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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten thousand square miles of Californians is attacked by mysterious disgusting smell of rotten eggs

Southern California was plagued with a strong smell of rotten eggs on Monday, leaving officials scrambling to discover the source of the unpleasant phenomenon.

Investigators from the South Coast Air Quality Management District sent officials all over the region in an attempt to track the stench after being flooded with 200 complaints spread over an area of 10,000 square miles, said spokesman Barry Wallerstein.

Mr Wallerstein said 'several factors' indicate the odour could be coming from the Salton Sea, a 376-square-mile saltwater lake about 150 miles southeast of Los Angeles, but there is no definitive answer yet.

'The odour was extremely intense,' said Janis Dawson of the Salton Sea Authority. 'We actually thought that somebody had an accident, a broken sewage main, that's how strong it was.'

The dying sea, a major resting stop for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway, has been plagued by increasing salinity. Created in 1905 when floodwaters broke through a Colorado River irrigation canal, it is expected to shrink significantly by 2018 and become even saltier.

The sea had a fish die-off within the past week and that, combined with strong storms in the area late Sunday, could have churned up the water and unleashed bacteria from the sea floor that caused the stench, said Ms Dawson. Read More