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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Police force didn’t bother to investigate 36,000 crimes which they didn’t think they could solve... including 7,700 thefts and burglaries

A police force didn't bother to investigate 36,000 crimes which they didn't think they could solve, representing 40 per cent of all reported cases, it has been revealed.

Devon and Cornwall Police shelved 11,000 incidents of criminal damage and 7,700 thefts and burglaries because they weren't deemed worthy of further investigation after an initial assessment.

The revelation further fuels fears that the government's swingeing budget cuts to forces across the country are stifling their ability to keep Britain safe.

Last year it was revealed that one in three crimes were 'screened out' of further investigation across England and Wales because officers thought there was little chance of success and needed to focus limited resources elsewhere.

The shock statistics were a result of an investigation under the Freedom of Information Act. Read More

** Of a total of 824,495 crimes for 2010, 463,315 were 'screened in', while 361,180 were 'screened out'.