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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Putin orders Stalinesque upgrade of Russia's military hardware

Vladimir Putin has ordered the modernisation of Russia's armaments on the same scale as achieved by Stalin at the height of his reign of terror.

The Kremlin leader made clear he was tired of Western jibes about the country's outdated firepower as displayed at annual Red Square parades.

He is even thought to have reference the former dictators era as he told top security officials: 'We must modernise our defence industry as comprehensively as it was done in the 1930s.'

He rapped his defence chiefs for failing to draw up plans to meet his ambitious demands for a giant leap forward in Russia's military capability which has slipped since the end of the Cold War.

Stalin developed Soviet firepower in the 1930s after revolutionising the country's outmoded tsarist-era industry. Read More