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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Syria crisis: Rebels lose key district of Aleppo

Image: Rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters capture a policeman who the FSA allege is a “Shabiha” or pro-regime militiaman, on July 31, 2012, as the rebels overran a police station in Aleppo

A horrifying amateur video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

Article BBC: Syrian rebel commanders say they have lost control of the strategic Salah al-Din district in the northern city of Aleppo after a government offensive.

The city has come under fresh bombardment, as the government attempts to recapture areas seized by rebel fighters.

The fighting comes as Iran is hosting its own international meeting on the Syrian crisis.

A new PM has been appointed to replace Riad Hijab who defected on Sunday.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has confirmed it has retreated from Salah al-Din, a densely packed area of narrow streets on the south-west side of Aleppo, where rebel fighters had been heavily dug in.

State media had reported the army was now in full control of the district, saying it had inflicted heavy losses on hundreds of "terrorist mercenaries". Read More