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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sheena Morris Suicide to be re-investigated after 3 years

The suicide of a young woman three years ago was to be re-examined by a cold case team after her mother refused to accept her daughter had taken her own life and relentlessly pursued the belief that someone had murdered her daughter.

Sheena Morris, 22, hanged herself in a Florida hotel room on New Year's Day 2009, hours after she reportedly fought with her 48-year-old fiancé Joe Genoese.

However Miss Morris's mother Kelly Osborn has continually criticized the police work and hired her own team of private investigators, claiming that her daughter's death was staged.

Now a specialist cold case unit in Florida has announced that they would review the death of the New York-born woman.

Ms Osborn and Sheena's father David Morris, have long believed that their daughter was killed and the hanging in the bathroom at Bridge Walk Resort on Anna Maria Island staged.

She told Fox News: 'The shower was dusted. There were no fingerprints, not even hers.'

Prior to Miss Morris's body being found, guests in the next room had dialed 911 around 1am on January 1 to report a domestic disturbance from the couple's hotel room.

Mr Genoese then reportedly left the hotel and returned to his apartment in Tampa, an hour's drive away. Read More