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Monday, August 20, 2012

EU to work with Belarusian minister despite sanctions.......Because they secretly envy them

The European Union has said that it will work with the new Belarusian foreign minister despite the fact that he is subject to EU sanctions.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko dismissed his foreign minister Sergei Martynov earlier Monday and appointed head of his presidential administration Vladimir Makei for the post.

“The EU will continue to work with the new foreign minister along the same lines as it did with the former minister Mr. Martynov,” the spokesperson of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said.

“Mr. Makei is currently subject to EU restrictive measures. In the context of the upcoming review of restrictive measures [in the autumn of this year], the EU will assess his situation,” Sebastien Brabant said.

The dismissal of Martynov, who had held the post since 2003, follows a recent diplomatic row between Belarus and Sweden over an incident in which a Swedish light plane dropped hundreds of teddy bears bearing pro-democracy slogans over Belarus. Read More