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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coming Crisis Feature Film Presentation (New Posts Below)

The Coming Crisis has got its hands on a propaganda documentary purportedly smuggled out of North Korea, and which exposes many of the West's propaganda schemes. It is thoroughly biting and fascinating, and the story behind it is even more intriguing.

North Korean agents apparently infiltrated Seoul and began passing out copies of this documentary. The individual from whom we acquired this film was interrogated by the Australian police, according to his claims, but thankfully was able to upload this video in time for us to store it safely away and present to all of you. Upon scrutiny, we can't see any reason to disbelieve the story or the source of this film.

It's currently uploading, and will be ready for sometime this weekend. It is a must watch. If you haven't already subscribed to our Youtube Channel, be sure you do so immediately. This documentary is truly disturbing in some parts, and is not intended for children or those possessing great sensitivities. Viewer discretion will definitely be advised.

-- Matt  

Update: Youtube conveniently decided that it would corrupt the upload, so I'm working on fixing that. Should be available some time today.

"South Korea Needs to Consider Acquiring Nuclear Weapons"

Any map of Northeast Asia shows that three countries surrounding South Korea -- North Korea, China and Russia -- have nuclear weapons, and now there are signs that even Japan is inching toward arming itself with the bomb. A look at the countries involved in the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program shows that five of them, except South Korea, are either nuclear armed or potentially armed. The nuclear map of Northeast Asia is changing now that Japan has revised laws in late June that suggest it wants to develop nuclear weapons too. South Korea alone in the region has no prospect of acquiring them.

Why does Seoul continue to adhere to what looks like an increasingly outdated peace and denuclearization policy? The goal of denuclearization in Northeast Asia has become unattainable. North Korea is not going to abandon its nuclear weapons even at the cost of its own collapse, since the regime saw clearly what happened to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi when he gave them up.

Japan has turned the nuclear crisis into an opportunity. China's military might is increasing every day, and the re-election of the hawkish Vladimir Putin as Russia's new president has apparently prompted Japan to gear itself up for potential increases in military conflicts and diplomatic friction in Northeast Asia. This has resulted in Tokyo taking necessary steps so it could arm itself with nuclear weapons if the need arises. North Korea will undoubtedly use that development as an excuse to spur its own nuclear arms program. more

Flying Kick Helps Brave Guards Subdue Crazy Campus Attacker With 70cm Steel Knife (who killed two just prior to this footage)

"July 2nd, when a criminal suspect carrying a 70cm steel knife charged into Guizhou Normal University and began running towards the cafeteria where students were eating, several university security guards rushed to stop him, with two of them being stabbed to death on the scene and one seriously injured. Just as the situation was at its most dire, Flying Kick Brother appeared like a god, capturing the “rhythm of the moment” [seizing the opportunity, coming at just the right time]. Flying through the air, a beautiful flying kick (said to have disappeared amongst the people of the present) knocked the evil-doer onto the ground subduing him, and the tides turned..." more

Israel advised to brace for Syrian missile attack – conventional or chemical

As the already unthinkable pace of slaughter in Syria accelerates further, Western military sources warned Saturday, July 14, that not only Israel, but additional strategic targets in Middle East lands deemed enemies by Bashar Assad should prepare for him to launch surface-to-surface missile attacks. The assaults would start out with conventional warheads, but as the regime continued to be hammered, the beleaguered ruler might well arm the next round of missiles from his huge stockpile of mustard gas - not to mention sarin nerve poison and cyanide.

Western intelligence sources say Assad has a list of targets ready to go. Analyzing the Syrian war game taking place last week, they calculated that Wednesday and Thursday, July 11 and 12, the Syrian army practiced shooting missiles at strategic centers in Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

But while most Western officials now confirm that Assad has moved his WMD warheads and shells out of storage, they are already divided on what it means. Some US officials are soft-pedaling the menace, offering the theory that the Syrian ruler is only safeguarding his unconventional weapons from falling into rebel – or what he calls “terrorist” – hands.

Other Western intelligence watchers, especially in Britain, believe he is preparing a campaign of ethnic cleansing at centers of revolt and report that chemical weapons have already been transferred to Homs, Latakia and Aleppo for operational use.

That is one game-changing predicament facing the West. It would quickly assume a regional dimension if Turkey, Israel and Jordan were to come under Syrian missile assault. Air and missile reprisals against Syrian military or regime centers would carry the danger of Hizballah retaliation from Lebanon leading to direct attacks from Iran. Before going down that road, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan – who are not on speaking terms – would certainly confer with US President Barack Obama.

Even then, their consultations would not necessarily lead to action. more

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake KURIL ISLANDS - 14th July 2012

A magnitude 5.4 earthquake has struck THE KURIL ISLANDS at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the quake hit at 17:36:23 UTC Saturday 14th July 2012
The epicenter was 558 km (345.9 miles) Norteast from Nemuro, Kuril Islands, Russia
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Gangs kill Syrians to show deterioration

Berlusconi planning to return to power

China-Philippines in tense standoff

Counting the Cost - Spain: The social cost of austerity

The UK is the Biggest Backer of Euro Debt!

Targeting Tehran: 'US nearly daring Iran to strike first'

Dramatic police footage: Belfast riots leave 20 wounded

'Extremism to grow in Spain, Italy, France as banksters & police confront protests'

Anger Art: Greeks try to paint themselves out of a corner

HOPEful: Hackers seek ways to open govt secrets to public

Hundreds clash with riot police in Spain

Jalisco's Bird Flu Costing Mexican Economy $50 Million Thus Far‎ as disease has Claimed 2.5 Million chickens

An outbreak of avian flu in the western state of Jalisco has claimed 2.5 million chickens and caused $50 million in losses, a representative of the Mexican poultry sector said Thursday.

“The industry will fail to produce $50 million, not only from the cost of the (dead) birds, but also from the intrinsic value of production, the generation of wealth and of indirect jobs in other fields,” Cesar de Anda, vice chairman of the International Egg Commission, told Efe.

De Anda is part of an inter-institutional task force seeking solutions to the crisis spurred by the outbreak of the H7N3 virus in Jalisco, which accounts for 55 percent of Mexican egg output.
The latest report from Mexico’s food safety agency, Senasica, says 2.5 million chickens have died of the flu or been slaughtered, while another 3.4 million birds are carriers of the virus.

Japan, the main foreign customer for Mexican eggs, has resumed imports from Mexico, but European and African countries continue to bar eggs from the Latin American nation, De Anda said. Read More

Japan: Quarter Of A Million To Flee Floods

At least 230,000 people in southern Japan have been ordered to evacuate their homes following deadly floods caused by torrential rain.

Twenty people have been killed and eight others are missing after flooding and landslides which have destroyed more than 2,600 houses across Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto and Saga prefecture and affected 86,000 households.

The majority of those ordered to evacuate - almost 200,000 - were in Fukuoka prefecture and Japan's self-defence force has been brought in to help.

Over 800mm of rain fell in Kumamoto prefecture over three days, affecting more than 600 properties.

And mudslides buried three people in Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture, according to reports.

Japanese media said two of the three have been rescued but an 83-year-old woman was missing.

Military trucks have taken residents to school gyms which are being used as evacuation centres. Read More

Mass Penguin Die-Off in Brazil

(NEWSER) – Wildlife experts are concerned and investigating after 512 Magellanic penguins washed up dead across 65 miles of the Brazilian coast, reports the Merco Press.

Further worrying veterinarians is that the birds were all apparently in good health, well fed, and free from oil stains. Magellanic penguins are migratory, moving from southern Argentina to Sao Paolo at this time of year. It's not a great time for penguins in general, with the population of a major colony in Antarctica plummeting 36% since 1991. Source

Bee swarm sends five to hospital, Texas

McALLEN — A swarm of bees attacked several people Friday evening, sending five to the hospital for treatment.

The bee attack took place about 6:30 p.m. Friday on the 4100 block of North 10th Street, where a con-struction crew was repairing the roof of a strip mall, said McAllen Fire Capt. Rene Del Bosque.

Customers were ordered to stay inside the various buildings, including Hop Tung Vietnamese Chinese Restaurant and the Lucky 13 tattoo parlor.

Employees at other stores looked out from their windows as firefighters worked to remove the bees, but were also stung in the process.

Those not inside businesses were kept away by McAllen police and firefighters.

Those who had been stung were moved across the street to North Cross Shopping Center, where first responders treated those who had been stung.

About 7:45 p.m., firefighters wearing bee suits removed the beehive and cleared the area. Read More

Osprey is flawed, say Experts

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. military vertical takeoff and landing aircraft MV-22, widely known as the "Osprey," has some flaws, U.S. experts have pointed out.

The Institute for Defense Analyses of the U.S. Department of Defense compiled an eight-page report in November 2003, pointing to risks involving the controversial military transportation plane.

Dr. Arthur Rex Rivolo, 68, then an analyst of the aircraft who wrote the report, has told the Mainichi Shimbun that the official in charge at the Pentagon initially refused to even accept the report.

While the Pentagon emphasizes that the aircraft is safe, three cases of trouble involving Ospreys, including two crashes, have occurred since April, stirring protests in Okinawa to the planned deployment of the aircraft to U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in the prefecture.

Seiji Maehara, chairman of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan's Policy Research Committee, has called for postponement of the U.S. deployment of Osprey aircraft to Futenma base.

"Unless the government suspends the deployment, it could badly damage the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty. The government should redo its negotiations with the United States. As the ruling party, we're opposed to the deployment," he said on a television program on July 13. Read More

Indian woman's assault captured on video; four arrested

New Delhi, India (CNN) -- Indian police arrested four suspects in the beating, stripping and assault of a young woman that was captured on video, authorities said Saturday.

TV stations repeatedly broadcast video showing a group of men molesting the woman after she left a friend's birthday party Monday night in Guwahati city in Assam state.

A total of 14 suspects have been identified, said J.N. Chaudhury, Assam's police chief.

Of the total, four are under arrest and charged with counts of molestation, unlawful restraint, vulgar behavior and causing harm.

If convicted, they face three years in prison, he said.

Police are scouring others states as well for the additional 10 suspects, who could have fled from the region, according to authorities. Read More

Fighting escalates in DR Congo

Egypt 'pushes to free' U.S. tourists

(CNN) -- Egyptian security services in North Sinai are intensifying efforts to get a kidnapped American couple and their tour guide released, state media reported Saturday.

The push comes after authorities received confirmation that the trio was still in the area where they were abducted. Their detention was intended to bargain the release of relatives in custody of Egyptian authorities, EgyNews reported.

Security sources "confirmed that continuous efforts are being made in order to determine the whereabouts of the Americans and the Egyptian tour guide on one hand, and to release them in coordination with tribal leaders and the families in the region," EgyNews said.

The tourists and their guide were kidnapped Friday in the Sinai region of Egypt, authorities said.

Bedouin kidnappers want authorities to release a relative who is in detention in Alexandria on drug charges, said Gen. Ahmed Bakr, head of security in the North Sinai. Read More

Heavy flooding hits China

Barclays Implicates Libor Rivals

Barclays' Libor-rigging transgressions will be "put in perspective" by the fines handed out to other international banks, according to the first direct comments by the UK lender about the scandal's potential impact on the rest of the industry.

In a memo sent to staff yesterday evening and which has been leaked to me, the nine members of the bank's executive committee warned that the Libor crisis should not distract them from the core task of safeguarding Barclays' vast balance sheet.

"The macro-environment remains febrile, especially in Europe. We have to remain vigilant on balance sheet exposures and risk management. In short, our focus must remain on capital, funding and liquidity; improving returns; and driving income growth."

The memo, co-written by Marcus Agius, Barclays' outgoing chairman, apologised for the impact of the rate-fixing episode on the bank's staff, but hinted that its rivals were likely to be hit even harder than the £290m in fines imposed on Barclays.

"As other banks settle with authorities, and their details become public, and various governments' inquiries shed more light, our situation will eventually be put in perspective."

Approximately 15 other lenders, including Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, are under investigation by authorities probing a crisis which has also cast doubt on the competence of the Bank of England and Financial Services Authority. A string of inquiries has also been triggered, including one that will examine the business practices and culture of Barclays. Read More

Women Gets Hit By Toll Gate

Mayor Nathan Grellner exposed as a METH ADDICT after skipping public meetings to spend public money at strip clubs

A town mayor has been exposed as a meth addict after he skipped public meetings for five months.

Nathan Grellner, the leader of Valley Park Missouri, claimed he had exhaustion when he checked himself into hospital for three days last month.

But St Louis Today today revealed that he had been treated for methamphetamine abuse and referred to a chemical dependency unit.

The revelation comes after Grellner was earlier arrested for driving while intoxicated but escaped from hospital after he was left unguarded.

It also follows a string of suspicious behaviour by Grellner, who used his city credit card to spend thousands of dollars at strip clubs when he was supposed to be attending meetings and on power tools to renovate his home.

Grellner said he confused the city credit card because he was 'not in a state mind' where could distinguish between the two. Read More

Russell Terry and Jamie Curnell Charged with kidnapping and child endangerment after police found the cage-like contraption.

The parents of a four-year-old girl who authorities say was confined at night in a bed wrapped with steel mesh fencing have been charged with kidnapping and child endangerment.

Fairfield County deputies found the cage-like contraption when they were responding to a domestic violence call from the family's home in central Ohio, county Sheriff Dave Phalen said on Thursday.

He said the girl was not in the bed at the time, but that when deputies questioned the parents about the fencing, they told them they confined the girl in her bed at night to keep her from getting up.

A county Municipal Court judge on Thursday set bond at $500,000 each for Russell Terry, 34, and Jamie Curnell, 32, of Pleasantville.

They remain in the county jail.

Court officials said there were no attorneys listed yet for Terry or Curnell, who were each charged with single counts of kidnapping and child endangerment.

The sheriff said the kidnapping charge involved 'unlawful restraint' of the child. Read More

Dr Stephen Stein REUSED syringes for 12 years in Denver, THOUSANDS of his Patients need to get Tested for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Thousands of Colorado residents could be at risk of HIV or hepatitis after a local dentist was found to have been reusing dirty sedation syringes on patients for nearly 12 years.

State health officials are warning patients of Dr Stephen Stein to get tested after a probe revealed the rogue dentist used the same syringes and needles for multiple patients to give intravenous medications, including sedation, between September 1999 and June 2011.

'Needles and syringes were used repeatedly, often days at a time,' a fact sheet on the state's website explains.

'Because there can be a small amount of blood that remains in syringes and needles after an injection through an IV line, there is a risk of spread of bloodborne viruses, such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, between patients.'

Dr Stein hasn't worked since June 2011, although his website gives no indication the dentist is no longer practicing. Read More

Russell Wasendorf Sr who tried to kill himself arrested after he admitted in suicide note to embezzling more than $100m

The chief executive officer of a brokerage firm was arrested today, after admitting in a suicide note that he carried out an elaborate fraud scheme in which he embezzled more than $100 million from customers over nearly two decades.

Russell Wasendorf Sr, 64, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, was found unresponsive in his car on Monday after attaching a tube to his tail pipe.

Federal prosecutors unsealed a criminal complaint charging the CEO of Peregrine Financial Group, Inc, with making false statements to regulators and released documents detailing a wide-ranging fraud scheme that apparently fooled colleagues, customers and regulators for years.

Wasendorf had been hospitalized at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after attempting suicide outside the company's headquarters in Cedar Falls on Monday by hooking up a tube to his car's tailpipe.

His company filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday, the same day the industry's top regulator filed civil fraud charges alleging the firm misused customer money. Read More

Jose Ramos behind the ticket-fixing scandal and his wife 'hired hit man to kill off lead witness against him'

The police officer who was the mastermind behind the New York City ticket-fixing scandal now faces charges of trying to hire a hit man so that he could have the lead witness against him killed.

Jose Ramos was already in Rikers Jail- because of his two dozen prior charges- when the district attorney's office filed charges alleging that he helped his wife plan the hit while he was behind bars from September to May.

At the indictment on Thursday, his wife Wanda Abreu began crying when she said she was not guilty of the three counts of conspiracy and lone count of criminal solicitation.

Her husband also entered a not guilty plea for the same charges, but the prosecution feels that they have a strong case as they have been recording the couples' interactions.

The murder-for-hire accusations can be added to his long list of alleged crimes including robbery, transporting heroin, and selling counterfeit DVDS, which all took place while he was in uniform.

According to The New York Times, Ramos and Abreu would use up to five different codenames for the lead witness while plotting the hit during her visits to see Ramos in jail. Read More

Eric Butkiewicz arrested on Fourth of July after HE told police officers he was carrying drugs

A Florida drug dealer was arrested early July 5 at a South Beach night club after he allegedly told police he was carrying Xanax.

Off-duty officers at LIV at the Fontainebleau hotel were alerted by security that Eric Butkiewicz, 31, was selling narcotics.

Face covered in his finest Fourth of July make up, Butkiewicz was booked for felony possession.

Off duty officers were called to the club by security staff, according to official documents.

The guards took Butkiewicz to the central office and presented him to police.

'I possibly have three Xanax bars in my possession,' Butkieweicz allegedly confessed. Read More

Cannibal cult Members in Papa New Guinea who murdered 'sorcerers' and ate their brains raw and made soup arrested by the Police

Members of a cannibal cult in Papua New Guinea have been charged with the murders of seven suspected witch doctors.

The 29 people, including a 13-year-old boy, butchered five men and two women believed to practice ‘black magic’, allegedly ate their brains raw and made soup from their genitalia in the remote jungle region around the town of Madang.

The cult members also drank their victims' blood believing they would attain supernatural powers and become bullet proof, a police spokesman said.

Madang Police Commander Anthony Wagambie confirmed the acts of cannibalism reported in a New Guinean newspaper and added:

‘They don't think they've done anything wrong; they admit what they've done openly.’

Mr Wagambie said that the killers believed that the victims were practicing sorcerers and that they had been overcharging poor villagers as well as demanding sexual favours in return for their services. Read More

Drought devastating 26 states is declared the largest area of natural disaster in U.S. history

Severe drought conditions plaguing more than half of the United States has developed into the largest natural disaster area in the country’s history.

The United States Department of Agriculture declared natural disasters for 26 states and more than 1,000 counties because of the extreme drought that has destroyed crops in farms throughout the nation.

The USDA’s designation provides federal financial help for farmers during the troubling time.
The declaration come as the worst drought in a quarter century tightened its grip on Midwestern states over the past week.

Sweltering temperatures and scant rainfall punished corn and soybean crops across the region, a report from climate experts said on Thursday. Read More

Rajwinder Kaur Found by the Police 1,577 miles away in Dallas, Texas and she is ALIVE

A woman missing for four days and feared murdered after her family received a sinister text message claiming she was dead has been found alive 1,577 miles away, it emerged on Friday.

Rajwinder Kaur, of Queens, New York, never returned home after leaving to do volunteer work on Sunday evening.

Later that night, her sister received a text message with the words: 'The girl with this phone is dead, was smiling'.

But Kaur was tracked down by police 1,577 miles away in Dallas, Texas, yesterday, when a friend who had bought her bus ticket tipped them off, MSNBC reported.

It was revealed that she had sent the chilling message and it also emerged that she had sold most of her possessions on eBay shortly before her disappearance.

It hasn't yet been established what she was doing in Texas, or what drove her to send the harrowing text, which led to her offering a $5,000 reward for information of her whereabouts.

'There are no words to express our sincere gratitude to the NYPD, family, friends and everyone that assisted with this search,' Kaur's family said in a statement Thursday. Read More

Gregory Harville stole his friend's identity for THIRTY years and served a prison sentence under victim's name

A man who collected a criminal record on a false identity has been caught, after his victim realised he was being defrauded.

Gregory Harville stole the identification and used it over the course of more than 30 years to get money, a job and and driving licence, police said.

He collected welfare assistance as well as dental and health insurance with the identification and used it to qualify for credit cards.

Harville racked up a string of traffic tickets and even served a jail sentence under the phoney ID, belonging to a man he had once been friends with.

The 58-year-old's scam came to light when a man in Michigan rang police, reported.

The 54-year-old unnamed man, who reported was Harville's former roomate, claimed to have proof that someone in California had been using his name, birthday and social security number to claim benefits. Read More

Stingrays invade Southern California beaches with 41 people injured in ONE DAY

More than 40 people, including children, suffered injuries from stingrays that invaded several beaches in San Diego, California, on Wednesday.

According to lifeguard Lieutenant John Everhart, the number of stings is higher than normal, but not unheard of, as the marine animals are common in the area this time of year.

At least one person was taken to the hospital with a not life-threatening injury, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. In total, 41 beach-goers were stung along La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines.

Trinity Green, 13, of Sacramento, was stung at La Jolla beach. She said it felt as if someone jabbed her in the leg with a screwdriver. Read More

Jason Bohn charged with the murder of Girlfriend Danielle Thomas after 'beating her to death and leaving body in bathtub filled with ice'

Queens prosecutors say that Jason Bohn, 33, planned not only on killing his financial analyst girlfriend Danielle Thomas, 27, but also wanted to torture her.

Bohn was initially arrested for second-degree murder, but that charge has since been upgraded to first-degree in a 10-count indictment issued today.

The district attorney's office claims that Bohn acted in an 'especially cruel and wanton manner' and planned on 'torturing' his victim well before he laid his hands on her.

Bohn will next appear in court on July 23 and his attorney could not be reached for comment on the new charges.

Ms Thomas, 27, was found dead in the Astoria apartment she shared with Jason Bohn, 33.

Police records show that Bohn has a history of abuse and had repeatedly threatened Ms Thomas before her death, saying he would hunt her down 'like a dog in the streets.' Read More

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake WESTERN INDIAN-ANTARCTIC RIDGE - 14th July 2012

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake has struck WESTERN INDIAN-ANTARCTIC RIDGE at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the quake hit at 14:22:22 UTC Saturday 14th July 2012
The epicenter was 1657 km (1029 miles) SSE of Albany, Australia
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

THIS is why intersections need red-light cameras!

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Cambodian workers paid just £10 a week to make adidas' 2012 Games 'fanwear'

Sportswear giant and Olympic sponsor adidas is facing an investigation after revelations that their official merchandise for the London Games is being made by Cambodian garment workers who are paid just £10 a week in basic wages.

Adidas is believed to have invested £100 million in the Games and is one of the event's largest sponsors. The firm manufactured the official Team GB outfit designed by Stella McCartney.

But the workers at the company's Shen Zhou factory on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh work up to 10 hours a day, six days a week, the Daily Telegraph reported. Read More

Boris and David get a ringing endorsement... from one of the world's most feared terrorists

One of the world's most wanted terrorist chiefs has told Pakistani leaders they should aspire to be more like David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Hafiz Saeed, who has a $10million U.S. bounty on his head, declared his admiration for the Tory politicians when he lodged a petition to the Lahore High Court calling for public officials in Pakistan to tone down their privileged lifestyles.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Saeed wrote in the petition that while Pakistan's political elite were 'living like kings and princes in palatial government houses,' Britain's prime minister lived in a four-bedroom flat.

'When the sun never set on the British Empire, the chief executive of that great country lived in the same house of a few marlas in a small street.

'That is truly Islamic, that is like following the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace upon him),' he added. Read More

Amy Winehouse burying William and Kate alive and Gaddafi burying Mubarak... the sick ad campaign for Chilean newspaper

A series of disturbing images, including a scene in which William and Kate are buried alive, have been published to promote a Chilean newspaper.

The macabre adverts for El Mostrador show a selection of famous news figures digging shallow graves to bury other famous figures currently in the news.

In one rather shoddily-Photoshopped image, dead singer Amy Winehouse is seen holding a spade, having dug a grave in which William and Kate, dressed in their wedding outfits, are seen lying. Read More

Dr David Arnold and wife found dead in their bungalow in 'double suicide pact'

A retired doctor and his wife were found dead in their bungalow home today in what was believed to have been a double suicide pact.

The bodies of Dr David Arnold and his wife Elizabeth were due to be examined by a pathologist later today but police said that they believed drugs may have been involved in their deaths.

The elderly couple died at their large bungalow home in a cul-de-sac in Newbury, Berkshire, after concern was expressed for their welfare.

Neighbours told how both were suffering from serious health problems - Mrs Arnold had Alzheimer’s disease and Dr Arnold had suffered mobility problems after the lower part of one leg had to be amputated. Read More

G4S boss admits he doesn't know if staff guarding venues can speak English....Regret Sacking our Police and Military Yet?

Having been forced to apologise for failing to recruit enough Olympics security staff G4S's boss was left red-faced again today after he admitted he had no idea if those who are working could speak English.

Asked whether all the security guards the company had recruited could speak fluent English, chief executive Nick Buckles said it was a 'difficult question to answer'.

He added: 'I am pretty sure that they can, but I can’t say categorically as I sit here today.'

Later asked the same question by Sky Mr Buckles said: 'As part of the SIA (Security Industry Authority) training and as part of the SIA certification you have to be able to speak English. That’s the standard for the UK security industry.'

The G4S supremo's latest revelation follows his apology for failing to provide enough security for the games - causing the army to be drafted in to plug the hole.

Mr Buckles, who earns £1.2million a year, said accepted full responsibility for the fiasco......Read More

SAGE STALLONE Dies Of Overdose

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Sage's death does NOT appear to be a suicide. We're told there was NO suicide note found at the scene.

Sources tell us officials DID find "numerous empty pill bottles" in the area where Sage's body was discovered. No word on what types of medication the pill bottles were for. Source

Iran issues new oil blockade warning

(Reuters) - Iran could prevent even "a single drop of oil" passing through the Strait of Hormuz if its security is threatened, a naval chief said on Saturday, as tensions simmer over Tehran's nuclear program.

Tehran will increase its military presence in international waters, said Ali Fadavi, naval commander in Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

"If they (the U.S.) do not obey international laws and the IRGC's warnings, it will have very bad consequences for them," Fadavi said, according to Iran's Fars News Agency.

"The IRGC's naval forces have had the ability since the (Iran-Iraq) war to completely control the Strait of Hormuz and not allow even a single drop of oil to pass through."

Fadavi added: "IRGC special naval forces are present on all of the Islamic Republic of Iran's ships in the Indian Ocean and to its east and west, to prevent any movement. Read More

Bomb wounds 12 police in eastern Turkey: sources

(Reuters) - Kurdish militants detonated a roadside bomb by remote control on Saturday, wounding 12 Turkish police officers after they got out of a vehicle in eastern Turkey, security sources said.

They said Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels carried out the attack, which occurred outside a police shooting range in the province of Van, on the border with Iran. The wounded police were not reported to be in a serious condition.

No further details were immediately available.

The explosion coincided with street clashes in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir between Turkish police and Kurdish protesters seeking to take part in a rally outlawed by state authorities. Source