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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Glenn Hawkins had his motorbike stolen by a passerby posing as a Good Samaritan as he lay seriously injured in Bond Street, Bristol

A callous thief posing as a Good Samaritan stole a motorbike from its owner as he lay seriously injured in the road after a crash.

Glenn Hawkins, 35, was left with a broken collar bone, punctured lung and two cracked ribs after coming off his £8,000 Kawasaki ZX-6R on a city centre road.

Seconds later, a passer-by pretended to lend him a hand by moving his green-and-black sports bike, which still had the keys in the ignition.

But instead of helping, the crook roared off with the powerful 600cc machine as his victim lay stricken in the road.

Speaking from his hospital bed, construction manager Glenn said: 'I was pretty annoyed and that’s putting it lightly.

'If I had got hold of him, he would have ended up in the hospital bed next to me. Now I just want to get my bike back.

'If anyone sees it, or the thief who stole it, I would really appreciate it if they called the police as soon as possible.' Read More