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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dutch show growing annoyance with EU....Pick a Number get in Line

The smartly dressed elderly man tilted his head back, opened his mouth, and lowered a raw slimy fish down the back of his throat.

The women running the herring counter at Dordrecht market were doing a roaring trade, cutting off heads, slicing open the fish, cleaning them up.

The youngest of them paused for a moment to consider what for her was the most important issue in Wednesday's general election.

"We should get out of the European Union. We pay too much money for other countries."

Was it a coincidence that her platinum blonde hair bore a remarkable resemblance to that of the leader and founder of the right-wing nationalist Freedom Party - Geert Wilders?

Mr Wilders has been campaigning on exactly that issue. Ditch the euro, bring back the old Dutch guilder. Get out of the European Union.

For a country that has been at the heart of European integration efforts almost ever since World War II ended, that might appear to be political suicide. Read More

Note: This badly written article by the BBC is an example of the trash they want you to believe about Europeans and why we don't want to be in the EURO. The fact is there is allot more to it than that.

And as the young girl having Blond Hair, you will find that most Dutch are Blond and has nothing to do with Geert Wilders