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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Striking Workers March On South Africa Mine

More than 500 miners have marched on a South African platinum mine, waving sticks and pictures of 34 colleagues shot dead by police.

Police helicopters have been flying overhead and officers in armoured vehicles watched as the protesters made their way from the illegal shantytown where they live to the Lonmin mine in Marikana.

Sky's special correspondent Alex Crawford, reporting from the mine, said: "The police have formed a barricade across the road to prevent them from getting any further.

"The miners want to go to the entrance of the mine and to try and persuade the 6% of the workers who are still working to join the strike.

"The police had been unable to stop them. The police held their hands up and said, 'Stop, stop', but they marched straight past them."

Police took five representatives of the workers to the fence of the Karee shaft to speak to management on the other side, while the others sat about 400 metres away. Read More