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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sandusky faces MORE charges as prosecutors reveal they have a 'great deal' more damaging evidence

Prosecutors in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case claim to have a 'great deal' more 'highly incriminating' evidence that could lead to further charges being brought against the shamed former Penn State football coach.

A transcript from a behind-closed-doors meeting held in June between prosecutors, investigators and defence attorneys, suggests the state is in possession of additional testimony from a string of unnamed victims.

The meeting was held following the leaking of a recording of Sandusky's adopted son Matt Sandusky, telling prosecutors that his father had acted inappropriately with him.

According to ABC news, Frank Fina, Pennsylvania's deputy attorney general, told the meeting that they had testimony as well as investigative reports, which were not brought up in trial and should remain secret because of the ongoing investigation.

According to transcripts Mr Fina said: 'I can't imagine defense counsel would disagree with me on this - it's not in the interest of Mr. Sandusky to have, you know, additional incriminating information being revealed in public.

'I'm talking about incriminating information beyond that which was presented during the trial.
'There's a great deal of that in the discovery. Evidence that, for a variety of reasons, the commonwealth did not utilize but was highly incriminating of Mr. Sandusky.' Read More