shadowy middle men, multiple bank accounts and a fleet of ghost ships, Iran's coal trade is quietly booming as the Islamic Republic tries to sidestep Western sanctions and prevent its industrial economy from crashing.

Spain unemployment hits record high at 25 percent

One in four Spanish workers were without a job in the third quarter of this year, a record high, and further layoffs are likely to follow next year as more of the country's 60 billion euro program of budget austerity kicks in.

Suicide bomber kills 40 at Afghan mosque during Eid

The attack in Maimana, capital of Faryab province, also wounded 40, regional police chief General Abdul Khaliq Aqsai said, pinning the blame on the Taliban. A Taliban spokesman said they were investigating to find out who was responsible.

Christopher Tappin 'To Plead Guilty' In US

A retired British businessman extradited to the US over charges he sold weapons parts to Iran is expected to change his plea to guilty.

No details of any plea deal with Tappin have been released but other extradited Britons say they had no chance of being cleared once sent to the US as the plea bargaining system empowers prosecutors as "judge, jury and executioner".

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake WESTERN TURKEY - 26th October 2012

Magnitude ML 4.3
Date time 2012-10-26 09:40:34.0 UTC
Location 36.50 N ; 31.38 E
Depth 40 km
Distances 33 km S Manavgat, Turkey

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 06:28:47 UTC
Friday, October 26, 2012 at 03:28:47 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
0.364°S, 132.895°E
43.2 km (26.8 miles)
143 km (88 miles) WNW of Manokwari, Indonesia

Syria: Tank And Sniper Fire 'Kills Three'

Three people are reported to have been killed by tank and sniper fire in Syria's capital, hours after a ceasefire was agreed.

The Damascus suburb of Harasta was apparently targeted in a violation of the temporary truce agreed to mark the four-day Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha.

Jimmy Savile: Seven Claims Made Before Death....And many people that could of put a stop to this Evil trash but didn't

At least seven alleged victims of Jimmy Savile made complaints of sexual abuse against him while he was still alive, it emerges.

Scotland Yard has admitted four police forces were aware in the 1980s of claims against the former TV presenter and DJ.

NASA: Rare, enormous gas storm detected on Saturn

NASA says the Cassini spacecraft recorded the aftermath of a massive storm on Saturn that let out an "unprecedented belch of energy."

Not only was the size of the storm unusual, but what the storm was made of left scientists puzzled.

The source of the cosmic burp, which rapidly changed the atmosphere's temperature, was ethylene gas, an odorless, colorless gas that has rarely been observed on Saturn, NASA said.

Fukushima Fish still Radioactive

Radiation levels in fish caught near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remain high long after the 2011 meltdowns there, suggesting contamination from the site might still be seeping into Pacific waters, a U.S. researcher reported Thursday.

Chilean police clash with students

U.S. top court to hear arguments over government spying

A debate over how freely the government can eavesdrop on international communications reaches a climax on Monday in the country's highest court.

At issue is a law passed by Congress in 2008 allowing the government to monitor the overseas communications of individuals without obtaining a warrant for each target.

Simple security flaw with TSA PreCheck boarding passes revealed which could make it easier for terrorists to board U.S. planes unchecked

The bar code on airline boarding passes for passengers enrolled in the TSA PreCheck scheme could pose a serious security threat after flight enthusiasts revealed that it contains important information about the type of security check passengers can expect to receive.

Hate crimes increase, extreme right strengthens as Greece economy sinks

U.S. Navy just two years away from arming warships with laser weapons capable of destroying incoming missiles and aircraft

The Navy has halved its anticipated timeline for introducing the first generation of 'directed energy' laser weapons designed to track and fire on threats to a warship.

The weapons are designed to track and fire on threats to a warship that could include anything from armed drones and small 'swarm' boats to incoming missiles and aircraft.

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake FIJI REGION - 26th October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 04:24:30 UTC
Friday, October 26, 2012 at 04:24:30 PM at epicenter
18.032°S, 178.574°W
608 km (377.8 miles)
489 km (304 miles) W (277°) from Neiafu, Tonga

British officials 'Rejects US requests to use UK military bases for build-up of forces in Gulf' as fears grow over Iran's nuclear plans

The Americans have also reportedly asked to fly from US bases on the British territories of Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean and Diego Garcia

  • US officials have 'also asked UK diplomats for use of British bases in Cyprus'
  • And to 'fly from US bases on British territories in Atlantic and Indian Officials'
  • UK notes Attorney General advice saying Iran isn't 'clear and present threat'
  • Helping forces in a pre-emptive strike would be 'breaking international law'

Ugandan family 'created 100 children and claimed to suffer from HIV' as part of £4 million benefit fraud

One family member created fake identities for up to 100 children to milk the benefit system. She also claimed to suffer from HIV and require costly drugs - but in reality the London-based Ugandan family sent them back to Uganda to be sold for huge profits.

A court heard that supplying the drugs for so many years cost the taxpayer more than £2million.

Cough up or lose rebate: Van Rompuy's threat to Cameron over inflation-busting EU budget

The European Council President threatened to remove Britain's EU budget rebate if David Cameron vetoes Brussels spending plans.