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Monday, August 27, 2012

Syria Rebel Slams British Government As Airstrikes Ramp Up

A main rebel commander fighting the battle for Syria's biggest city Aleppo has criticised the British Government for failing to provide them with weapons.

Clashes are raging across Syria as the rebellion grows increasingly bloody, particularly in Aleppo, where the army and rebels appear stuck in a war of attrition.

A new report from Human Rights Watch details how the regime is increasingly using its air assets to pound rebel positions - but it is Syria's civilians who are bearing the brunt.

And the regime is using its superior firepower to crushing effect - and relying on it more and more.

Haji Marea, one of the main commanders from the Tawed Brigade fighting in Aleppo, insists the rebels could win in days with a no-fly zone or anti-aircraft weaponry.

He is furious at the British Foreign Secretary's offer of just communication equipment. Read More