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Sunday, October 28, 2012

COMING CRISIS ALERT: Hurricane Sandy moves to pummel Eastern Seaboard via "super storm"

UPDATE: November 1, 2012

Hurricane passed. Alert lifted.

UPDATE: October 29, 2012

Atlantic City is currently "mostly under water".

UPDATE: October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has begun landfall. 700,000+ are currently without power, and major cities are continuing their evacuations. Massive flooding has begun to take place along the Eastern Seaboard.

Hurricane Sandy, as well as an arctic cold front moving down from Canada, will soon merge into a "perfect storm" over the Eastern half of the North American continent. This is set to take place in just a few hours, when Sandy will begin to make landfall.

Mandatory evacuations have begun in New York, and the entire New York transit system will be shut down as of 7pm this evening, in just 30 minutes. All large vessels in New York harbour have been ordered out to sea in hopes of avoiding the coming hurricane.

Alerts, evacuations, state of emergency declarations and preparations have taken place in all states along the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The Canadian Red Cross has issued an alert statement that residents of Ontario and Eastern Canada have three days' worth of food and water on hand in the event of an emergency scenario.

The last time a hurricane arrived there was a great amount of hype and worry, and just like that instance, this too may simply fizzle out. Erring on the side of caution, especially since this "super storm" will cover at least one third of the United States and Canada, we would like to issue the following emergency instructions:


1. If you have not already acquired these items, immediately procure a three days' supply of food, water and essential medicines. The most important of these items is fresh water, as flooding may contaminate public drinking water systems and reservoirs.

2. Consider temporarily abandoning the Eastern coastline or low-lying areas to avoid the initial and strongest impact of the hurricane and flooding. If you cannot, secure doors and windows, and place all essential items and supplies in the upper floors of buildings.

3. Stay close to your radio and television should emergency instructions be issued. In the event of a power and communications disruption, a radio is your best bet.


I'm currently inside this super storm area, and should it manifest into something beyond our control, there is a chance I could be temporarily cut off from the Coming Crisis due a loss of power or telecommunications. In the event this should happen, all control will revert to Lynsey, who will continue to keep you updated on the news.