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Monday, August 20, 2012

''Did Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Agree to Starve Americans for Israel in the Event of an Oil Crisis?''

Author Adam Bilzerian sheds light on a secret 1975 Memorandum of Understanding masterminded by Henry Kissinger, whereby the U.S. guaranteed all Israel’s oil needs in the event of a crisis, even at the risk of a domestic shortage. Renewed, in principle, every five years and theoretically still in force, its potential impact in the current Middle East context does not need to be explained.

However, other examples of U.S. subservience to Israel’s interests abound, the latest one being the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which ensures Israel’s “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.


In 1975, the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, secretly brokered a deal in which the United States of America guaranteed Israel’s oil supply in the event of a crisis. The 1975 Israel-United States Memorandum of Understanding (see the full text below) required the United States to maintain an oil reserve for Israel and guarantee the shipping of that oil to Israel in times of emergency. This deal has cost the United States more than a hundred billion dollars since it was first enacted. The most troubling aspect of this deal was not the cost however, but the stipulation that in case of an oil emergency in which both the US and Israel needed oil, the US would give its oil to Israel. Section 3 (b):

If the oil Israel needs to meet all of its normal requirements for domestic consumption is unavailable for purchase in circumstances where’ quantitative restrictions through embargo or otherwise also prevent the United States from procuring oil to meet its normal requirements, the United States Government will promptly make oil available for purchase by Israel in accordance with the International Energy Agency conservation and allocation formula as applied by the United States Government, in order to meet Israel’s essential requirements. If Israel is unable to secure the necessary means to transport such oil to Israel, the United States Government will make every effort to help Israel secure the necessary means of transport.

This is oil that would have been used to heat homes during the winter, power ambulances, and provide the fuel for tractors to farm America’s agricultural lands. To put this into perspective, in the event of an oil crisis, the fuel that Americans would need to heat their homes, get them to work, and produce food would go to Israel. This agreement very well could have starved tens of thousands of Americans in order to save Israelis if an oil crisis would have taken place. Read More