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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will Hunting had it right 14 years ago

Good Will Hunting and pertinent to the principles of liberty in its condemnation of killing people abroad who have done no harm to you personally. Taken to it's logical conclusion this belief should lead anybody who holds it to a pure libertarian position; though most won't, of course.

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - Top 5 Places Where Not To Be

Iraq vet and Wall Street insider turns OWS protester

Chinese Migrant Workers Face Uncertainty in Year of the Dragon

Chinese Regime Steps Up Police Presence in Xinjiang Region

Liuzhou City Residents Grabbing Bottled Water after Cadmium Discovery

Chinese Regime Forces Activist to Spy on HK Group

Henan Villagers Hold Wukan Style Land Grabs Protest

How doctors do harm

Helen, 50, was college educated, married, worked in middle management at a financial services company and had good health insurance.

She was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 1990. She saw doctors with some of the best reputations. After an appropriate surgery, she was given high dose chemotherapy with a bone marrow transplant.

The treatment almost killed her several times and she was hospitalized for nearly a year.

My book, "How We Do Harm," co-authored with Paul Goldberg describes the challenges that some ordinary Americans experience while trying to get quality health care.

In the book we show real examples, like Helen, of the irrationality of how medicine is practiced and consumed in the United States. We discuss those who do not get good care and those who suffer because of excessive and illogical health care. Both occur among the insured and the uninsured. Read More

Kenya's mentally ill locked up and forgotten

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) -- The tin shack looks like any other in a patch of small plots on the dusty outskirts of Nairobi. It's the haunting sound that grabs you, the awful moaning and cries coming from within.

It's Thomas Matoke's home. But it's more like a cell. Matoke, 33, is tied to a steel bedframe with a piece of blue rope. He's surrounded by pools of his urine, his mattress soiled and ripped to shreds.

His moans are interrupted when he chews his hand or the bedframe. He can't speak to tell his mother what he wants or feels. He's alone in his world of screams and agony.

He's been like this for 30 years.

Matoke got ill when he was a toddler and lost much of his high-level functioning. So his mother ties him up to prevent him from running away or hurting himself. Read More

Kenya doctor fights mental health stigma in 'traumatized continent'

As Kenya's leading psychiatrist, Frank Njenga has been championing the cause of better mental health care on the east African country and the continent for more than three decades.

He's been working tirelessly to bring quality mental health care in a country where mentally disabled people receive little help from the state and face massive stigma from society.

"It's a horrible indictment on what we've done but the truth and reality is that very little has been done systematically and deliberately by government or by ourselves to bring up the level of mental health in this part of the world," says Njenga.

In Kenya, an estimated three million, mostly poor, people live with intellectual and mental disabilities, according to NGO and United Nations figures. At the same time, the ratio of psychiatrists to the population is dismal -- just one psychiatrist to half a million people. Read More

Cutting sugar cane, falling ill in Central America

Medical research has uncovered what some are calling a new epidemic in Central America.

It's confined to the Pacific coast of Central America, where in the past few years, nearly 3,000 young men have died from an unusual form of chronic kidney disease.

The condition is not unusual, but the cause is a mystery according to Sasha Chavkin.

He's a journalist who's written for Mother Jones and The Nation. And he investigated this medical phenomenon for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. He joined Rick from New York City. Read More

Economy unexpectedly shrank in November: Canada

Canada's economy contracted slightly in November, bringing the annual pace of growth down to two per cent.

On a monthly basis, the economy contracted 0.1 per cent in November, Statistics Canada said Tuesday. That came on the heels of a flat monthly showing in October.

The weak showing overall was below the 0.2 per cent monthly gain that economists were expecting. It was also the first contraction in six months.

"The downside surprise was almost entirely due to one sector — oil and gas extraction fell 2.5 per cent," BMO chief economist Doug Porter said.

Crude oil production fell because of maintenance shutdowns, which presumably will soon be reversed, Porter noted. But lower natural gas output also hurt "and there’s not much hope for a quick turn there," he said. Read More

Great Lakes may separate from Mississippi River

Groups representing states and cities in the Great Lakes region have drafted a plan to separate the lakes from the Mississippi River watershed in the Chicago area.

The backers describe the plan as the only sure way to protect both aquatic systems from invasions by destructive species such as Asian carp.

The plan has an estimated cost of up to $9.5 billion US and centres on two drainage basins constructed more than a century ago.

Scientists say they are the likeliest route for menacing carp to reach the lakes, where they could destabilize food webs and threaten a valuable fishing industry.

Tim Eder, director of the Great Lakes Commission, says the Great Lakes have "suffered immensely because of invasive species" and "we have to put a stop to this."

The US Army Corps of Engineers is already conducting its own study of how to close 18 potential pathways between the two systems, including the Chicago waterways. Read More

Egypt's Christians fear hard times under Islamist party

Coptic Christians make up 11 to 15 per cent of Egypt's population and are the largest Christian community in the Middle East. The Zabbaleen, known in Arabic as 'the garbage collectors,' are one of the largest single concentrations of Coptics in the country.

For decades, the Zabbaleen have served as the city's unofficial trash collectors and are no strangers to hard living conditions.

Nearly eight generations of Zabbaleen have lived this way, harvesting garbage from Cairo's streets and businesses. Using donkey carts, and more recently pickup trucks, they transport mountains of refuse back to their communities in the hills to be sorted and eventually sold.

Father Samaan Ibrahim is head of the Samaan Church, which presides over the Zabbaleen's 'garbage city.' Built in the 1970s, the church has supported many of the social services that are vital to the Zabbaleen people.

Like many in Egypt, Samaan is uneasy about the future. Sectarian attacks have increased over the past year and conditions in the community have not improved even after the fall of Hosni Mubarak's government. Read More

Fukushima pet rescue

United Kennel Club Japan works to rescue pets that were abandoned during last year's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis. Source

Senegal braces for further protests

Demonstrations in Dakar planned after two people shot dead amid anger sparked by court backing for Wade re-election bid.

Senegal is bracing for more demonstrations on Tuesday, a day after at least two people were reportedly shot dead in confrontations between protesters and police, as opposition parties vowed to continue agitation against President Abdoulaye Wade's controversial bid for a third term.

Leaders of the opposition June 23 Movement, known as M23, and civil society groups called for "a peaceful gathering" on Tuesday at 3:00pm local time [1500 GMT] in Colobane, a suburb of the capital Dakar where a rally on Friday turned violent leading to the death of one policeman.

Mor Ngom, of the June 23 Movement of opposition parties and civil society opposed to Wade's elections plans, said on Tuesday afternoon that authorities had "accepted" their application to hold a mass rally. The statement from the organisers came after the interior ministry had earlier said that that the opposition had not gained authorisation to hold a rally.

The two deaths were reported in protests by M23 supporters in the northern town of Podor, though details of the incident remained sketchy. Reports suggested those killed were a 17-year-old protester and a 60-year-old female bystander. Read More

Christians 'face deportation' in Saudi Arabia

Rights group says dozens of Ethiopian Christians have been arrested and could be deported for "illegal mingling".

Dozens of Ethiopian Christians are facing deportation from Saudi Arabia after authorities raided a private prayer service in Jeddah, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The group was reportedly arrested in a private home in Jeddah in mid-December. Most of the 35 detainees are women, and three of them told the US-based group that they were strip-searched by police.

HRW said it spoke to three detainees, two women and one man, by telephone from prison.

One of them said the men were beaten, and also complained of inadequate medical care and poor sanitation at the jail.

"Two of the women said that officials there forced the women to strip, and then an officer inserted her finger into each of the women’s genitals, under the pretext of searching for illegal substances hidden inside their bodies," the report said.

"Officers also kicked and beat the men in Buraiman prison, and insulted them as 'unbelievers'."

The group now faces possible deportation for "illicit mingling," though HRW said Saudi Arabia has no law defining that offence.

Unrelated men and women are forbidden to mingle in public, though they are generally allowed a degree of freedom in private. Read More

"Bonus waiver a sad day for capitalism": A total lack of understanding of greed?

The announcement on Sunday night that Stephen Hester, the Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive, had bowed to political pressure in the UK and decided to waive his bonus -- worth £963,000 ($1.5M) in shares -- will turn out to be a very sad day for commercial democracy.

The UK taxpayer, through the government, owns 82% of RBS, after bailing it out in 2008. If there had been any concern about the democratic process, then UK Financial Investments -- which manages the government-aided financial institutions -- and the UK Treasury should have filled the RBS board with their appointees at the time, rather than rely on commercial appointments under the chairmanship of Philip Hampton.

Hampton's credentials as RBS chairman look exemplary to me: he is formerly chairman of retail giant J Sainsbury, finance director of BG Group and holds board positions at Lloyds Bank and BG Group. If ever a person is qualified to make sure the job was being done, then Hampton is as good a candidate as any. He took a personal decision at the weekend to waive his own bonus -- but that probably did not help Hester's cause. There is very little correlation between the role and the remuneration of a chairman and a CEO. A chairman's job is to make sure that the board's policy is complied with: the CEO's job is to form that policy and execute it. Read More

Prison slaves: China is the world's factory, but does a dark secret lurk behind this apparent success story?

Once an isolationist communist state, over the last 20 years China has become the world's biggest exporter of consumer goods. But behind this apparent success story is a dark secret - millions of men and women locked up in prisons and forced into intensive manual labour.

China has the biggest penal colony in the world - a top secret network of more than 1,000 slave labour prisons and camps known collectively as "The Laogai". And the use of the inmates of these prisons - in what some experts call "state sponsored slavery" - has been credited with contributing to the country's economic boom.

In this episode, former inmates, many of whom were imprisoned for political or religious dissidence without trial, recount their daily struggles and suffering in the "dark and bitter" factories where sleep was a privilege. Read More

Egyptian Football Riot: At least 74 people have been killed and 1,000 injured

At least 74 people have been killed and 1,000 injured after a football pitch invasion in Egypt, according to reports.

Clashes are said to have broken out as fans flooded the field seconds after the game in the northern coastal city of Port Said finished.

There were reports of rocks, bottles, flares and fireworks being thrown as politicians in the country criticised a lack of security at the match.

Doctors treating the victims said some had been stabbed to death. One player caught up in the rioting described it as "a war".

Troops have now been deployed on the streets and dozens of people have been arrested.

Witnesses said most of the deaths involved people who had been trampled in the crush of panicked crowds, or who fell from terraces. Read More

5.0 Magnitude Earthquake WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND - 2nd Feb 2012

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake has struck West of Macquarie Island at a depth of 10.3 km (6.4 miles), the quake hit at 02:48:06 UTC Thursday 2nd February 2012
The epicenter was 2007 km (1247 miles) SSW of Dunedin, New Zealand
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake SEA OF JAPAN - 2nd Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has struck the Sea of Japan at a depth of 376.6 km (234 miles), the quake hit at 00:31:03 UTC Thursday 2nd February 2012
The epicenter was 179 km (111 miles) WNW of Kanazawa, Honshu, Japan
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake EASTER ISLAND REGION - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has struck the Easter Island Region at a depth of 10.1 km (6.3 miles), the quake hit at 21:43:48 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 507 km (315 miles) SSW of Hanga Roa, Easter Island
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake LIAONING, CHINA - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.6 earthquake has struck Liaoning, China at a depth of 38.3 km (23.8 miles), the quake hit at 21:17:00 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 25 km (15 miles) SSE of Yingkou, Liaoning, China
No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Papau New Guinea: Ferry Sinks Carrying 350 People

The Australian prime minister Julia Gillard says a ferry with 350 on board has sunk off Papua New Guinea.

Australia's foreign office said it "has responded to a request for assistance by arranging for aircraft to overfly the area, and will respond to other requests".

Rescuers have pulled some survivors from the water but there has been no confirmation of any casualties yet.

Star Ships said it had lost contact with the MV Rabaul Queen at about 6am on Thursday (8pm GMT on Wednesday) while travelling between Kimbe and Lae in the east of the Pacific nation.

"Bad weather, I think (it is) believed to have sunk," Star Ships spokesman John Whitney said.

More to follow...

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Facebook files for $5 billion IPO: The very notion of freedom shudders

At long last, the Holy Grail of Internet IPOs is here. Facebook filed Wednesday to raise $5 billion in an initial public offering.

In 2011, Facebook earned $1 billion on sales of $3.7 billion. As of December 31, Facebook had 845 million monthly active users.

The company crossed the line into profitability in 2009, five years after it launched in founder Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard dorm room. Facebook earned $229 million that year on sales of $777 million, and has remained profitable ever since.

It's not yet known on which stock exchange Facebook will trade, through it said it plans to use the ticker symbol "FB."

Facebook will likely re-file its paperwork several times over the coming months. Those updates will add more details and could even restate some of the financial information detailed in Wednesday's filing. more

Hey you! Don't be a sheep!

WikiLeaks buying boat to move servers offshore?

Well, this is something you don't hear every day.

WikiLeaks investors are currently working on completing a deal to buy a boat that would house the controversial site's servers in international waters, Fox News is reporting today, citing sources.

By moving the servers offshore, WikiLeaks, which currently has servers in Sweden and Iceland, among other countries, believes that it will be able to evade U.S. law enforcement and save its founder Julian Assange from prosecution.

According to Fox News, one of its sources "within the hacker community" said that by moving the servers offshore, the site would be governed by maritime law, making Assange "safe" from prosecution.

"He's not an idiot," the source reportedly said of Assange to Fox News. "He's actually very smart."

Assange has been in U.S. law enforcement crosshairs ever since his organization released classified information, including a boatload of military and State Department files and diplomatic cables. In July 2010, the Defense Department announced that it was investigating WikiLeaks, but cautioned that it wasn't "focused on any one, specific, individual."

However, in December 2010, the U.S. government changed its tune, saying that Assange could not be protected as a journalist and noted that there was a chance he could be charged in the U.S. Read More

Egypt Football Pitch Invasion Leaves at least 70 Dead and Hundreds more Injured

At least 50 people have been killed after a football pitch invasion in Egypt, according to reports.

Clashes are said to have broken out as fans flooded the field seconds after the game in the northern coastal city of Port Said finished. Some reports say the death toll is as high as 73.

Health officials said hundreds more had been injured amid reports of rocks, bottles, flares and fireworks being thrown.

It is being described as one of the worst incidents of sports violence seen in Egypt in decades.

As details of the violence emerged, a football match in Cairo was called off in mourning - and television footage showed sections of the stadium on fire. An announcer said the blazes had been started by fans angry over the cancellation.

A security official and a medic in Port Said said fans of the home team, Al Masry, swarmed the field after a rare 3-1 win against Al Ahly, Egypt's top team.

They threw missiles at other fans and injured some players.

A medic at a morgue in the city said some of the dead were security officers. The causes of the deaths were not immediately known.

Some players were taken to a locker room for protection, a player, Sayed Hamdi, told state TV.

More to follow...

London Shooting near Underground; Manhunt Launched after Man Shot Dead close to the Turnpike Lane Tube station on the Piccadilly line

Police are hunting a killer who shot dead a man in his 30s near a north London underground station.

The attack happened close to the Turnpike Lane Tube station on the Piccadilly line, Scotland Yard said.

There were earlier reports that a suspect had been arrested over the shooting but that was later denied.

Langham Road was cordoned off by police and a number of officers, including forensics, remained at the scene.

A member of staff at the nearby Elizabeth Ross Hair and Beauty salon said the victim was a Turkish man.

The employee, who declined to give her name, said she emerged from the shop to see a woman crying and a large police presence. Read More

Mark Berndt: $23 million bond set for teacher accused of 'bondage' photos of kids

Bond was set at $23 million Wednesday for a Los Angeles elementary school teacher who allegedly took bondage photos of more than two dozen students in his classroom -- $1 million for each of the 23 counts he faces of lewd acts on a child.

The 400 photographs collected by investigators include some showing suspected semen-filled spoons at the children's mouths, a sheriff's investigator said.

Mark Berndt, 61, appeared briefly before a Los Angeles judge for his initial court appearance Wednesday morning, represented by a court-appointed public defender.

His next court appearance was set for February 21.

Authorities arrested Berndt at his home Monday, and charged him with the 23 felony counts. Read More

Don Cornelius, 'Soul Train' founder dead of gunshot wound

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Don Cornelius, the founder of the "Soul Train" television show, was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head Wednesday, authorities said. He was 75.

Cornelius died of a gunshot wound at a house on Mulholland Drive, said Los Angeles police Officer Tenesha Dodine. Police responded to the call about 4 a.m. (7 a.m. ET), Dodine said.

Cornelius was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, according to Lt. Larry Dietz of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.

Los Angeles police investigators reported to the coroner that Cornelius died from a "self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head," coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter said. The coroner's office will perform an autopsy to confirm the cause of death. Read More

Syria deaths rise as U.N. prepares fresh response

Syria on Wednesday, opposition activists said, as diplomats at the United Nations prepare to debate once again how to respond to the mounting crisis in the country.

The number killed in Wadi Barada, in the Damascus suburbs, climbed to 36, according to the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, an opposition group that organizes and documents demonstrations.

The other deaths occurred elsewhere in the region around Damascus and in Homs, where 15 people were killed, Daraa, Idlib and Qamishli, the Local Coordination Committees said.

The latest casualties include six army defectors who were killed during clashes with government forces in the Damascus suburbs, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, another opposition activist group. Read More

3.4 Magnitude Earthquake SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 3.4 earthquake has struck Southern California at a depth of 22.6 km (14 miles), the quake hit at 19:05:05 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 7 km (4 miles) South of Brawley, California
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

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Rocks from ancient eruption show volcanoes give us 100 years 'warning' they're going to blow

Volcanoes could give us a detectable 'warning' decades before they erupt, say geologists.

Stones from an eruption 3,500 years ago in Greece hint that magma beneath the ground had been running into the magma chamber for 100 years before a huge eruption.

The 'warning' was no help to the Bronze Age civilisation surrounding Santorini - but seismologists could now use it to monitor supervolcanoes for imminent eruptions.

The Santorini volcano in the Greek Islands lay dormant for 18,000 years before an enormous eruption 3,500 years ago, said New Scientist.

The eruption may have contributed to the collapse of the Minoan civilisation, a Bronze Age civilisation in Crete.

magma began flooding into the magma chamber 100 years before the eruption.

If this is a process that is repeated in most volcanic eruptions, it's one that could be detected by geologists.

Seismic monitoring could, in theory, spot signs that magma is moving into the magma chamber - and we could even test 'dormant' supervolcanoes such as Yellowstone for signs of activity. Read More

19-mile crack in the ice breaking away from Antarctica

Link An astonishing photograph taken from outer-space illustrates how an iceberg the size of New York is close to breaking off from Antarctica.

A 19-mile crack in Pine Island Glacier's ice is clearly visible, leading some scientists to speculate that the world's biggest berg could soon be on the move.

The picture, taken by NASA's Terra spacecraft in November 2011 but only released today, shows how the crack is quickly growing. Just a month before it was only 18 miles long.

Pine Island is a huge 30-mile 'tongue' of ice snaking out from the Hudson Mountains to the Amundsen Sea.

It drains the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and last calved a significant iceberg in 2001. The crack was first photographed by NASA's Operation Ice Bridge last year. Read More

Cannibal who ate head of former lover proposes to Satan-worshipping vampire girlfriend behind bars of psychiatric unit

Sweden's most evil couple - a cannibal and a Satan-worshipping vampire - have applied to get married behind the bars of their secure psychiatric hospital.

Isakin Jonsson, 33, has asked human vampire Michelle Gustafsson, 23, to join him in unholy matrimony in a move that has shocked the country.

He killed mother-of-five Helle Christensen - his girlfriend at the time - by cutting her head off, eating parts of her body and then boasting about it on the Internet.

She stabbed a single father to death and then drank his blood - posing in a picture online, before her arrest, with blood dripping from her lips, holding a power saw and a knife. Read More

Egypt football violence At Least 25 Killed

At least 25 people have been killed in fan clashes following a football match in the Egyptian city of Port Said, reports from Egypt say.

Reports said the deaths occurred after supporters invaded the pitch following a match between top-tier clubs Masry and Ahly on Wednesday.

A number of people were also said to be injured in the violence.

Some of the dead in Wednesday's clashes were security officers, the Associated press quoted a morgue official saying. Source

Boy survives after slipping out of ski lift and falls 25ft into arms of rescuers

A boy was dramatically rescued by strangers after sliding out of a chair lift on a ski slope and left dangling 25 feet in the air.

He was spotted gripping on to his father's hand below the chair at 2.45pm on Sunday and a crowd quickly gathered to try to catch him.

The ski lift at the Hidden Valley Ski & Snowboard Area was suspended during the rescue in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

Matt Roeser, 42, from Green Bay, was inside the chalet nearby at the family-run slope.

He told MailOnline today: 'The boy was lucky, rescuers got to him immediately. They figured the best way to save him was for him to let go of his father's hand and they catch him.

'He fell into the arms of those below and was not injured. The boy was pretty shaken but more embarrassed. He took a little while to recover but got back on the chair lift and skied the rest of the day.'

The incident happened on the same day that a young woman died after falling for a chair lift while skiing in Park City, Utah.

The 19-year-old college student has not been identified as police were trying to contact her family.

The teenager's death comes just ten days after Olympic freestyle skiier Sarah Burke died on the same mountain due to a fall sustained while performing a trick. Read More

Amy Winehouse's Family considering legal action after coroner at her inquest resigns because she did not have the correct qualifications

Amy Winehouse's family says it is seeking legal advice after the coroner who oversaw the singer's inquest resigned because she did not have the required qualifications for the job - raising the possibility the investigation may have to be held again.

In October, Suzanne Greenaway ruled that the soul singer had died from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Greenaway had been appointed an assistant deputy coroner in London by her husband, Inner North London Coroner Andrew Reid.

But she resigned in November after authorities learned she had not been a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as required.

She had practised law for a decade in her native Australia.

Her resignation was not made public until today. Read More

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake KURIL ISLANDS - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake has struck the Kuril Islands at a depth of 59.2 km (36.8 miles), the quake hit at 17:08:17 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 378 km (234 miles) ENE of Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake has struck off the Coast of Honshu, Japan at a depth of 35 km (21.7 miles), the quake hit at 16:48:57 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 316 km (196 miles) East of Iwaki, Honshu, Japan
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.7 Magnitude Earthquake VANUATU - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has struck Vanuatu at a depth of 239.6 km (148.9 miles), the quake hit at 16:20:35 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 93 km (57 miles) NNE of PORT-VILA, Efate, Vanuatu
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

Tripoli Battle?: Gun Battle In Centre Of Libya's Capital City

Rival militia groups have been locked in a gun battle in a coastal area near the centre of Libyan capital Tripoli.

Exchanges of heavy and light weapons could be heard coming from the area of El Saadi beach, a reporter at the scene said.

The fighting was located near the beach house of slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saadi.

Some witnesses were reported saying the militias were competing for control of Saadi's house. Read More

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake PAGAN REGION, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake has struck the Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands at a depth of 232.4 km (144.4 miles), the quake hit at 15:57:22 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 35 km (21 miles) WNW of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake NEAR THE COAST OF ECUADOR - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake has struck near the Coast of Ecuador at a depth of 56.2 km (34.9 miles), the quake hit at 15:38:16 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 76 km (47 miles) West of Tumaco, Colombia
No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake NEVADA - 1st Feb 2012

A magnitude 4.3 earthquake has struck Nevada at a depth of 0 km (0 miles), the quake hit at 14:40:31 UTC Wednesday 1st February 2012
The epicenter was 22 km (14 miles) SSW of Wells, Nevada
No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time