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Friday, August 24, 2012

'Do not open until 2012': The secret of mysterious parcel wrapped in 1912 is unveiled in Norwegian town

A mysterious package dated 100 years ago will finally be opened after generations in a small Norwegian town heeded to the instructions written on the wrapping: ‘To be opened in 2012’.

The parcel was sealed in 1912 and left in the care of the council in Otta, a town 180 miles north of Oslo, with the instructions for it not to be touched for a century.

After surviving two world wars and years in bank vaults, archives and on display behind glass the contents will be revealed at a ceremony tomorrow night.

The parcel was left in the council's care in 1920 by Johan Nygaard, a former chairman of Sel council in Otta, who had wrapped and sealed it eight years earlier on the anniversary of the legendary Battle of Kringen.

The battle stood in Otta in 1612 between local peasants and Scottish mercenary soldiers on their way through the Norwegian woods to enlist to fight in the Swedish army during Kalmar War between Denmark-Norway and Sweden.

Miraculously the Norwegian peasants won and it is believed that the contents of the package may have some connection to the battle 400 years ago. Read More