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Friday, August 24, 2012

Saudi Aramco: An Unknown Hacker Group Claims That It Shut Down the World’s Largest Oil Company — and That They’ll Do It Again

The NY Times is reporting that unknown computer hackers who call themselves “Cutting Sword of Justice” have claimed responsibility for spreading a malicious virus into Saudi Aramco, the Saudi government-owned oil company that’s also the world’s largest, and destroying three-quarters of all its computers. The hackers used a similar virus as the government created virus, Flame.

But the Cutting Sword of Justice won’t be stopping there, they’re planning to do it again. According to their new Pastebin post below, the hackers plan to launch another cyber attack on Saudi Aramco at 5:00PM on Saturday, saying “be prepared for something you will see in your eyes and you will not be able to stop it.” Remember, this attack isn’t your typical DDoS attack of hacktivists from the past, it’s malicious software that infects and destroys computers. The last attack destroyed over 30,000 computers. more