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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gary Giordano sued by insurance company to void policy he took out on missing and presumed dead travel partner

'Cashing in': Gary Giordano (left), the sole suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner in Aruba, has filed a lawsuit to claim $3.5 million in a life insurance policy he took out on her before the trip

American Express is suing Aruba murder suspect Gary Giordano who was detained for months at the resort after his traveling partner disappeared.

The federal lawsuit seeks to void a travel insurance policy that Giordano, of Gaithersburg, took out in Robyn Gardner's name before their trip.

The suit says the policy is void because Giordano and Gardner aren't married, aren't related and weren't business partners.

Giordano was taken into custody after Gardner went missing in Aruba last year. He has said she was swept out to sea while the pair was snorkeling.

A judge ordered him released in November because of a lack of evidence. He is being represented by Jose Baez - who became famous after representing Casey Anthony in the murder trial of her daughter Caylee.

Giordano has already sued an American Express subsidiary to collect on the policy.
The very existence of the accidental death insurance policy made police suspicious of Giordano, who was named as the beneficiary. It was also deemed unusual to take out a policy for a week-long trip. Read More