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Friday, April 27, 2012

UAE-based F-22s A Signal To Iran: Final Preparations Underway?

As tensions between Tehran, Washington and Tel Aviv continue to mount over Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons technologies, the U.S. has quietly begun a deployment of its premier stealthy fighter, the twin-engine F-22, to the United Arab Emirates.

Multiple Lockheed Martin aircraft will operate out of Al Dhafra Air Base there, industry sources say. This is the same base from which U.S. U-2s and Global Hawk UAVs have been launched since shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“The United States Air Force has deployed F-22s to Southwest Asia,” according to a statement from service spokesman Capt. Phil Ventura. “Such deployments strengthen military-to-military relationships, promote sovereign and regional security, improve combined tactical air operations and enhance interoperability of forces, equipment and procedures.” Ventura declined to specify what the aircraft’s mission is for this deployment.

Because of the F-22’s supercruise — or high, efficient rate of speed — stealth, thrust-vectoring and inherent intelligence-collection capabilities, it is considered the most sophisticated fighter in the world. Deploying it to any region causes residents there to take note, says one industry executive. The timing of the Persian Gulf deployment could be a signal from the U.S. to Iran to take seriously objections to the latter’s nuclear weapons ambitions. more

Department of Defense Confirms Russian Troops to Conduct Terror Drills Inside U.S.

The Department of Defense has confirmed various foreign and alternative media reports that claimed Russia troops will be conducting unprecedented anti terrorism drills inside the United States.

In an email to the New American, Cmdr. Wendy L. Snyder, U.S. Defense Press Officer for policy confirmed the reports:

“The Russian soldiers are here as invited guests of the U.S. government; this is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform,” Cmdr. Wendy L. Snyder, U.S. Defense Press Officer for policy, told The New American in an e-mail. “This is the first time that American and Russian special operations troops have participated in a bilateral exercise.”

According to Snyder, the exercises — which she said would last about three weeks in all — will serve to train and improve skills related to terror-war fighting. About 20 Russian soldiers will be participating, with most of the training to take place on the Fort Carson, Colorado, Army base and a mountain training area several hours away.

“Aside from typical military training, the exchange will include discussions on the rule of land warfare, developing appropriate rules of engagement, and employing cultural literacy and competency in the tactical environment,” Snyder explained. “This type of training is routinely conducted by 10th Special Forces Group.” more

Deadly Blast Targets Nigerian Newspaper Office

Palestinian Protesters Clash with Israeli Soldiers

6-7 Dead as Armed North Koreans Flee for China

Two armed North Korean border guards are on the run in China after killing a number of others from the same unit and escaping across the border from Hyesan into Changbai, it has been reported.

“I don’t know exactly why yet, but there was an incident on around the 23rd where two guards killed around six to seven of their colleagues and escaped to China,” a source in Hyesan explained today. “The National Security Agency has dispatched a team to China to arrest them.”

The source went on, “The incident occurred right after the 15th when border guard management switched from the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces to the National Security Agency (NSA), and therefore not only the provincial NSA but also the central NSA is devoted to the arrests.”

Daily NK’s Changbai correspondent also confirmed the news today, saying, “The Chinese police have released a warning that ‘Two armed Chosun soldiers have defected and infiltrated Changbai County, so do not walk around alone at night’. They have not been arrested yet so it is possible that they have moved elsewhere.” more

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake TAIWAN - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake has struck Taiwan at a depth of 7 km (4.3 miles), the quake hit at 21:08:19 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 30 km (18.6 miles) Southeast of Meinung, Taiwan
No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake has struck the New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea at a depth of 58.2 km (36.2 miles), the quake hit at 19:22:22 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 134 km (83 miles) South of Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake LIBERTADOR O'HIGGINS, CHILE - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has struck Libertador O'Higgins, Chile at a depth of 50.2 km (31.2 miles), the quake hit at 18:34:37 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 43 km (26 miles) Northwest of Curico, Maule, Chile
No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Wind whips jetliner across runway in Northern Spain

Nayati Moodliar, 12, snatched off the street in Malaysia as he walked to international school

A schoolboy was snatched off the street as he walked to school in Malaysia yesterday - triggering an international appeal for information from his frantic parents.

Nayati Moodliar, 12, was about to enter the school compound when he was grabbed by three men who bundled him into a black car and sped away.

A member of staff at the Mont Kiara International School in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, witnessed the kidnapping - which was also caught on CCTV - at 7.30am local time (around 12.30am UK time).

Police later discovered the number plate on the black Proton Gen 2 hatchback was fake.

Nayati’s parents, Sham , a senior advisor for a firm of management consultants, and Janice, 39, lived in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, until shortly before he was born. Read More

Could North Korea test "uranium bomb" for first time?

VIENNA (Reuters) - North Korea, believed to be preparing for a third nuclear test, would probably be able to make and explode a uranium device for the first time after earlier relying on plutonium, a former chief U.N. inspector said.

If it were to do so, that would show North Korea had developed the technology to produce highly enriched uranium (HEU), putting it in a position to build up larger stocks of weapons-grade material.

"This assumes that the North Koreans have succeeded in producing HEU, in sufficient quantities as well, and have a bomb design," Olli Heinonen said in a paper he sent to Reuters on Friday. Read More

Chen Guangcheng 'safe' in US embassy

Blind campaigner evades close to 100 guards to escape from six-year detention but fears grow for family and supporters.

A blind Chinese rights activist who made a daring escape from extrajudicial detention was on Friday under the protection of the US embassy in Beijing, according to a friend, as concerns were growing about possible retribution against his family and supporters.

After more than six years of jail and house arrest, Chen Guangcheng was said to have fled under cover of darkness, evading eight checkpoints and close to 100 guards who have been watching his home in the Shandong province countryside.

A photograph released on Friday night shows him with a friend and fellow activist, Hu Jia, who said Chen was under US protection. "It is my understanding that Chen is in the safest place in China. That is the US embassy," said Hu.

If confirmed, the incident could overshadow a planned trip to Beijing next week by the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner.

It would be the second case this year of a high-profile figure seeking refuge at a US diplomatic office in China. In February, Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun fled to the US consulate in Chengdu claiming his life was threatened because of his investigation into the death of British businessman Neil Heywood. Read More

British Soldier Shot Dead In Afghanistan

A British soldier has been killed in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The soldier was serving as part of Combined Force Nahr-e-Saraj (North), on a patrol to disrupt insurgents when he was killed as a result of small arms fire.

Task Force Helmand spokesman Major Ian Lawrence said: "Sadly, I must report that a soldier from 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards has died of a gunshot wound sustained while on patrol in the Nahr-e-Saraj district of Helmand Province.

"The thoughts and prayers of all in the task force and combined force are with his family and friends at this tragic time."

The MoD said the soldier's family has been informed.

The battalion deployed to Helmand as part of Operation Herrick 16 and is scheduled to return to Britain in the autumn.

The Army said Operation Herrick 16 was designed to "push back" the Taliban. Read More

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake MAULE, CHILE - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has struck Maule, Chile at a depth of 41.6 km (25.9 miles), the quake hit at 17:58:23 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 38 km (23 miles) NNW of Talca, Maule, Chile
No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

H5N1 Flu Virus Could be 'Engineered' to Put Hundreds of Millions at Risk, Scientist Tells Homeland Security Committee....I'm sure they will say Sorry

If H5N1 bird flu, which has a 60-percent fatality rate, were engineered to spread like seasonal flu, hundreds of millions of lives would be at risk, a scientist told the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday.

“What happens if a mammalian transmissible H5N1 flu starts to spread?" Thomas Inglesby, CEO and director of the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, asked rhetorically in his testimony.

"Seasonal flu affects 10 to 20 percent of the world every year--as much as a billion people or more," said Inglesby. "The case fatality rate of wild H5N1 in the WHO database is nearly 60 percent, as you indicated. So if a strain of H5N1 with that fatality rate were engineered to spread like seasonal flu, hundreds of millions of people’s lives would be at risk. Even a strain a hundred times less fatal would place at risk millions of people’s lives." Read More

Deputy Minister Henk Bleker approved a permit for the publication of the research done by professor Ron Fouchier on the H5N1 bird flu virus

THE HAGUE — The Dutch government on Friday gave a top scientist the green light to publish a research paper in the United States on a mutant killer flu virus, following approval by a US panel of experts.

"Deputy Minister Henk Bleker approved a permit for the publication of the research done by professor Ron Fouchier on the H5N1 bird flu virus," his spokeswoman Cindy Heijdra told AFP.

Dutch approval comes after a panel of US science and security experts last month said two papers on the deadly flu should be published in the US-based Science journal, reversing an earlier decision to withhold key details.

Fouchier had to get permission first from the Dutch Department of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation -- in line with EU regulations -- because a risk existed that the H5N1 virus, as well as its research, "could be used for the wrong purposes", the Dutch department said in a statement.

"The minister gave the go-ahead after considering the risks and advantages of publishing the paper including the freedom of science and publication, national health and security," his spokeswoman Heijdra added.

Fouchier's team at Rotterdam's Erasmus Medical Centre last year announced the mutant version which showed how an engineered H5N1 flu virus could pass easily in the air between ferrets. A second team based in Wisconsin came to the same conclusion. Read More

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Bill CISPA

The controversial national cybersecurity bill known as CISPA was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday night, a full day ahead of when the vote was expected and despite the fact that it had received enormous criticism from Web user rights advocacy groups and the White House itself, which threatened to veto the bill a day earlier.

The full vote in favor of CISPA, which stands for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, was 248-168 along bipartisan lines.

“It was a great show of bipartisan support,” a House staffer who worked drafting the bill told TPM in a phone interview.

The cybersecurity bill, introduced by sponsors Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) and C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger (D-MD) in November 2011, is designed to allow intelligence agencies such as the NSA or the CIA to share information on national cybersecurity threats with private companies such as Facebook, and vice versa.

The legislation had been heavily criticized by the Obama Administration and advocacy groups including the American Civil Liberties Union for lacking adequate protection for Web user information and legal recourse of user information was shared. Read More

UK serial cat killer feared to have claimed 48th victim

LONDON - A mystery serial cat killer is suspected of claiming their 48th victim after another 14 pets died from anti-freeze poisoning in the same area.

It is feared that the recent spate of slayings may be the handiwork of the same person thought to be behind 34 other cat deaths in Somerset in the past few years.

All the cats are understood to have been killed by eating food laced with anti-freeze, which causes the animals to suffer a slow and painful death.

Police and animal welfare workers have previously investigated a series of similar cat deaths in Bridgwater and Stogursey, Somerset.

But pet owners and police fear the so-called "cold cat killer" is now targeting the feline population in nearby Taunton where the most recent deaths occurred.

All 14 cats have been found dead within one mile of each other in Priorswood, Taunton, in the past month and several more have been reported missing.

Concerned cat owners in the town have posted leaflets to over 100 homes warning them of the danger and have locked their pets indoors. Read More

Dead Bat Tests Positive for Rabies at Laguna Niguel Park‎

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (KTLA) -- A dead bat found at Laguna Niguel Regional Park has tested positive for rabies, Orange County health officials said.

The bat was found by a park ranger on a walkway near La Paz road around 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

The Orange County Health Agency is asking anyone who may have come into contact with the animal to contact them at (714) 834-8180.

The rabies virus, which can be fatal, is found in saliva and is spread through biting or broken skin.

Bats have small teeth, and their bites can often go unnoticed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death.

The early symptoms of rabies include fever, headache, and general weakness or discomfort. Read More

Locust spreads at 2 million hectares in Kazakhstan

Locust is spreading at two million hectares of Kazakhstan territory this year. Chairman of the Committee for State Inspection in Agro-Industry (Agroprom) of the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan Saktash Khasenov made this statement, reports.

"In 2012 National Center for Phytosanitary Diagnostics and Forecasts expects locusts to spread at the area of 1,977 thousand hectares (almost 2 million). In particular, calliptamus italicus is expected to spread at the area of 1,615.14 hectares, locusta migratoria - at 224.26 thousand hectares and Moroccan locust - at 137.97 thousand hectares," the Chairman of the committee said.

According to the Chairman of Agroprom Committee, more than 919 million tenge ($6.3 million) has been allocated to fight the insects this year; 300 million tenge ($2 million) of which is going to be spent on insecticides and 650 million tenge ($4.4 million) will go on chemical disinfection of the territory.

He pointed out that swarms of locust would be fully capable of flying on May 20-25 and preventative measures would finish on May 10-15, 2012. Read More

Milwaukee issues health alert for German measles

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The city of Milwaukee has issued a health alert after a cab driver was diagnosed with rubella.

Health officials want to get in touch with anyone who took a taxi with American United between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. from April 13 to 21. Any contact the driver may have had with a pregnant woman could endanger her unborn child.

Milwaukee Health Department director Paul Biedrzycki says birth defects, developmental delays and seizures can result from respiratory contact with a pregnant woman. Rubella, or German measles, can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or even talking in close proximity. Source

Wrangling hampers Libyan drive to try Gaddafi son

(Reuters) - Putting the son of fallen leader Muammar Gaddafi on trial on their own soil is a matter of national pride for Libya's leaders, but the lack of a properly functioning state is making it hard for them to convince the outside world they are up to the task.

Libya is standing firm on trying Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, once the heir apparent to his father's one-man rule. But so is the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, which indicted him in June for crimes against humanity stemming from the crackdown on last year's revolt.

On Monday Libya will outline to ICC judges in the Hague how it intends to try Saif al-Islam. If the court concludes that Libya cannot or will not try him, and is not cooperating with its own case, it can refer Tripoli to the U.N. Security Council.

Pressure is mounting on Tripoli to hand Saif al-Islam to the ICC as human rights groups question whether its justice system can meet the standards of international law. Libya has filed several appeals, requesting more time to make the case that it can try Saif-al Islam itself. Read More

'Cactus Jack' a small puppy that was stuck with cactus thorns, was adopted in Phoenix, Arizona.

L.A. riots 1992: When a city turned war zone

Spaniards fear life on the streets

Suicide bomber kills 10 in DAMASCUS....and we are to believe there are no terrorist among them

DAMASCUS, Syria — A suicide bomber blew himself up across the street from a mosque in the Syrian capital Friday, killing at least 10 people and wounding nearly 30, state TV said. Thousands of Syrians protested elsewhere to denounce persistent violence by President Bashar Assad's regime.

Three other smaller explosions also were reported in the capital, killing one person.

The violence was the latest blow to a peace plan brokered by special envoy Kofi Annan that called for a cease-fire to go into effect two weeks ago. The truce has been roundly ignored on the ground, and the UN has only 15 monitors in Syria who are trying to salvage it.

In New Delhi, UN chief Ban Ki-moon told reporters that the regime's continued repression of the civilian population "has reached an unacceptable, intolerable stage." Ban said he was "gravely alarmed" that killings continue, despite the regime's commitment to end violence and withdraw troops and tanks from population centres.

"This is in clear contravention to what the Syrian government has already agreed," Ban said. Read More

Note: All the articles ignore the fact that these bombs are killing police and civilians, including children, and instead concentrate on Assad breaking the peace deal....

What about the Terro....Rebels? Why is it alright for them to continue to kill civilians, security forces, and children? Do these people not matter?

Rebels carrying rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns and bombs have so far also ignored the peace progress but not one word has been mentioned in the mainstream media, even when experts have shown proof; the media appears determined to ignore this facet of the civil disturbance.

Peace works both ways, and a military is there to protect the country from armed invasion. Are they expected just to sit and watch while rebels blow up buildings, march through the streets with rocket launchers and machine guns?

James Allen was on court bail.....And murdered two people

A man suspected of killing two people in their own homes is a known drug user who had been released on court bail, the detective leading the manhunt has said.

James Allen has previous convictions for violence and has served a custodial sentence, Detective Chief Superintendent Gordon Lang told a press conference in Middlesbrough.

The 35-year-old suspect is being urgently sought by police following the separate murders of Julie Davison, 50, in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and 81-year-old Colin Dunford in Middlesbrough.

The detective said there had been a number of reported sightings of Allen in Middlesbrough, Scarborough and Whitby as detectives stepped up the manhunt.

He urged the suspect to give himself up, saying: "James Allen, stop now. Do the right thing. Consider the consequences. You have inflicted terrible injuries and death on two families. Stop and hand yourself in."

Mr Lang confirmed Allen was on court bail for an offence, although he did not disclose what it was. He also said that Allen had had contact with the probation services and was being investigated for other alleged offences, which he would also not disclose. Read More

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck Vancouver Island, Canada Region at a depth of 5 km (3.1 miles), the quake hit at 16:22:34 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 154 km (95 miles) West of Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake VANUATU - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake has struck Vanuatu at a depth of 71.5 km (44.4 miles), the quake hit at 15:22:58 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 106 km (65 miles) North of Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake TAIWAN - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has struck Taiwan at a depth of 46.9 km (29.1 miles), the quake hit at 14:48:35 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 24 km (14 miles) Southeast of Hualien, Taiwan
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Michael Green Arrested following a siege that sparked a major alert in Central London

A man has been arrested by police and led away from a building in Tottenham Court Road in central London, following a siege that sparked a major alert.

Hundreds of people were evacuated and one of the capital's busiest shopping streets closed when a man, named by Sky sources as Michael Green, entered a building at around midday.

He reportedly had gas canisters strapped to his body and threatened to blow himself up.

After a three-hour stand-off, the suspect was detained by police and officers have begun searching the premises. Read More

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION - 27th Apr 2012

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has struck Vancouver Island, Canada Region at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the quake hit at 12:52:47 UTC Friday 27th April 2012
The epicenter was 155 km (96 miles) West of Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

'Hostage Incident' At Tottenham Court Road

Snipers, explosive experts and a police negotiator are attending a potential hostage situation at Tottenham Court Road in central London.

There are reports that four people have been taken hostage at a building in one of the busiest parts of the capital.

The 50-year-old man is reported to be angry he did not get an HGV Licence.

He walked into the building about midday saying he had nothing to live for.

Police were called when the man was throwing computers, furniture and paper from the fifth floor of the building, called Shropshire House.

He is said to have a gas cannister tied to him and reportedly threatened to blow himself up.

The police negotiator has made contact with the man, but objects are being still being thrown from the window. Source

Falling home prices drag new buyers under water

(Reuters) - More than 1 million Americans who have taken out mortgages in the past two years now owe more on their loans than their homes are worth, and Federal Housing Administration loans that require only a tiny down payment are partly to blame.

That figure, provided to Reuters by tracking firm CoreLogic, represents about one out of 10 home loans made during that period.

It is a sobering indication the U.S. housing market remains deeply troubled, with home values still falling in many parts of the country, and raises the question of whether low-down payment loans backed by the FHA are putting another generation of buyers at risk.

As of December 2011, the latest figures available, 31 percent of the U.S. home loans that were in negative equity - in which the outstanding loan balance exceeds the value of the home - were FHA-insured mortgages, according to CoreLogic. Read More

Elite Afghan soldier kills U.S. special forces mentor

(Reuters) - An elite Afghan soldier shot dead an American mentor and his translator at a U.S. base, Afghan officials said on Friday, in the first rogue shooting blamed on the country's new and closely vetted special forces.

The soldier opened fire at an American military base on Wednesday in Shah Wali Kot district, in volatile Kandahar province, said General Abdul Hamid, the commander of Afghan army forces in the Taliban's southern heartland.

"The shooting took place after a verbal conflict where the Afghan special forces soldier opened fire and killed an American special forces member and his translator," Hamid told Reuters.

At least 18 foreign soldiers have died this year in 11 incidents of so-called green on blue shootings, which are an increasing worry for both NATO and Afghan commanders, eroding trust as Western combat troops look to leave the country in 2014. Read More

EU: Ukraine's Tymoshenko beaten in prison

(CNN) -- A top European Union official expressed concern Thursday about the condition of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, saying she was roughed up in prison.

Tymoshenko is serving a seven-year sentence after last year's conviction on a charge of abuse of authority.

The two-time prime minister said Tuesday she was beaten unconscious in prison last week, but the prosecutor said his office investigated her claim and found no proof to substantiate her allegations.

Thursday, however, the spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Tymoshenko's claim was confirmed.

"Today the Ukrainian Ombudsperson's Office confirmed that Ms. Tymoshenko was subjected to physical violence during the transfer from her cell to a hospital on 20 April," read a statement from Ashton's office.

Ashton called on Ukraine "to examine promptly and impartially any complaints of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment," according to the statement. Read More

Neil Heywood was Not a Spy working for Britain the foreign secretary said

(CNN) -- A U.K. businessman whose death is at the center of a huge political scandal in China was not a spy working for Britain, the foreign secretary said.

Neil Heywood was found dead in a hotel in the southwestern Chinese metropolis of Chongqing in November. The cause of death was reportedly ascribed to excessive alcohol consumption initially, and his body was cremated without an autopsy.

But Britain asked China in February to investigate the matter further after being informed of growing concern about Heywood's case.

The Chinese authorities have since put Gu Kailai -- the wife of the former Chongqing party chief, Bo Xilai -- under investigation in relation to Heywood's death. And Bo has been ousted from his top Communist Party posts and placed under investigation in connection with "serious discipline violations." Read More

Hostage negotiator sent to office disturbance on Tottenham Court Road

Police have been called to a potential hostage situation after one of the country's busiest shopping streets was closed.

Businesses and shoppers were evacuated from Tottenham Court Road in central London at midday.

Scotland Yard said it had sent a negotiator to the scene after reports of a man throwing furniture out of a window several floors up.

A spokesman said it was "too early to say if the suspect was armed or indeed had taken any hostages".

Joaqam Ramus, who works at nearby Cafe Fresco, said before being evacuated: "There was talk of a bomb and somebody having a hostage in a building.

"All Tottenham Court Road is closed and so are we - the police told us to shut.

"We don't know what it is but it seems someone has a hostage."

A spokesman for Transport for London could not confirm details of the ongoing operation but confirmed they were "aware of an incident". Read More