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Friday, August 17, 2012

Powerless police surround Ecuador's embassy where Julian Assange is holed up

Wikileaks rebel Julian Assange remained holed up in a stuffy room at the Ecuadorian embassy today surrounded by dozens of police officers waiting pounce.

The fugitive has just a sunlamp, a running machine and internet connection in the threadbare room inside the ground-floor apartment in Knightsbridge.

The curtain's are almost always closed to prevent people looking in. And a short walk down the worn corridor he can find a small water dispenser.
Without sunlight or fresh air, friends fear that he is slowly verging towards depression. Only recently has a blow-up bed been swapped for a proper mattress.

One step outside the building and the whistleblower will be arrested by one of around 40 officers, who remained on guard today.

Mr Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual assault, which he claims are politically motivated and that he will be sent to the U.S. where he is wanted for releasing secret diplomatic information.

There was little sign of a breakthrough this morning after the Latin American country granted Mr Assange, 41, political asylum amid chaotic scenes yesterday. Read More