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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man dressed as 'The Joker' arrested at movie theater

A man dressed as The Joker walked into a Brevard County movie theater on Wednesday and was arrested, WFTV reporter Kevin Oliver learned.

A movie-goer at the Premiere Oaks Theater called police after seeing 21-year-old Christopher Sides in full Joker makeup and with bright red hair.

There were no weapons found on Sides, police said.

Authorities said Sides was arrested due to an outstanding warrant against him. source

Thoughts: Once again, just like the James Holmes case, a peculiar piece of information emerges. Both men were apparently "dressed like the joker". However, both men had "bright red hair", and yet the Joker character doesn't have red hair, he has green hair. Why this is being overlooked, and why this is all being associated with "Batman" is strange indeed.