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Thursday, August 9, 2012

MP Nick Boles Learns lover's language and claimed it on expenses whilst Calling for pensioners to be stripped of their winter fuel payments

A Tory MP has been learning Hebrew at the taxpayers' expense following his civil partnership to his Israeli partner, it was revealed today.

Nick Boles, who has called for pensioners to be stripped of their winter fuel payments, free prescriptions and bus passes, claims he is 'entitled' to grasp the ancient Jewish language even if he has got hitched to Shay Meshulam.

Instead of putting his hand in his own pocket he put £678.80p on his MP's expenses to cover the cost of his learning.

Mr Boles met Mr Meshulam on a Conservative Friends of Israel trip and they had a civil ceremony in London last March.

Critics said today the decision to take Hebrew lessons is simply to help him 'make conversation around the breakfast table'.

'Language instruction is a service available to Members of Parliament. I took some Hebrew lessons,' he said in a statement to MailOnline.

'It is something I’m entitled to do,' he said, 'I’ve done it and that’s that,' he added to the Mirror.
Mr Boles, who is MP for Grantham and Stamford in the East Midlands, is believed to be in David Cameron's inner circle.

But this expenses claim could be embarrassing for the Prime Minister, as the MP has been accused of wasting precious cash. Read More