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Friday, August 17, 2012

Teenager who used fake ID with picture of a CARTOON CHARACTER to buy alcohol at SIX different shops

The face may look familiar to viewers of the Channel 4 television show, King of the Hill.

But salesman behind counters in Nottinghamshire failed to notice the cartoon character on the fake identity card was Bobby King. And the age given on the document was only 17.

However in an undercover operation by trading standards, a teenager using this ID card successfully purchased alcohol six times.

More than half of the 22 shops tested by the county council trading standards operation either served the teenager alcohol without asking for identification, or accepted fake ID, even though it identified that he was underage.

A total of seven stores failed to ask for identification and six checked his false ID card but still sold him the alcohol.

The council said it would issue advice to all the retailers who wrongly served the volunteer and encourage them to adopt a Challenge 25 policy when selling age-related products. Read More