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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blaze at India fireworks factory kills at least 40

NEW DELHI (AP) — A massive blaze raged for hours at a fireworks factory in southern India, killing at least 40 workers and injuring 60 Wednesday, police said.

Large amounts of firecrackers and raw materials had been stored in the Om Siva Shakti factory with major Hindu festivals weeks away.
Police officer Najmul Huda said rescue workers and firefighters initially could not get into the building as the fire raged, triggering deafening explosions of firecrackers.

Workers fled the area, but many were killed as they waited at a nearby warehouse which also caught fire and exploded, Huda told reporters.

The Press Trust of India news agency said that about 300 people were working in the factory and 52 died.

Huda said authorities had suspended the factory's license a day earlier after finding major safety violations. The management, however, operated the factory illegally on Wednesday, he said. Read More