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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scott A. Smith arrested trying to smuggle guns, ammunition and knives into screening of Dark Knight Rises

A man who was trying to smuggle guns, ammunition and knives into a late-night showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Ohio has been arrested.

Authorities said the manager of Regal Cinema in the Crocker Park shopping center, Cleveland, became suspicious of Scott A. Smith, 37, who allegedly tried to bring a satchel into a 10pm Saturday showing of the Batman movie.

The manager reportedly alerted an off-duty cop who was working security that night, according to TMZ.

When officer Jeremiah Bullins searched the man's bag, he found a loaded gun, extra ammunition clips and four knives and immediately called police.

Smith was arrested without incident and authorities believe they prevented a copycat attack of the Dark Knight Rises massacre.

Police later performed a search of the 37-year-old's home, where they found about eight rifles and handguns along with gas masks and bulletproof vests. Read More