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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rebels 'Shoot Down' Syrian Army Helicopter

Rebel fighters have shot down a Syrian army helicopter over Damascus, according to local residents, as the opposition claimed more than 300 people had been massacred in a town southwest of the capital.

Footage posted on the internet showing the burning helicopter falling from the sky and state TV acknowledged that a military helicopter had come down in the Qaboon neighbourhood.

Amer al Sadeq from the Syrian Revolution Union said the helicopter had been hovering over the eastern part of the city before it was downed.

"We could hear, as the helicopter was flying over, many fire shots. A few minutes later we could hear a huge explosion in the middle of many explosions that were happening," he told Sky News, speaking from Damascus.

"It seems that the Free Syrian Army battalions in the eastern part of the city were using low-calibre machineguns. Read More