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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebook is gambling with its members' trust....Nothing new there then!

Facebook's move into gambling is a distasteful one which prioritises commercial gain over user benefit, writes Emma Barnett.

British Facebook users can now gamble on the social network using cash for the first time.

Bingo Friendzy, a gambling app created by British gaming company Gamesys for Facebook, was unveiled earlier this week, provoking outcry from Christian groups, who charge that its cartoon branding breaches rules designed to protect children.

Indeed the protest does have merit – with the design of the app bearing a striking resemblance to digital children’s game Moshi Monsters.

However, children’s safety aside, the introduction of essentially Facebook’s first gambling shop, does very little to enhance to experience of the social network.

An awful lot of people are not opposed to gambling, but do not have the desire to hang out with their friends in a virtual betting shop. Read More