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Friday, August 17, 2012

US warns nationals of risk of attacks in Lebanon

BEIRUT — The United States warned Friday that its nationals face increased threats in Lebanon, where security fears have mounted after a spate of mass kidnappings linked to the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

The US statement came after several countries in the oil-rich Gulf ordered their nationals to leave Lebanon because of threats against them, particularly Saudis and Qataris whose governments back the rebellion in Syria.

"The US embassy has received reports of an increased possibility of attacks against US citizens in Lebanon," the embassy said in a statement.

"Possible threats include kidnapping, the potential for an upsurge in violence, the escalation of family or neighbourhood disputes, as well as US citizens being the target of terrorist attacks in Lebanon."

The embassy also announced the suspension of the State Department's flagship Fulbright and English Language Fellow programmes in Lebanon, cutting short research projects and teaching grants for US university students and educators in Lebanon.

"Embassy personnel remain under strict travel restrictions, and all US citizens are urged to take additional security precautions," it said. Read More