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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tsunami may flood 35 local gov't buildings in Nankai Trough quake, Japan

The main office buildings of at least 35 local governments across Japan are at risk of being submerged by tsunami in the event of a massive earthquake in the Nankai Trough, the Mainichi has learned.

The Mainichi Shimbun interviewed local governments in areas from the Kanto through Kyushu regions expected to be affected by the next Nankai Trough earthquake according to Cabinet Office projections released on Aug. 29. The interviews revealed that the main office buildings of at least 35 municipal governments in eight prefectures were likely to be flooded by tsunami waters to a depth of more than a meter.

As many local governments' regional disaster-prevention plans stipulate that disaster countermeasures headquarters be set up at their main buildings, it is necessary for those local governments to relocate their main offices to upland areas or secure alternative bases.

According to the flood hazard map and Mainichi interviews, in the worst-case scenario the local government offices in 12 cities and 23 towns in Shizuoka, Mie, Wakayama, Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi, Oita and Miyazaki prefectures would see floodwaters of more than a meter. Furthermore, floodwaters more than five meters deep are expected in the Mie Prefecture town of Kihoku and the Ehime Prefecture town of Ikata, while Nakatosa, Kochi Prefecture, could be flooded to a depth of more than 10 meters. Some municipalities, however, have yet to confirm whether areas under their jurisdiction will be submerged or not. Read More