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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inmates try to escape Brazilian prison by hiding in plastic bags filled with food and paper plates

It was a desperate bid for freedom that, perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, was always going to be described as rubbish.

Two inmates tried to escape from a Brazilian prison by disguising themselves as bags of garbage to be put out by prison guards.

Sidney da Cruz, 24, and Carlos Pereira, 18, hoped to be picked up and thrown outside by staff at the Delegacia de Furtos jail in Curitiba, southern Brazil.

But a prison guard foiled the plot after noticing that the plastic bags were 'shaking', according to Brazil's Terra website.

The lags' bid for freedom began on Tuesday after lunch, when leftover food and plastic plates are collected in rubbish sacks.

The two men, jailed for car theft, climbed into the plastic sacks and put themselves next to the other bags lined up in a corridor for collection. Read More