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Friday, August 17, 2012

'Herbal remedies' containing poisonous plants, cow urine and tiger claws from India are seized by customs officials

Herbal remedies and massage oils containing ground tiger claws, poisonous plants and cow urine have been seized by border officials at a UK port.

Forty-five large boxes containing the products had been illegally imported from India and were bound for an address in Birmingham before being stopped by officials at Felixstowe Port in Suffolk.

It is the first time ground tiger claws, which may have come from tigers that were illegally poached, have been found by customs in the UK, Border Force said.

Cow urine, poisonous plants, and goat meat were also found in the ingredients of the 450ml herbal remedy and five-litre massage oil bottles.

Officials examining the load also found several large cockroaches that had fermented in the boxes. Read More