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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kemen Uranga wanted for harbouring Eta members and storing explosives is caught in London after 12 years on the run

A suspected Basque terrorist who was on the run for 12 years has been arrested in Britain.

Kemen Uranga, 43, was detained on an international arrest warrant today in London and is wanted for the murder of a Spanish judge.

Uranga, an alleged member of an ETA command unit in the Basque province of Vizcaya, is believed to have shot dead Spanish judge Jose Lidon at his home in November 2001 with an accomplice.

He was already on the run from security forces a year before allegedly committing the crime.

Since 2000 it is also alleged he aided previously unknown members of Eta by finding them accommodation and storing explosives.

Artola, who featured on a 2002 American government’s list of wanted terrorists, will now appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court for an extradition hearing.

The Met said today his arrest was not related to the Olympics.

He is the fourth man linked to the outlawed terror organisation ETA to be arrested in Britain in the past six weeks. Read More