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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Five A", the Evidence of Bo Xilai's Coup Exposed

Bo Xilai, former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary
for Chongqing, was recently detained, interrogated and transferred to the judiciary department for trial.
Bo was suspected of more serious crimes,
which have subsequently been exposed.
Overseas Chinese media quoted sources,
stating Bo Xilai launched a "Five A" project.
This project focused on a total
take over of power in the regime.
Reports also pointed out that the CCP is investigating
evidence of Bo Xilai's involvement in murder. This includes organ harvesting.
Knowledge of these crimes isn't new, so why
are some media focusing on this now?
Analysts think that this confirms Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao
and Xi Jinping will continue their actions after arresting Bo.
Media reports that Bo is involved in live organ harvesting
is to "abandon the vehicle to save the commander".

Reports are emerging that Bo Xilai
launched a project called "Five A".
The project aimed to attack senior leaders of the CCP,
which including a number of dissident officials.
It also targeted a major TV station, a number of websites,
newspapers, as well as a group of netizen commentators.

Sources are quoted as saying that from 2007, Bo Xilai
hired a number of writers and media to attack Wen Jiabao.
These were preparing to comprehensively
slandering the CCP leadership in the future. Read More