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Monday, August 27, 2012

West Papua resistance losing fight for freedom

Resistance leaders in the restive Indonesian region of West Papua say they are losing their struggle for independence as authorities step up a decades-long campaign of abuse and intimidation.

After almost 50 years of Indonesian rule, the reins of control are being pulled tighter than ever, with human rights groups saying the frequency and ferocity of abuse is on the rise.

There are even claims that an elite counter-terrorism unit, one that has been funded and trained by Australia, is operating in West Papua where it is accused of targeting and killing independence leaders.

The ABC's Hayden Cooper went undercover in the secretive Indonesian provinces, where he discovered a police state operating with impunity.

The sheer scale of the police and military presence is obvious from the moment of arrival in the ruggedly beautiful region - a treasure trove of mineral wealth and a place where two vibrant cultures meet and struggle for the right to rule. Read More