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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr Hal Hill tried to poison wife for FIVE MONTHS by putting barium in her morning coffee'

A respected Tennessee doctor who was nominated for a national award has been accused of poisoning his wife for at least five months by putting Barium into her morning cup of coffee without her knowledge.

Dr Hal Hill, 52, is said to have put the toxic heavy metal into wife Liesa’s beverage which he brought her in bed every morning in what seemed to be a tender, loving gesture.

In fact each drink was causing her to have stomach problems and feel lethargic, court documents allege.
Mrs Hill’s torture came to an end when she supposedly saw him doing it and secretly took a sample which she gave to police.

She was shocked when tests showed it contained a high level of Barium - which is used in mouse poison and can be fatal.

When Mrs Hill stopped drinking her morning coffee her condition mysteriously improved, and police told her her previous symptoms were consistent with Barium poisoning.

She has now filed an emergency order of petition against her husband and won temporary custody of their two children, aged 12 and 11.

The astonishing case suggests that behind the couple’s apparently happy marriage of 14 years and Dr Hill’s good standing in the community lay a dark desire to harm his wife. Read More