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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stephen Bosanko became a double killer after being released from prison for good behaviour three times in 10 years

Staring defiantly at the camera over the course of ten years, double killer Stephen Bosanko shows his contempt for the law after being jailed twice for two separate killings.

Career criminal Bosanko, 31, has been repeatedly jailed over the past decade for offences including manslaughter, burglary and death by dangerous driving, but has re-offended each time to land himself back behind bars.

This series of mugshots of shaven-headed Bosanko show how little the remorseless thug has changed having been convicted of killing two people in separate incidents.

In 1999 he was jailed for six years for punching a man to death but the term was reduced to four and a half years by the Court of Appeal and he was given parole when he served just two and a half years.

Within four months of his release Bosanko killed pretty Nichola Shalloe, 20, in a horrific car crash in 2002 and was subsequently jailed for three-and-a-half years for causing death by dangerous driving. Read More