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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reena Mae Williams Body Found in canal day after she wandered from her home

The body of a missing three-year-old girl was found on Wednesday in a canal near her home, authorities said.

Reena Mae Williams wandered from her Wisconsin home around 7pm on Tuesday, prompting a massive investigation which involved more than 500 people.

Her body was found on Wednesday around 5pm. An autopsy is underway to find out how she died.

Deputies say the family dog returned wet about an hour after she disappeared, which led deputies to believe she was in the canal.

The investigation remains open, but no criminal intent is believed at play.

Jenna Danish, the girl's mother, told KARE 11 that Reena was playing with dogs when she disappeared on Tuesday evening.

'I just want to thank everyone for helping out for the generous offers to try to locate my daughter,' she said on Wednesday. 'I appreciate everything this community has done in the area.' Read More