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Friday, August 17, 2012

Kariem McFarlin Arrested when he logged onto iTunes with one of the Apple founder's personal iPads

A burglar who broke into Steve Jobs' house was caught two weeks after the crime thanks to the technology in one of the late Apple founder's own inventions.

Kariem McFarlin might never have been caught if he hadn't logged onto iTunes on one of Jobs' personal iPads.

McFarlin was arrested August 2 after he found a key to Jobs' Palo Alto, California, mansion and let himself inside -- and then made off with $60,000 in Apple hardware and luxury goods.

Investigators say they were tipped off about McFarlin when one of the stolen devices connected to Apple servers.

Officers used the data from the iPad's AT&T wireless connection to track McFarlin back to his house.

When they served a search warrant, detectives discovered the stolen loot. McFarlin later admitted to breaking into the house.
The home of the late tech pioneer, who died of cancer last fall, was burglarized on July 17 but details of the crime were only recently last weekend. Read More